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Burning during /after Micturation in a Man of 38

Homeopathic medicine for Neurasthenia Nervous Weakness, Prostration
Written by Minal Dhas-Vanmali

Dr. Minal Dhas shares a case of burning micturition in a man of 38. After surmising that this was an aggravation of a chronic complaint, the patient was treated with his constitutional remedy.

A 38 years old male patient came to me on 23/5/2020 for treatment of multiple complaints.

  1. Burning during and after micturation the last 4-5 years which increased in the last 3-4 months.
  2. Cervical pain with numbness for the last 12 years radiating on left side to wrist. Cervical pain with restlessness. Pain < lifting weight, twisting clothes while washing them. > pressure. Frequency(f)= daily, duration (d)=continuous
  3. Allergic rhinitis for the last 10 years.

This was a case of chronic complaints. By the end of this case takng the patient shared that his burning micturation increased the last 3 weeks and there is swelling of penis on the dorsal aspect.

For all these chronic complaints he is already taking remedies from a homoeopath for the last year but there was not much relief. No lab investigations were advised. He said he wanted to see a urologist for the same and advised me not to give treatment for his urinary complaints.

I advised him to give a week to his urinary complaints and then we can decide. He pressed for an opinion from a urologist but assured me that he will continue with only homeopathic medicines and see the results.

Hence chief complaints we’re ascertained as follows:

Pain and burning during and after micturation for 15 minutes since last 4-5 years on and off, very frequently but increased in last 3-4 months. Since last 3 weeks intensity is much more.

For last 3 -4 months he has developed swelling on left dorsal aspect of penis. It has gradually increased in size in 3 weeks and hurts during micturation. Also, with this there is pain from left side of penis to left mid gluteal region above anal orifice.

There are pains also in legs, bilateral with urinary complaints. All this since 3-4 months and increased since last 3 weeks. No abdominal pain. No radiating of pain to lumber or other areas. Generals not affected except that now he was anxious and really desperately needed relief.

As these were chronic complaints with intensity and no generals involved, I decided to give a constitutional remedy.  His constitutional remedy is Natrum mur.  Moderate potency was selected depending upon susceptibility with frequent repetition. Hence Natrum mur 200 5 pills BD were prescribed for 6 days on 23/5/2020.

As he was so anxious, he attempted an appointment with a urologist but the doctor was not available due to lockdown. Instead he took a laparoscopy surgeon’s opinion on 28/5/2020 and was advised to do triple H test, urine routine and smear culture sensitivity.

By this time, he said his swelling had reduced by 50%. This happened for the first time in 3-4 months. The surgeon also said we should wait for the urine culture report.

The first urine routine was done on 25/5/2020 (Monday, no investigations done on Sunday except emergency), and it showed 60-70 pus cells, and bacteria. No change in his complaints.  It was repeated on 28/5/2020 and pus cells were 20-25 and bacteria. Triple H done on same date was NAD.

Culture was sent on 30/5/2020 and report received on 1/6/2020. It stated only 8-0 pus cells with bacteria Klebseilla pneumoniae. By this time his urinary complaints were totally relieved and he was feeling very energetic and far more confident to continue homeopathic remedies.  He is currently taking treatment for his other remaining complaints.


It’s important to take history of acute complaints with onset, duration and progress with intensity of complaints in its entirety to understand if it is a fresh acute or an acute aggravation of a chronic complaint. We need to decide whether to treat as an true acute or with a constitutional remedy.

Lab work below:

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