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Cancer of Salivary Gland Managed with Kent’s Teachings

Dr. Pooriya Jeste-Subhedar presents a case of cancer of the salivary gland.

DATE – 26-1-2011


AGE – 46/Male

46 year old male patient was referred to me by a senior doctor. Being a budding homoeopath, I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to treat this patient; as he came with diagnosis of Cancer of salivary gland (Homeopathy for Salivary Gland Cancer).

The patient didn’t wish to go for the treatment of chemotherapy or even surgery. His financial condition was very poor to go for any of the regular treatments and also he completely refused invasive procedures or even hospitalization.

He lived with his mother and now after knowing about the cancer, he had lost all hopes and was broken and depressed totally. The patient had no interest in working or earning a living.

On much insisting I took up the case. He presented the reports which stated –

  • cervical lymphadenopathy with cough since 1month
  • underwent excision biopsy under LA
  • sputum – negative AFB [ZN staining]
  • FNAC – metastasis from squamous cell Carcinoma of salivary gland

Chief complaint – difficulty swallowing/empty swallowing [odynophagia], burning; pricking pain, < eating, choking frequently which leads to gagging, cough and wretching

Recurrent cold and coryza; blocked nose

He appeared debilitated, weak, and thin.

Appetite: reduced

Craving: spicy food

Perspiration:- head; parietal region < eating; on exertion

Habits: smoking but reduced; drinking

MIND: Short tempered, depressed, loss of energy, feels hopeless, shouts if someone goes against his will but calms down. Says he accepts the fact. Has intense fear of surgery. Says sees his death ahead

Personal history – ongoing Rx: HiT amlodep AT

On examination:

Swelling on the neck [cervical lymphadenopathy] – approximately [3×3] cm

Insidious onset; size increased after FNAC

Smooth surface; skin over swelling; hard swelling; non-fluctuant; non-tender; mobile; local temp not raised

Oral cavity – NAD

Buccal mucosa – proliferative growth on both sides of frenulum

The patient had become intolerant of the pain while swallowing which bothered him the most.


  • burning pain
  • weak debilitated; having no energy throughout life; emaciated
  • old looking
  • cancer of glands
  • alcoholic++

I prescribed Carbo Animalis 200 single dose + Sac Lac for 7 days. The follow up was as follows –

03-02-11     salivation sticky white+++

burning in throat; pricking pain        ++

coryza; nose block++

Rx –            Sac Lac for 3 weeks

24-02-11     burning < eating++ pricking pain++

Swelling was reduced to marked extent [30 to 40 %].

Mother complained – he was mentally debilitated; loss of interest in

life; doesn’t do anything; drinks alcohol+

Rx –            Sac Lac for 3 weeks

17-03-11     burning reduced; pricking pain reduced; size of swelling reduced

further [70-80%]

fluent coryza++

cough [ choking]++

no taste in mouth

salivation present but reduced.

Rx –            Sac Lac for 3 weeks

10-4-11       no new complaints

Rx –            Sac Lac for 3 weeks

03-05-11     no new complaints

Rx –            Sac Lac for 3 weeks

26-05-11     slight increase in size of swelling; slight pain+ while swallowing; ear pain

Rx –            Carbo Animalis 200 single dose + Sac Lac for 3 weeks

17-06-11     Better; no new complaints; wants regular medicine

Rx –            Sac Lac for 3 weeks

29-07-11     slight increase in complaints; coryza++; blocking of nose

RX:             Carbo Animalis 200 1dose stat + Sac Lac for 3 weeks

He was a most regular patient who never missed his medicine and the date of follow up.

Thereafter the patient became irregular and came only when there was slight aggravation of complaints. He had started working as a waiter in a hotel and earned a living for himself and his mother. Alcohol intake was reduced. He shifted to another town soon in search of better work.

I could feel the hope in his old mother’s heart, whose face was full of wrinkles but eyes sparkling with a smile and tears whenever she came with him for follow up. I have no idea how long he survived but I was happy that I could transform a depressed, debilitated poor sufferer who was frustrated with life into a normal common man at least for some more days.


According to Farrington’s clinical MM –

Carbo animalis is suited to old persons and to those who are greatly debilitated by disease. Suited for glandular affections.

According to Hering’s guiding symptoms

Unclouded consciousness and great anguish with sinking of vital forces. Desire to be alone; he is sad, reflective; avoids conversation. Low spirited. Apprehension.

According to Kent’s lectures on HMM

Suitable in complaints that come on insidiously, that develop slowly, that become chronic and are often malignant in character.

We may comfort that patient, and restore order at least temporarily, so that there is freedom from suffering in these malignant affections.

Most patients that have cancer are really in such a state of disorder that only a temporary cessation of “hostilities” can be expected; and anyone who goes around boasting of the cancer cases he has cured ought to be regarded with suspicion.

Do not dwell upon the cancer, for it is not the cancer but the patient that you are treating. It is the patient that is sick, and whenever a patient is sick enough to have a cancer his state of order is too much disturbed to be cured.

The proving of Carbo animalis presents the appearance of a broken down constitution. It brought out in the provers just such symptoms

as occur in old, feeble constitutions, with poor repair and lack of reaction. Hence the medicine has been a great palliative for patients suffering from malignant infiltrations and indurations;

Complaints in anaemic, broken down constitutions.

There is intense burning in the part inflamed, which is indurated and purple. The glands of the throat burn.

It has relieved in incurable cases, and has apparently removed the cancerous condition for years, even though it comes back afterward and kills. This remedy is often a great palliative for the pains that occur in cancer, the indurations and the stinging, burning pains.

About the author

Pooriya Jeste Subhedar

Dr. Pooriya Jeste Subhedar has completed her MD in Homoeopathy. She is a Homoeopathic consultant and Bach flower practitioner in Pune. She has done research in psychological problems of Geriatric patients and has dealt with cases of behavioral problems in children. Dr. Pooriya has also worked as medical officer at Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune. She has been part of an organization for eight years which holds a medical camp every year. She has worked as a consulting homoeopath at a charitable trust, Pune and also as a medical writer. twitter: @pooriyanatrum


  • I am not sure if this is a scientific peer reviewed journal publication, or a discussion forum. Either way, please include ultrasound etc of before and after to give more credence to the article.

    • Sac-lac. is Latin for milk sugar. In other words, the patient was given blank pellets to take daily to create in him the feeling that he is daily taking medicine, to make him more hopeful, in other words. He probably thought he was taking Carbo an. every day–assuming he was even told the name of the remedy. Probably not.

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