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Cancer – A Theridion Case

Mirjana Zivanov
Written by Mirjana Zivanov

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov shares a cancer case handled with a classical homeopathy approach.

Case taken March 28th 2011  – A 64 year old woman:

I’m an oncological patient for years now. I’m using morphine patches for a year now, but lately have severe pains with these patches too. If I wouldn’t use patches I would get nauseous and the pain would get unbearable.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with large intestine carcinoma, so I have undergone the surgery, and carcinoma was removed with part of my large intestine. I have received chemotherapy. A year later I was diagnosed with metastasis of carcinoma  in the liver, so I have received chemotherapy again. Now (2011) the doctors suspect that the cancer has spread to the bones, because tumor-like lesions where visible on my x-rays.

I suffer from severe anal fissure pain that has appeared less than two years after the surgery. That pain is unbearable when I sit, so I can’t sit at all and I can only lay in the bed. Also, I can hardly walk because of this pain, only to the toilet and sometimes even that is too much for me. This pain is like something is pulling me, it makes me nervous and I feel like this pain is shooting right in my brain. I am in depression because of this pain, and nothing can cheer me up.

Before my illness I was a woman full of energy, very disciplined, ready to fight for my objectives if necessary, always in motion and I was working all the time. I was hyperactive and very precise. When I work, I really work hard and thorough.

If I would only have as much strength now, as I have will. I have a strong personality. I feel lonely and I miss company. We came as refugees during the war, and we had to fight a long legal battle to get back the ownership of our own house, as it was taken from us. Now we live in an apartment, and we use to live in the house in the countryside in Dalmatia. Here I don’t have where to take a walk, so I feel like a prisoner in my apartment. I love nature.

I am handicapped since I had a car crash, when I was 43, in 1990. My left hip was injured and I had a surgery, and since that time I have difficulties walking. After that the war has started and we became refugees.

My gallbladder has been surgically removed in 1980. For 18 years now I have hay fever.

Doctor: Is there something you can do, that relaxes you when you are nervous?

Knitting, crochet and cross stitch relaxes me. I also like to read.

I like sunny weather. Cold weather and fog aggravates me. I have grown up in Dalmatian karsts, so I like sunny and warm, even hot, weather. When the weather is dreary, I am nervous and in a bad mood. I like to eat oranges, figs and apples.

When I have intense anal fissure pain, I use Fentanyl transdermal patch (Fentanyl is an synthetic opioid analgesic, approximately 100 times more potent than morphine, with a rapid onset and short duration of action), and if the pain persists I also have to take Neurotin (Gabapentin) capsules, Rapten (Diclofenac potassium) and Bensedin (Benzodiazepine). I have a burning sensation in one leg and the other is cold. The pain is so strong that I’m bouncing of the bed. I have problems with constipation since I was very young, but now it’s unbearable. That makes me very nervous, and the anal fissure pain intensifies when I can’t pass the stool. I have tried all kind of recipes to help me with constipation, but with no results.

When I was young I have often suffered from severe headaches. I still had them after I have married and they lasted until the car crash. Since that injury, with state of shock, I didn’t have these headaches any more.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C30, single dose

 Theridion Curassavicum

The patient has decided to stop using all allopathic drugs (Fentanyl transdermal patches, Neurotin, Rapten and Bensedin) because she doesn’t believe that there is any chance they could cure her and she wants to give a chance to homeopathic remedies.

The patient has a robust bone structure, even more prominent since she has lost a lot of weight in her illness. Even gravely ill, she is a strong willed and energetic person, a woman of action, offering to stop using morphine patches in spite of all the pain she is suffering. When she decided to go for homeopathic treatment. She was trying to cheer up everyone in the room after she spoke about her illness, like she is used to being a leader. When she sat down, her posture was quite peculiar, more to one side of the chair – a position I often had seen in patients with Theridion as their simillimum.

The following observations are directing us toward a spider remedy, and Theridion is the best fit:

–        a restless and energetic person

–        feels like she is imprisoned in her apartment

–        likes to be on the move all the time

–        dedicated to work

–        relaxed by knitting

–        ameliorated by warm and dry weather

–        with constipation since a young age

–        likes oranges

Her dosha is Kapha-Vata, and that is also typical for Theridion Curassavicum patients. This is very important for diffential diagnosis because Tarentula Hispanica is Vata-Kapha. I have found that using Ayurvedic doshas can be very helpful in finding the simillimum, because it can categorise the usual build and appearance of the patient in the state of each homeopathic remedy.

Tarentula Hispanica patients have darker complexions than Theridion Curassavicum. So while Tarentula Hispanica gives some kind of “black“ impression, Theridion’s is rather “brown“.


Follow-up the next day (March 29th 2011)

I stopped using allopathic drugs as we agreed and during the night I have suffered great pain, hallucinations and even the urge to jump out of the window.

Rx./   Opium C30 No30

The patient should repeat this remedy as often as she needs.


Follow-up the next day (March 30th 2011)

I was better last night. I have managed to fall asleep for 40 minutes! I can’t remember when I was able to sleep that long and I was regularly using the patches and all the other drugs.

I feel burning in anal fissure and my legs and soles are burning too. Like it is going downwards. Today I also felt some burning pain while urinating and the urination was more frequent.

Past events are going through my head like movies.

It’s easier for me to talk today and I am not apathetic.

I even went twice to pass a stool today and both times I had a little stool. In my case it is a huge deal, so I was much less nervous. First stool was about 9:30 AM and next at 1 PM.

I took your remedy nine times since yesterday.

Rx./   Opium C200 No30

The patient should repeat this remedy as often as she needs. The patient was also advised to use ghee to apply on anus, and also the instructions how best to prepare ghee.

Follow-up the next day (March 31st  2011)

I had a stool yesterday evening and again this morning. Tonight I had tearing pain in legs.  I am in a much better mood. Tonight I’ve managed to fall asleep three times and I didn’t have any nightmares. I can feel I’m getting better. Now I am willing to get up from bed. When I am up, I feel weakness and I don’t have appetite at all. I’m disgusted by almost all kinds of food. I can only eat fruits and vegetables.

I took the remedy you gave me about 15 times since yesterday.

Rx./   Opium C200 No30

The patient should repeat this remedy as often as she needs.


Follow-up after two days (April 2nd 2011)

Patient’s daughter:

My mother is better, she is in better mood and she doesn’t feel confused in the head anymore. She talks and gets up from the bed more often. Her voice has changed and now she sounds like she used to.


I fall asleep 3 times tonight. I still have pains in my legs, but they are way less intense. The crises of pain are much shorter and less severe. I had stool today as well, so I had regular stool for three days in the role.

The stool is very hard at the beginning, like a cork, and the rest is soft. I took 12 of the remedies you gave me in the last two days.

Rx./   Opium C200 No30

The patient should repeat this remedy as often as she needs.


Follow-up after four days (April 6th 2011)

I feel much better. The stool is more frequent. I don’t have those severe pains anymore, just some mild pain in legs. I started to feel pain in the anus, that is a lot like the pain I felt before my first surgery. Because of this pain it’s hard for me to sit, so I rather lay in the bed or to walk slowly. It’s difficult for me to walk since the car crash 22 year ago when I was injured and I have to use a crutch. Also, some symptoms of hay fever have appeared, like I used to have years ago. I still have no appetite. I get disgusted by any kind of food.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C30 No3, split dose


Follow-up after two weeks (April 19th 2011)

I feel fine. My appetite is back, after such a long time! I want to eat now, as I used to before illness…

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Mirjana Zivanov

Mirjana Zivanov

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. She has 11 years of everyday clinical practice in Classical Homeopathy, at the homeopathic clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. Dr Zivanov is the author of the books “Homeopathy in Practice”, “Principles of Homeopathy” , “Homeopathy – The Invisible Influences” and "The Matrix Method with Tetractys Model". She is the creator of “Tetractys of Simillimum” and “The Matrix Method” presented at the International Homeopathic Seminar London in 2015. She can be contacted at:


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