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Burning Pains & Anxiety -Woman of 59

Dr. Aarti Ramchandani shares a case of burning pains and anxiety in a woman of 59.  Carcinosin and Sulphur were among the remedies used

59/female approached me on 21/6/2021 by phone from the United States… “Dr. its emergency. I have burning palms and soles and now on face, lower jaw and neck. Nothing is helping me. Can’t sit, stand, walk”.

Case taking:

In the last 6 months I.e., December 2020 she started having cramps in legs, toes twisted, burning in palms and soles, sensation of nerves tightened. Depressed due to chief complaint. Cannot lie down as touch of bed aggravates.

Cannot do her embroidery and walking both of which are her passions. A neurosurgeon advised MRI and EMG but nothing significant was found. The neurosurgeon advised physiotherapy and the following:

-nervz-B (once a day, morning)

-coral calcium (twice a day)

-vitamin D (once a week) -Lonal ER (twice a day)

Evion LC (one tab post lunch)

-Neugaba m (one tab post dinner)

-Torvate Chrono 300mg(one tab at night)

Quel 25 (one tab at night)

Her history as follows:

Hailing from North India and lives with daughter who is working in U.S. She divorced her husband many years back as he was cruel to her. She was a timid wife. After the divorce she was living with her parents. They also would take undue advantage of her for offering her services like making food for them, taking care of them when sick in spite of having son and daughter in law staying with them.

Her mother would scold her for not doing things properly and would compare her ugliness with her daughter in laws beauty. Patient would quietly listen, had lots of anger but not back answer lest there would be quarrels in the house and also she does not want to hurt her parents who have made her capable of what she is today.

She would shuffle between India and U.S as her daughter was in U.S. Her daughter was strong, firm and intelligent girl who would always support her mother and was like a wall between her mother and mother’s parents. She would give back to her grandparents if they hurt her mother.

Now from December 2019 till July 2020 the patient couldn’t go to U.S because of lockdown due to Covid. She was anxious about her daughter being alone. Daughter could manage being alone.

Meanwhile in India she was depressed because of her mother and would shiver even thinking about her. Then she left for U.S and chief complaint started since December 2020.

Follow Up

30/6/2021 – Carcinosin 200– one dose

This patient had a strong family history of diabetes, hypertension, diabetic gangrene, heart failure (all uncles and grandfather). Also, she was on many medicines before she approached me. She’d had controlling parents, and was a compassionate person who had the stress of responsibilities and the need to do more than her capacity.  Thus the prescription of Carcinosin to remove the miasmatic block before administration of constitutional medicine.

15/7/2021- Burning pain 5-10% >. Hands burn when put in water

Lot of heat in body.

Appetite less.

If I bend or stretch any of my body part it burns.

But attended a relative’s wedding reception and enjoyed it a lot.

Sulphur 200 – 3 powders in the morning for 3 consecutive mornings (Sulph and Nux act best when given in morning) Sulphur given based on these rubrics :

  1. Extremities pain feet soles burning.
  2. Extremities pain hands palms burning.
  3. Generalities Stretching aggravates.


20/7/2021- Burning pains in palms and soles more than 50% ameliorated.

Pain remained for 10 minutes only. Could stand comfortably on feet and started walking.

Appetite returned and feels hungry

Mind stable

Cramps in groins because of driving Scooty.

Rx: Sac lac. (As she was much better).

3/8/2021- she was better and Gabapentin (Given by neurologist for burning and cramps) was reduced from 300mg to 100mg.

9/8/2021- Complaint of blisters and burning increased suddenly.

Sulph 200 6 pills 2 times a week was given.

8/9/2021- SQ -not improving further-burning pains still there.

Sulph 1M 1 dose given in morning. (increased the potency as no further improvement).

16/9/2021- burning pains in soles a little better.

No burning in palms.

Drives Scooty no cramps.

Appetite good.

Sleep good so stopped sleep pills prescribed by neurologist.

Continued Sulph 1M once weekly (6 pills in water doses so that there is continuously stimulation by medicine without aggravation).

2/11/2021- Came to India. Daughter was in U.S. and fearful about mother as she was very critical. Patient listened quietly, did not argue lest there would be quarrels.

Mag Mur 200 6 pills 3 times a week.

Mag mur because she was neglected by her mother. She said she always craved for her love which she never got, suppressed anger, if she argues more there will be quarrels in the family. She was quiet as they have brought her up that way.

Rubric- Complies to the wishes of others, feeling obliged to-Mag mur.

10/11/2022- Palms redness and burning was less. Mentally less fearful from mother, now she neglected her, ignored what she told.

18/11/2021- Still 30%burning is there.

No physiotherapy.

Washed utensils on her own still no problem in palms.

22/11/2021- Burning pains still there-gave Mag Mur 1M 2 doses.

2/12/2021- 80% better but symptoms still remaining-continue the prescription.

13/12/2021- Burning soles increased. Not able to walk.

Gave Sulph 10 M one dose in the morning. I thought of Sulph because initially much improvement with Sulph and now with Mag mur mentally fine but chief complaint remaining the same, and her passion of walking is not met.

21/12/2021- No Burning (Palms and Soles).

Walking possible for at least 1 hour, no problem in going to Mall.

Corn in sole removed (was troubling her since long)

Mentally- She said, “I have made my mind strong now.”

Given S.L

4/1/2022- More than 85%better. Went to Disneyland were she had to walk 10 hours nonstop. Slight discomfort in feet but no burning.

Given S.L.

17/1/2022- No burning. Walking every day for 2-3 hours comfortably.

No corn.

No cramps.

Generals fine.

Happy with daughter.

27/1/2022- One dose of Sulph 10 M in water in morning (as still not completely better).

24/4/2022- Mind relaxed. No stress. Started embroidery. Happy with myself. But little burning in soles has started.

Gave Sulph 200 ….2 times a week. (As mentally she was absolutely out of any anxiety and stress but only for physical complaint and lowered down the potency so 200).

31/5 /2022- No complaints, did cleaning activity in house sweeping and mopping still no problem (stretching is involved in these activities which does not cause her any problem now).

Gave S.L.

5/11/2022-No burning sensation, performing regular household chores, Even stopped SL since one month. Mentally stable, not affected by relatives.

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Dr. Aarti Ramchandani - B.H.M.S(Mumbai), C.C.H, C.G.O (Wadia Hospital). I’ve been practising for the last 24 years. I did my 6-month RMO post in Mumbadevi Homoeopathic Hospital in Gynaecology where I gave homoeopathic medicines for gynaecological problems and post-partum haemorrhage. I then took training for six months with an orthopaedic doctor and and one month with a gastroenterologist. I’ve treated cases ranging from Covid -19 and primary infertility to PCOD, asthma and neurological disorders. I accept cases online as well now. I have been extremely fortunate to become a homoeopath as it brings happiness and smiles on the faces of patients and gives me a sense of satisfaction.

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