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Can Autopathy, a Subtle Homeopathic Information from the Person, Cure a Heel Spur?

Jiri Cehovsky, former Chairman of the Czech Homeopathic Society, has refined the art of autopathy and shares two cases of heel spur.


A woman came to me for advice not only with a very painful spur, but also with lifelong constipation. I recommended a preparation from boiled breath once a week, starting with one-minute flow through the autopathic bottle (using non-chlorinated water from her own well), adding one minute under the tap each subsequent week.

She took with her the autopathic bottle, a burner and the instructions on how to make the preparation in her bathroom. Two months later, she came for a follow-up interview and told me that she was doing it somewhat differently than I told her.

When she’d reached two minutes (4 liters), she saw that it is helping her and so she had not increased the amount of water then, but repeated the preparation more often, 5 times a week. After fourteen days of using autopathy, the lifetime constipation had ceased and for the last three weeks she has not had any problems with the heel.

Another case of the spur was a woman, who came to me mainly because of a thyroid disorder, for which she has been taking replacement hormones. She also had increased blood pressure and a poor psychic condition, suffered from fears and often cried at night and had poor sleep. I recommended then (it was 14 years ago) an autopathic preparation from saliva (without boiling), pouring 2 liters through the autopathic bottle, once a week.

Two months later she told me that the first night after the application she slept wonderfully and the whole night. Then her energy came back. It seemed interesting to her that after autopathy, she had always felt a euphoric surge of energy, which, however, in the course of days lessened and was renewed again by the next weekly application.

She had recently visited an endocrinologist, and he told her that the thyroid values returned to the norm (where they had not been before). She continues taking artificial hormone in the form of a pill. Her blood pressure returned to normal and she is still taking pills for it.

Her mood is excellent and she has not cried at all. As the effect of the two-liter dose has always gradually declined after the application, we agreed to increase the amount of water to 3 liters once a week (a homeopathic dilution 120 C).

Follow-up half a year after the first meeting: She still has a lot of energy. Thyroid gland and blood pressure are fine. She has undergone a great inner change. She enjoys her life again, has new friends and after completing a course she has been treating them with autopathy.

In her youth she wrote poems, but with the advancing illnesses her source of inspiration was lost. And now she has it again. “As if I’d shed a kind of a shell,” she says. She perceives the feelings of other people better and feels more empathy.

She had a spur on her heel, a hard lump, and this for many years. She had tried to heal it in the past, but in vain. The doctor told her that she will never get rid of it. But three months ago, the lump disappeared.

If you ask what procedure I would have chosen in any similar case, I would tend to recommend the one with boiled breath – but using the rules described in the Autopathy Handbook. It is always a case of a holistic treatment.

About the author

Jiri Cehovsky

Jiri Cehovsky was born in 1947 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, European Union. He began using homeopathy around 1980, when his family was suffering from chronic health problems. For twenty-three years, he has served on the committee of The Homeopathic Society, most of the time as its chairman. Twenty years ago, he started to use autopathy in treating clients. His first book on autopathy, Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony came out in 2004. In 2007 his 2nd book on autopathy, Get Well with Autopathy, was published and the last book Autopathy Handbook summarizing experiences was released in 2018. Jiri regularly gives courses and webinars on autopathy and teaches at the Homeopathic Academy in Prague. Visit Jiri at his website:

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