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Caffey’s Disease

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Written by Mini Mehta

Dr. Mini Mehta presents a case of Caffey’s Disease in a baby of 3 months. Caffey’s disease is infantile cortical hyperostosis, which is a benign,  proliferating bone disease that affects infants.

Caffey disease, or infantile cortical hyperostosis, is a benign, rare, proliferating bone disease affecting infants. Caffey first reported this disease in in 1945.Caffey’s disease occurs in the early part of the first year of life (< 5 mo). It is characterized by fever, soft-tissue swelling, hyperirritability.An X-ray showing underlying cortical hyperostosis confirms.

17/06/16-A 3month old baby girl presented with swelling on the right side of her face in front of the ear with severepain and fever.


The baby girl who is the second twin with her sister was just 2.5 months old when she suddenly developed a big red swelling around the right ear with excessive crying. Her parents went to a local allopathic child specialist and he gave some treatment which was not of much benefit and after which she had blood in her stools more than twice.

They again rushed to a very big hospital where she was diagnosed with right  parotitis with sepsis with acute dysentery.There she was treated with I.V Augmentin and mild pain killers. Still the child was not well and her swelling was not reducing The child was unable to take mother’s milk and was crying continuously, so they referred to a third doctor in another hospital. At the hospital they changed the medicines and to them it appeared as cellulitis.

On observation

  • Child was crying continuously with pain and was only a bit manageable outside the clinic or outdoors with some family member.
  • Was feeling better when somebody keeps talking to her in a sympathetic way and use to cry back as if replying
  • Swelling was very big and child was crying with helplessness and pain
  • Was feeling better carried out doors in open air with gentle swinging and pat on the back



PULS 30 /2hourly for one day

17/05 evening 8.30 p.m: Parents reported that the swelling was now reduced and there was no redness. he child has been sleeping comfortably throughout from the very first dose. Took breast feed properly. Stools once – yellow


Next morning the patient was much better

They showed me thick reddish brown discharge which came out from the right ear sticking all around the outer ear and the area of neck below the ear.

Pulsatilla continued now thrice a day


Patient brought in this in morning when the swelling reappeared  Mild patient but irritable and violently crying continuouslyand withloose motions. There was reappearance of swelling now on both sides of face.

I retook the case to know the cause but could not get a clue. I managed the case by prescribing on the spot for the present predominating symptoms. The child was screaming, irritable,restless with intolerable pain.

  • Prescription

Chamomilla 30 -20 drops in 100ml water

  • The patient fell peacefully asleep in a few minutes.
  • Prescription

Chamomilla 30 -20 drops in 100ml water

Stir well and a teaspoonful every hour


Patient came with swelling on right cheek with no fever. The previous prescription was helping her a lot as now there was no fever and the child was calm

CTscan found that she was suffering from hyperostosis of the entire mandiblepointing towards Caffey’s disease.  The swelling now was stony hard.

Rx: Calc Fluor 6x /tds/15 days and asked them to report if any problem occurred. Patient was already managed with Chamomilla so they did not take any allopathic medicines and continued the homoeopathic treatment and the child was much better after that.


After 2 weeks the swelling reduced 70 percent

Rx: Calc Fluor 6x/tds/2weeks


Patient completely recovered from acute symptoms after another 2 weeks.


Calc fluor 6x/tds/2weeks

Follow up after 2 years:

The child is growing well and she is completely healthy.

About the author

Mini Mehta

Dr. Mini Mehta was born in New Delhi in 1985. She completed her BHMS from Baksons Homoeopathic Medical College in 2008 and has run her own private practice for the last eight years - Karishma Homoeopathic Clinic. She is always trying to learn more and so attends as many seminars as she can. She gained clinical and I.P.D experience under the guidance of Gynaecologists, Cardiologists and other senior homoeopaths.

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  • Seeking treatment of Caffey Disease of my son Swarnadip Roy
    Dear PRO/Doctors
    My son baby Swarnadip Roy, aged 1 yr 05 month. He is suffering (not continue) from fever starting 29 April 2019.After that we admit him in hospital 3 times where they did all the related test like blood, Urine ,MRI, XRay of chest, teeth more than 12-15 times within just 2 month. Finally it was diagnosed that he has suffering from Caffey syndrome detected at Institute of Child Health, Park Circus, Kolkata (vide test reports ICH1,ICH2,MRI2).The doctors stated that they are unable to give any proper medicine as they have no specific past treated experiences to deal with such patient. They also stated that it was a very rare case. I have consulted all the leading doctors of here, but they did not give any satisfactory treatment/suggestion regarding of my only child.
    As a result, my baby still suffers from fever ranging 101-102 oF. He does not exhibit his daily childhood behavior like playing, walking, taking proper meal (loosing his body weight) etc. He did not take sort of vaccine due to suffering from fever and pain of his jaw and neck area and becomes irritating in nature.
    He also has motor delay (ref MRI1) although he can stand without support for few seconds for last 2 weeks and can walk with our support. The doctors said nothing to worried. They advised to carry on the Physiotherapy regularly.
    It is therefore I submit, my earnest request to you and extreme hospital that is there any suitable /fruitful treatment for Caffey disease at your hospital. If so, please inform us and duration of treatment so that we can go there with baby and my family as earliest possible.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully
    Sandip Roy
    11/2B Sir Gurudas Road
    [email protected]

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