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Burn Case -14 yr old Monk

Burns Case
Written by Kyu Kyu Lwin

Homeopath Kyu Kyu Lwin, working with limited resources in a politically volatile environment in Myanmar, treats a young monk suffering from severe burns.

This patient is a14 year old Monk with a severe burn, who came back from Bankok hospital. He was in Monywa Hospital for 3 days, in Mandalay Hospital 18 days and transferred to Yangon Hospital Burns Unit for 8 days and then sent to Sitagu Aryudarna Hospital, Sagaing , where I started treatment on Feb 29, 2013.


Burns Case
Serious burns over 17% of his body. He received a skin graft at Bankok Hospital. He suffers from intense pain from these burns. There is inflammation and burning pain, burn contracture, thickening and swelling.  The skin graft did not produce good results and there are repeatedly large boils at the skin graft location. There are thick large scars and a sensation of contraction when he walks or sits. Keloids have developed. He suffers also from weakness and is unable to walk. His heart is bounding (pulse 100) and there is high colored urine in the mornings.

Feb 29,2013
For daily course : Arnica mont. 200, 5pills every 2 hours for 5/doses for for 3 days.
+Kali phosphorium 30x, 4tablets.

External application:

Cantharis Mother Tincture +NS solution (1:3) Daily 3times.

Over the next two and a half months, the following remedies were administered:

In March these were given each for a week:

Cantharis 200 twice a day

Causticum 200 twice a day

Hypericum 200 twice a day

Kali phos 30x  for  2 weeks.

External application:  Cantharis Mother Tincture +NS solution (1:3) twice a day.

The  patient reported that he felt quick relief and that all symptoms were improved. All skin graft locations were drying up and there was pain relief.

External application of Cantharis mother tincture (30%) olive oil (70%) twice a day.

The patient then suffered strong itching over his entire body and sometimes pain in area of the liver.

Sulphur 200
Subsequently:  Natrum sulph 200

On March 29,2013
Kali phos 30x twice a day.
Natrum sulph 30x twice a day.
For a month.

On April 30,2013
Ocassional cough and chest pain. Lungs on both sides are irregular. He is narrow chested.

Phosphorus 200
Subsequently : Calcarea phosphorica30x  twice a day.
Kali phosphorium 30x twice a day.

On 15 May,2013  to 19 Jun,2013
Improvement found on this follow up.
Treatment: Calc phos and Kali phos (30x).

May 17 : Burning pain, inflammation, contracture and weakness are greatly relieved.

About the author

Kyu Kyu Lwin

Kyu Kyu Lwin - I got my D.H.P (Domestic Homeopathic Practitioner) in a three year course (1993) and the 4 year D.H.M.S, 1997. I studied clinical practice under Dr.Sein Maung D.H.M.S., M.B.H.S (Calcutta, India). He is head master of the Burma Homoeopathic Medical College in Myanmar. I opened and have operated a clinic in Myanmar since 1997.

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  • Respected sir I also treated one small girl she spoored hot milk.after 10days only i saw that girl .I also gave cantharies and kaliphos and antimoneycurudem. But you have done good job. this kind information is use full for me. but some scar is still there (marking) so can u help me.
    thanks a lot for me. kind information get knowledge for homeopathy learner’s.

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