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Busting the Myths in Healing with Homoeopathy A Case of Lichen Planus

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Written by Abhishek Joshi

Dr Abhishek J.Joshi presents a case of Lichen Planus in a woman of 28.

The science of similia similibus which is the youngest of all the well-known medical practices has proved its existence for approximately 250 years under the light of its discoverer Dr Samuel Hahnemann, a young budding practitioner from a small town.

Although it has fundamentals which are based on easily comprehensible principles, it has always been looked down upon by contemporary authorities as being a hoax as the medicines never contained any of the substance written on the bottle. In order to ridicule homeopathy, conventional physicians over the years chose to overlook the marvelous results produced by legendary homoeopaths. Everything good about this art of healing has been forgotten for two major reasons; firstly, its inability to prove its material doses and secondly the myths surrounding it.

Myths about homoeopathic medicines have survived for over a century, courtesy of our beloved contemporaries and mongrel sect who have taken every opportunity to condemn their competition.

The biggest myth we hear of most often is that “Homoeopathy is Slow”

A few others being –

“Homoeopathy works only if you have belief in those medicines”

 “Homoeopathy is just a placebo effect”

“Homoeopathy can only be used in chronic diseases”

“It needs lot of diet restriction”

“Homoeopathy interferes with allopathic medicines”

“Homoeopathic medicines contain steroids”

These are just a few, but I am sure every homoeopath practicing in any part of the world, has one unique myth to add to this list. In these situations, the best answer to their challenge is your ability to produce excellent unquestionable results.

When we homoeopaths start successfully treating wisely chosen cases as per our ability and skills, we will definitely send out a strong message busting the myths about homoeopathy and proving its efficacy.

Following is a case which was mismanaged for 7 years before she opted for homoeopathic treatment under my care. This case will show how fast a homoeopathic remedy can act, provided it is the simillimum.

A Case of Lichen Planus

A 28-year-old female came to me with the diagnosis of Lichen Planus (Homeopathy for Lichen Simplex Chronicus).. The lesions were predominantly present on her extremities accompanied by itching and pruritic plaques.  She was diagnosed 7 years ago, and had been to several doctors since, who could provide little or no relief to her complaint.

Chief Complaints:

Brownish, dark discoloration of skin especially on extremities

Eruptions on feet and hands with severe itching

Itching is followed by watery discharge

Itching is better by cold application

Itching aggravation at night

Itching is aggravated when she is under stress or when she is angry.

Past history:

No significant medical illnesses in the past.

Family history:

No significant medical illnesses in the parents or grandparents

Physical generals:

Appetite: Normal.

Craving: Cheese++, Chocolate++

Aversion: Nothing Specific.

Thirst: Normal.

Bowel: Constipation on and off.

Urine: Normal.

Sleep:  She sleeps on her abdomen, refreshing sleep for 7 to 8 hours.

Dreams: Does not remember.

Perspiration: Perspires more on chest.

Menstrual History:

Regular Menstrual Cycle; every 26 days

Moderate pain in the lower abdomen on the first 2 days of her cycle.

Mental Symptoms & Life Space:

She is very reserved by nature and doesn’t get along very easily with people .

She has a fear of narrow places.

Likes going out in open air; itching over the eruptions are also better in open air.

She loves decorating her house.

She enjoys cooking and takes special efforts in its presentation. She loves to add a creative touch to everything she does. .

While describing her life space she pointed out that it was very difficult for her to accept any kind of a change in life.  For example, when she started going to college, she loved her college but it took time for her to accept this change. Also, when she started going for a job it was difficult for her to accept this new phase of life.

She fell in love with a man whom she dated for 6 years before she could get around to marrying him. Her family suffered a small financial hit while she was in school, which was a slightly difficult phase for her.

Differential Diagnosis:

Guttate Psoriasis, Tinea Corporis, Pityriasis Rosea (Homeopathy for Pityriasis Rosea), Lichen Planus


Hypertrophic lesions on extremities, especially on the shin and interphalangeal joints, which is characterized by 6P’s, Planar, Purple, Polygonal, Pruritic, Papules, and Plaques, is Diagnosed as “Hypertrophic Lichen Planus Verrucosus”


Rubrics taken for this case:

  1. MIND – AIR; in open – amel.
  2. MIND – ART – ability for
  3. MIND – FEAR – narrow place, in
  5. RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – ineffectual urging and straining
  9. EXTREMITIES – ERUPTIONS – Feet – itching
  11. EXTREMITIES – ERUPTIONS – Hands – itching
  12. EXTREMITIES – ERUPTIONS – Lower limbs
  13. EXTREMITIES – ERUPTIONS – Upper limbs
  14. SKIN – DISCOLORATION – brown
  15. SKIN – DISCOLORATION – brown – spots
  16. SKIN – ERUPTIONS – brownish
  17. SKIN – ERUPTIONS – discharging – bloody
  18. SKIN – ERUPTIONS – dry
  19. SKIN – ERUPTIONS – suppressed
  20. SKIN – ERUPTIONS – lichen planus
  21. SKIN – ITCHING – night
  22. SKIN – ITCHING – cold – amel.
  23. SKIN – ITCHING – cold – applications – amel.
  24. SKIN – ITCHING – cold – bathing – amel.
  25. SKIN – ITCHING – excitement; on
  26. GENERALS – ALLERGIC constitution
  27. GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – cheese – desire
  28. GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – chocolate – desire

Differential remedies:

Phosphorus, Sulphur, Carcinosin, Sepia.

First Prescription:

Sepia 30

5 Cup method

1 tsp three times a day for 15 days.

Follow up 1:

Within just 15 days her itching was better by 60%

Constipation also improved.


Sepia 30

5 Cup method

1 tsp three times a day for 30 days

Follow up 2

Itching better by 80%

No constipation.


Sepia 30

5 Cup method

1 tsp three times a day for 30 days

Follow up 3

Itching better by almost 80% – 90%

Occasional itching occurs at night.

No new lesions have appeared anywhere in body.


Sepia 30

5 Cup method

1 tsp three times a day for 30 days

Follow up 4

No itching at all.

No new lesions have appeared.

No constipation.

Appetite – Good.

Sleep – was for 8 hours, refreshing.


Sepia 30

5 Cup method

1 tsp three times a day for 30 days

Follow up 5

No itching all.

Feels very refreshed and energetic.

No new lesions have appeared.

Previously discolored skin areas are now improving.


Sepia 30

5 Cup method

1 tsp three times a day for 30 days

Follow up 6

No itching in lower limbs.

After so much of treatment for years nothing had helped. But last six months have been very relieving.  She feels good that she can focus on her life in a much better way.

No other systemic complaints noted.

No new lesions have appeared.

Discoloration is gradually improving and all previous lesions are almost  gone.


  • Synthesis Repertory 9.1
  • Allen’s Key-notes Rearranged & Classified: With Leading Remedies of the Materia Medica & Bowel Nosode.
  • Clinical Observations of Children’s Remedies ~ Dr Farokh J. Master.




Despite almost a 90% amelioration in most of her complaints I would not label this case as completely cured as we have a while to go before I can keep her medicine free without running the risk of recurrence.

About the author

Abhishek Joshi

Dr Abhishek J.Joshi , B.H.M.S. , graduated from D.S. Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune. He is currently assisting and learning from Dr Farokh J. Master and and has worked in his clinic as well as in Bombay Hospital, K.E.M Hospital, and Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. He has been practicing under the supervision of Dr Farokh J. Master for the last year and a half.


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