Clinical Cases

Cancer – A Theridion Case

Theridion Curassavicum

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov shares a cancer case handled with a classical homeopathy approach.

Case taken March 28th 2011  – A 64 year old woman:

I’m an oncological patient for years now. I’m using morphine patches for a year now, but lately have severe pains with these patches too. If I wouldn’t use patches I would get nauseous and the pain would get unbearable.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with large intestine carcinoma, so I have undergone the surgery, and carcinoma was removed with part of my large intestine. I have received chemotherapy. A year later I was diagnosed with metastasis of carcinoma  in the liver, so I have received chemotherapy again. Now (2011) the doctors suspect that the cancer has spread to the bones, because tumor-like lesions where visible on my x-rays.

I suffer from severe anal fissure pain that has appeared less than two years after the surgery. That pain is unbearable when I sit, so I can’t sit at all and I can only lay in the bed. Also, I can hardly walk because of this pain, only to the toilet and sometimes even that is too much for me. This pain is like something is pulling me, it makes me nervous and I feel like this pain is shooting right in my brain. I am in depression because of this pain, and nothing can cheer me up.

Before my illness I was a woman full of energy, very disciplined, ready to fight for my objectives if necessary, always in motion and I was working all the time. I was hyperactive and very precise. When I work, I really work hard and thorough.

If I would only have as much strength now, as I have will. I have a strong personality. I feel lonely and I miss company. We came as refugees during the war, and we had to fight a long legal battle to get back the ownership of our own house, as it was taken from us. Now we live in an apartment, and we use to live in the house in the countryside in Dalmatia. Here I don’t have where to take a walk, so I feel like a prisoner in my apartment. I love nature.

I am handicapped since I had a car crash, when I was 43, in 1990. My left hip was injured and I had a surgery, and since that time I have difficulties walking. After that the war has started and we became refugees.

My gallbladder has been surgically removed in 1980. For 18 years now I have hay fever.

Doctor: Is there something you can do, that relaxes you when you are nervous?

Knitting, crochet and cross stitch relaxes me. I also like to read.

I like sunny weather. Cold weather and fog aggravates me. I have grown up in Dalmatian karsts, so I like sunny and warm, even hot, weather. When the weather is dreary, I am nervous and in a bad mood. I like to eat oranges, figs and apples.

When I have intense anal fissure pain, I use Fentanyl transdermal patch (Fentanyl is an synthetic opioid analgesic, approximately 100 times more potent than morphine, with a rapid onset and short duration of action), and if the pain persists I also have to take Neurotin (Gabapentin) capsules, Rapten (Diclofenac potassium) and Bensedin (Benzodiazepine). I have a burning sensation in one leg and the other is cold. The pain is so strong that I’m bouncing of the bed. I have problems with constipation since I was very young, but now it’s unbearable. That makes me very nervous, and the anal fissure pain intensifies when I can’t pass the stool. I have tried all kind of recipes to help me with constipation, but with no results.

When I was young I have often suffered from severe headaches. I still had them after I have married and they lasted until the car crash. Since that injury, with state of shock, I didn’t have these headaches any more.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C30, single dose

 Theridion Curassavicum

The patient has decided to stop using all allopathic drugs (Fentanyl transdermal patches, Neurotin, Rapten and Bensedin) because she doesn’t believe that there is any chance they could cure her and she wants to give a chance to homeopathic remedies.

The patient has a robust bone structure, even more prominent since she has lost a lot of weight in her illness. Even gravely ill, she is a strong willed and energetic person, a woman of action, offering to stop using morphine patches in spite of all the pain she is suffering. When she decided to go for homeopathic treatment. She was trying to cheer up everyone in the room after she spoke about her illness, like she is used to being a leader. When she sat down, her posture was quite peculiar, more to one side of the chair – a position I often had seen in patients with Theridion as their simillimum.

The following observations are directing us toward a spider remedy, and Theridion is the best fit:

–        a restless and energetic person

–        feels like she is imprisoned in her apartment

–        likes to be on the move all the time

–        dedicated to work

–        relaxed by knitting

–        ameliorated by warm and dry weather

–        with constipation since a young age

–        likes oranges

Her dosha is Kapha-Vata, and that is also typical for Theridion Curassavicum patients. This is very important for diffential diagnosis because Tarentula Hispanica is Vata-Kapha. I have found that using Ayurvedic doshas can be very helpful in finding the simillimum, because it can categorise the usual build and appearance of the patient in the state of each homeopathic remedy.

Tarentula Hispanica patients have darker complexions than Theridion Curassavicum. So while Tarentula Hispanica gives some kind of “black“ impression, Theridion’s is rather “brown“.


Follow-up the next day (March 29th 2011)

I stopped using allopathic drugs as we agreed and during the night I have suffered great pain, hallucinations and even the urge to jump out of the window.

Rx./   Opium C30 No30

The patient should repeat this remedy as often as she needs.


Follow-up the next day (March 30th 2011)

I was better last night. I have managed to fall asleep for 40 minutes! I can’t remember when I was able to sleep that long and I was regularly using the patches and all the other drugs.

I feel burning in anal fissure and my legs and soles are burning too. Like it is going downwards. Today I also felt some burning pain while urinating and the urination was more frequent.

Past events are going through my head like movies.

It’s easier for me to talk today and I am not apathetic.

I even went twice to pass a stool today and both times I had a little stool. In my case it is a huge deal, so I was much less nervous. First stool was about 9:30 AM and next at 1 PM.

I took your remedy nine times since yesterday.

Rx./   Opium C200 No30

The patient should repeat this remedy as often as she needs. The patient was also advised to use ghee to apply on anus, and also the instructions how best to prepare ghee.

Follow-up the next day (March 31st  2011)

I had a stool yesterday evening and again this morning. Tonight I had tearing pain in legs.  I am in a much better mood. Tonight I’ve managed to fall asleep three times and I didn’t have any nightmares. I can feel I’m getting better. Now I am willing to get up from bed. When I am up, I feel weakness and I don’t have appetite at all. I’m disgusted by almost all kinds of food. I can only eat fruits and vegetables.

I took the remedy you gave me about 15 times since yesterday.

Rx./   Opium C200 No30

The patient should repeat this remedy as often as she needs.


Follow-up after two days (April 2nd 2011)

Patient’s daughter:

My mother is better, she is in better mood and she doesn’t feel confused in the head anymore. She talks and gets up from the bed more often. Her voice has changed and now she sounds like she used to.


I fall asleep 3 times tonight. I still have pains in my legs, but they are way less intense. The crises of pain are much shorter and less severe. I had stool today as well, so I had regular stool for three days in the role.

The stool is very hard at the beginning, like a cork, and the rest is soft. I took 12 of the remedies you gave me in the last two days.

Rx./   Opium C200 No30

The patient should repeat this remedy as often as she needs.


Follow-up after four days (April 6th 2011)

I feel much better. The stool is more frequent. I don’t have those severe pains anymore, just some mild pain in legs. I started to feel pain in the anus, that is a lot like the pain I felt before my first surgery. Because of this pain it’s hard for me to sit, so I rather lay in the bed or to walk slowly. It’s difficult for me to walk since the car crash 22 year ago when I was injured and I have to use a crutch. Also, some symptoms of hay fever have appeared, like I used to have years ago. I still have no appetite. I get disgusted by any kind of food.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C30 No3, split dose


Follow-up after two weeks (April 19th 2011)

I feel fine. My appetite is back, after such a long time! I want to eat now, as I used to before illness…

I had some viral infection a week ago and I felt chill, weakness and a slightly elevated temperature. It just lasted for a day or two. After that I started feeling a lower back pain. You know, I was so weak that I couldn’t even feel desperate, as I used all of my energy to survive, and only now when I have more strength, I am able to feel how much I miss walking, without suffering from all that pain while I walk as long-lasting consequences of the car crash injury and last few years cancer too. I want lots of things. I wish to live, once again.

Now, when I am nervous, I can walk around the house and I even sometimes have bursts of anger. You know, when I lived in my house in Dalmatia, I was a strong woman and I liked to work. I felt that I could do anything. Now I live limited to my apartment, so I feel like a prisoner.

Everything is really much better than it used to be before homeopathic therapy, but I still am not satisfied with myself. I like to move around and it’s difficult and painful because of my condition, so I can’t, and that makes me nervous.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C200, single dose


Follow-up after one month (May 20th 2011)

I am much better, concerning my condition. Now my appetite is much better, even very good, so I have gained a few kilograms for the first time since cancer was diagnosed and up until now I was just losing weight for years. I enjoy eating and I want to eat.

I have much more frequent stools than before homeopathic therapy. I started taking longer walks. I walk slowly because of my hip, but I have much more strength and the pain in my bones is rather mild. I was also on my land in countryside and that was very important to me because I can walk relaxed there. I was even planting some flowers there. I love roses, peony and magnolia.

I sleep much better since I am able to walk more. Last night I slept whole 5 hours and before homeopathic therapy I almost wasn’t able to sleep at all.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C200, single dose


Follow-up after four weeks (June 13th 2011)

I am better. Pain in my anus is getting better. I feel better emotionally. When I go to sleep, my thoughts are not flaying around anymore, but they are more focused. No more nightmares.

I had a flu for the first time in many years. I felt some weakness, sore throat and runny nose. Before, when I had a flu, I used to have burning pain in va-gina as well, but now I didn’t. It lasted for two days.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C200, single dose


Follow-up after one month (July 13th 2011)

I feel fine. I am much more relaxed now and I used to be very tensed. I sleep much better and for a longer periods of time. Sometimes I can’t sleep at nights, but nights like that are very rare now.

I feel much less pain of any kind.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C200, single dose

Theridion Curassavicum is the only remedy in the rubric: Mind, thoughts, vanishing of, closing eyes on.


Follow-up after one month (August 13th 2011)

Basically I am fine. I had some kind of allergy on my hands, that itched. It lasted just for a couple of days. I had pain in the left shoulder from time to time, like I used to have a long time ago…

My sleep was mostly fine, just like the last time.

My digestion is still not well. There are days when I am not able to pass the stool, but the pain in the anus is generally better! It hurts less and only after passing the stool. I used to have these pains all the time, before, during and after passing the stool, and also the rest of time.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C200, single dose


Follow-up after one month (September 16th 2011)

My strength is better. I have more stamina.

I still have a very good appetite… I eat fruit, vegetable, white chicken meat, fish… It seems to me that my appetite is getting better and better… I have definitely gained some more weight! It is so good that now I am stronger and I want to eat!

I feel much less pain in anus. Stool is sometimes regular and fine, but I also happen to have just a little stool in two or three days. It was like that all my life, even when I was young…

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum C200, single dose


Follow-up after one month (October 18th 2011)

I had some infection… I have got Escherichia coli infection, that I used to have a few years back. I had it for the first time three years ago and it has happened again a few times since then. It is hard for me to control the urination. I have frequent urination, with burning pain during urination, that smells unpleasantly like fish.

I am little nervous and restless.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 1M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (November 18th 2011)

I’ve had a viral infection again, but it didn’t last as long as the last time. I had a runny nose and I sneezed and coughed a lot. The rest is fine, just as it was the last time. I’m way less restless.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 1M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (December 19th 2011)

Stool is better, more frequent, but there are some days that I don’t have it. I sometimes have pain in anus, but not as it used to be. Now I can sit normally on the chair, and that used to be absolutely impossible with that pain.

I have good appetite and I want to eat, so I have gained some more weight… Slowly I am getting closer and closer to my old ideal weight, that I have had before cancer.

I don’t like when it rains and I don’t like cold weather. It’s hard for me to walk with this crutch in such weather. It seems to me that my walking would be just fine by now on the homeopathic therapy, if only I didn’t have that car crash 22 years ago. Sleep is mainly good. When I manage to walk around enough during the day, I sleep well.

I am a strong person and I like to work, but I can’t do all I want because of my injured hip.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 1M, single dose

Follow-up after two months (February 20th 2012)

I had herpes on my right eye, so I have to open it slowly and I felt some kind of tension deep inside. I also had it three years ago.

Stool is better, but last 10 days I’ve sometimes had pain in anus, so I can’t sit long. It’s in my nature to move a lot, but I can’t walk enough because of the hip, other ways I would be fine by now. Also, life in the apartment is like life in prison for me. I would walk much more if I could live in a house with garden.

Sometimes I feel bloated, also because I don’t walk enough.

My strength is back.

The pain in anus used to feel like it comes from deep inside and now it seems to be rather superficial.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 1M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (March 20th 2012)

Stool is not bad. I am in a good mood.

“Patient talks much more and faster than before!”

Many years ago I had a little wound on my right leg and when the crust was formed I would scratch it and remove it again. Now it appeared again, but it lasted just for one day.

Sometimes I have acid reflux from stomach. I used to have that many years ago too and then I was using Gelusil lac. The acid reflux usually happens in the evening after the dinner, but it stops after a while.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 1M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (April 25th 2012)

Everything is the same as it was in the last follow up. My strength is back and I can walk as well as I could a month ago. I should start walking more to get tired enough, so I could sleep better.

I have to go to the dentist to fix my teeth. I couldn’t even think about teeth until now, because I’ve had much more serious problems, but now as I’m getting better generally I can take care of this too.

Most of my teeth are under crown and bridges, so the dentist has asked for an X-Ray of all teeth. What do you suggest?

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 1M, single dose


We have suggested not to do the X-Ray of teeth for now, if it isn’t absolutely necessary, because it could jeopardize the treatment of the primary disease – cancer. A more experienced dentist could probably do such interventions without this diagnostic aid.


Follow-up after one month (May 31st 2012)

I have been to the dentist. Everything urgent and necessary has been done. The interventions were not too difficult so they were done without anesthesia, to my request since it wasn’t very painful and I didn’t want to jeopardize the homeopathic therapy. Replacement of crowns and bridges was left for later, because it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

I couldn’t sleep well in this period, because my thoughts were flying again and I couldn’t focus them.

The stool was sometimes fine, and sometimes too hard… I am a bit down emotionally and that made me more nervous and restless.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (July 4th 2013)

I had a house full of guests. They were coming and going whole day. It wasn’t easy to have all those guests.

I have got some kind of allergic reaction, like a rush on my fingers and forearms. Before I used to have different allergies with runny nose and sneezing, some kind of hay fever.

Sleep is the same – if I manage to walk enough it’s better. My thoughts are not flying anymore when I try to sleep – they are focused.

My left shoulder and right knee hurt less, but now I sometimes have pain in my back and left hip, on which I had surgery.

For the first I can say that I no longer have pain in the anus! Everything had started with that pain, all of my hardships and treatments!

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after forty days (August 14th 2012)

I have traveled to Croatia to my hometown Zadar for the first time since I was diagnosed with cancer and I’ve met the members of my family who still live there. It is 700 kilometers from Novi Sad and I went by bus! I stayed there for 8 days. I stayed at the house where I was born!

I could say that I feel like I am born once again.

It was nice. I have seen my sister and brother and they said that I look good – the same as I looked when they have seen me last time and that was before cancer. We only spoke by phone since I’ve got ill.

The situation with stool was changeable – for a few days it was fine and then the next few days I had difficulties, and so on.

Hip and back are better and it’s like the pain has moved downwards and now I feel it from the knee down.

My left arm sometimes hurts, in some particular movement. It could be from the crutch.

Sleep is better, but it may be easily disrupted by some trifle and then I can’t sleep well.

Everything is quite well.

I didn’t have any allergic reactions.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (September 14th 2012)

Everything is fine.

Sleep varies from day to day, for incidence, tonight I’ve slept well.

I am in a great mood and not nervous at all.

Something new is happening to me. It’s like a wave of heat and I get all wet, that happens during the day and night both, two or three times. I don’t think it’s thyroid, because I have checked it 6 or 7 years ago. It’s more like the symptoms of menopause have returned, after a long time.

Stool is quite all right.

I used to take so many medicines: chemotherapy, analgesics, diclophenac. It was terrible. And now not a single one, thank You and God!

Doctor : “Since the patient feels good, the stool is fine, she is not nervous, and flashes of heat and sweating we see as returning of old symptoms and rejuvenation of the hormonal system, we have decided to watch and wait.”

Rx./   Watch and wait


Follow-up after a month (October 17th 2012)

I’ve had some kind of rash with reddish-brown spots. It lasted for 10 days. Now it’s gone. Mostly on my left leg. It was a rash, not an allergic reaction.

The flashes of heat and sweating were better, but last few days I’ve had it again.

I had a pain in epigastric region, on the right side. The pain gets so strong that you can’t breathe for a moment, just like the pain I used to have in 1980 from the gallbladder, before it was surgically removed.

I feel pain in anus now, at the very end of it and it was ok after the remedy. Also it feels like I can’t pass all the stool that I should, and that I have too little stool.

I couldn’t walk much because of the bad weather. It means a lot to me when it’s sunny and now it’s everything but that – it’s very cold, dump and the days are short.

Sleep is worse because I couldn’t go out to walk, often enough.

My knee hurts, my legs get cold in the evening. Sometimes I feel pain in my right leg at night and it’s some kind of pulling pain.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (November 22nd 2012)

I am fine. My neighbors have told me that I look younger.

If the day goes as usually, in order, I sleep better and if takes me off course it’s worse…

In this period I’ve walked a lot. Every day I walked to Danube, holding my husband’s arm, for an hour, sometimes even hour and a half. I am a bit tired of walking on that same path every day, but I don’t really have much choice… I would rather live in a house with a garden, because there I could move around much more, but we are not in a financial situation for that. I also vacuumed my apartment.

We also have a cabin in the countryside, but without water or electricity, so we are going there only during the summer.

Now that I walk much more, the digestion is quite good, so now rarely happens that I can’t pass the stool, but when it does I get anxious and touchy. Generally it is so much better.

My legs are quite painful. It feels like some kind of deep pain, like my bones hurt. Sometimes the muscles also hurt. My left leg, where I’ve had a surgery on hip, gets a little numb, from the hip down.

My legs are more painful during the day and when I walk more.

Rx./   Arnica Montana 1M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (December 26th 2012)

I didn’t feel pain in legs since the remedy, except for occasional pain in right knee. The hip is better. I can walk much better and I have even been all the way up to the fortress.

The rest is more or less the same.

Rx./   Arnica Montana 10M, single dose


Follow-up after ten days (January 5th 2013)

I didn’t feel any pain in the knee after the remedy! My hip did hurt sometimes in this period, but most of the time it was fine, and generally it is much better. My legs were painful, like some pulling pain, but only the muscles, while the bones didn’t hurt at all.

Generally I was going to walk much more often and the walks were longer.

The rest is fine.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (February 9th 2013)

I have spent 8 days in Dalmatia. It took us longer than usually to get there because it was snowing all the time.  When I’ve got there I have slept very well for 4 or 5 days. I’ve felt great there. The air isn’t polluted and the winter is milder and much more pleasant.

The way I behave has changed. When I lay down to sleep my thoughts are no longer dispersed. I used to have flashbacks from the past when I try to sleep and now I don’t have that problem anymore – I am here, in this moment. Now I can collect my thoughts – I can focus!

Since I came back from Dalmatia my sleep isn’t that good, but it’s still fine. In Dalmatia I was staying in house with a garden and I was moving around all the time, doing all kinds of things in house and garden. That kind of life really suits me. Here in Novi Sad, on the other hand, I live in an apartment, so I don’t know what to do with myself most of the time – I can only go out for a walk, and back to apartment again. Now the weather is cold and wet, so can’t even walk long enough.

There was no pain or sensation of pulling in my legs after the last remedy, but last few days I feel some kind of rheumatic pain in my right leg, more than in left, especially in right calf, in the evening before I lay down to sleep.

This was a really good period, especially the first two weeks. In this period sometimes I’ve felt so light like I’m going to fly and like I’ve felt when I was a little girl.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (March 9th 2013)

Today I came to your clinic all by myself for the first time, after almost two years! I came by bus. I feel far less pain in the hip, so I can walk much more.

I even walked all the way up to the fortress, with all those hundreds of stairs – and I could do it! I am still using the crutch, but it’s possible to walk now, because I don’t have that kind of pain in the hip anymore – it’s way better.

I started to take a walk every evening before going to sleep, as you suggested, and I really sleep better now.  I am using the crutch, and I walk slowly, but now it is like I have really started walking again! It’s incomparably better.

When I think back what I’ve been through, what my days of illness looked like, I wouldn’t wish it to anyone. Also those first days of homeopathic therapy, when I have stopped using analgesics, were very hard indeed. I felt like a junky that is being taken of the drugs.

All in all, I came by myself – I’m walking again!

I am now able to focus my thoughts, so I can sleep.

About the situation with the stool it’s changeable, not entirely regular, but mostly I have a stool every two days.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Unscheduled follow-up after twenty days (March 29th 2013)

Daughter came alone because mother is at home in high fever:

“Mom caught a cold. She has a high fever with temperature over 39oC. She has a bad cough, and during the night she coughs so much, that sometimes she can hardly breath. She even has some epistaxis (nose bleed) from this cold. Apart from the temperature and this cough, she looks very good.”

Doctor: “When did your mother have high fever last time?”

Daughter: “Very long time ago. I don’t even remember. It must have been at least 20 years since her last high fever. Now she is not taking any kind of drugs – only the homeopathic therapy you have prescribed. Mom is very disciplined. She has a very strong will by nature, but during this grave illness she was falling into apathy. Now, on your therapy her will came back.

Doctor: “The fact that the patient could get a flu with high fever, after more than 20 years, is a clear sign of significant strengthening of her vital force. A cancer patient’s vital force is usually so low that such an immunological reaction is next to impossible, so the fact that our patient could get an acute illness is a sign that the chronic illness is retreating.”

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose

Follow-up after one month (April 30th 2013)

Right after I took the remedy my temperature has dropped to 38oC and by the next day to 37oC. Dry cough has reduced, and became productive, with expectoration… I still cough a little, but I fine now…

Everything else is fine, as it was before the cold.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Unscheduled follow-up after two weeks (May 14th 2013)

I cough a lot. It’s against that dry cough… This flu is terrible. Everybody around me has been really ill and much more than I was. To many of them this flu developed to pneumonia, or at least they had high fever for days… I felt fine after the remedy and I am only worried about this dry cough. This cough torments me at night, so I feel exhausted and my lungs hurt from coughing.

Rx./   Sticta pulmonalia C30, split dose

Doctor: “In this period we’ve had many patients infected by this flu, with similar symptoms, so we were able to find and prescribe the epidemic remedy (genus epidemicus) for this flu – Sticta pulmonalia. It proved to be very efficient because patients on this remedy were getting well in just one day, so we have prescribed it to this patient too, even though the acute phase has already ended a while ago. It proved to be a good decision.”


Follow-up after one month (June 15th 2013)

I have recovered right after I took the remedy. The cough had stopped, so I could sleep better. I feel much younger and the people I meet also say that I look younger. My friends who knew about the cancer can’t believe how good I look!

The rest is more or less the same.

Generally I walk more often and the walks are longer. It’s much easier for me to walk now. The hip sometimes hurts a little, but mostly it doesn’t and it is generally much better.

The stool is mostly fine.

I didn’t have pain in my knees at all.

A few times my legs did hurt, but muscles, not bones and it’s like some kind of pulling pain.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (July 17th 2013)

The weather is really hot, with temperatures over 40oC. It’s way too hot for me, so I can’t go for a walk during the day, only in the evening by the Danube, when the temperature gets lower. Because of this, I can’t move around as much as I should, so I can’t sleep so well. Anyway, I do walk every day and that means a lot.

My digestion and stool are fine. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, because there is a wide variety of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in the market now.

I’ve got good appetite and I have gained weight. I feel very well.

My friends say that my sense of humor is back, too.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after two months (September 20th 2013)

After the remedy I was fine, with no significant symptoms. Only last two weeks I’ve had headaches, like the ones I used to have since I was a young woman until the car crash. Imagine! They just stopped after the car crash, and I haven’t had these headaches for 23 years, until now.

A week ago I’ve had a broken blood vessel in the right eye. I’ve remembered that I’ve had herpes in that same eye tree years ago.

I’ve also had burning pain during urination last three days. Now it burns even when I don’t go to the toilet. I used to have a problem like this a long time ago.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (October 24th 2013)

This month the weather was very pleasant, neither to hot nor too cold, so just the right time for walks and work in the garden.

I am in a good mood. I was spending most of the time in our cottage in the hills of Fruška Gora. There is always something to do and I move around a lot. It really makes me feel good. When I was young I was always busy, because I get nervous whenever there is nothing to do.

Sometimes I have a burning sensation during urination, like I use to have a long time ago. When that happens it makes me feel better if I take a cold shower.

These problems with urination are nothing compared to that suffering with stool that I used to have since youth until recently.

Sometimes I get nervous when I feel this burning during urination.

When I lift something heavy or when I cough, sometimes I pass a little urine, because the sphincter gets loose. I have that for a very long time, I don’t know exactly but I think it started after I gave birth.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after one month (December 1st 2013)

During this past period I’ve been quite well.

Digestion was mostly fine, but there were a bit better or worse days depending on how much I move around and what I eat.

Sleep is quite well.

Last couple of days I have some scratchy eye pain. It feels like there is sand in my both of my eyes. I don’t know why. I had herpes in my right eye 3 or 4 years ago but this is nothing like that. This is a completely different kind of pain, scratchy.

I am going to Dalmatia soon, to get away from this harsh winter. The winter is much milder there. The polluted air and cold here really bothers me, and especially now that is cold and wet. Seaside is something completely different – there is rock everywhere instead of this dump soil.

I am going by bus.

Rx./   Theridion Curassavicum 10M, single dose


Follow-up after two months (February 5th 2014)

I was in Dalmatia…I’ve felt really good there. I feel good physically and emotionally. I am always happy to see people from my birth town. Soon it will be 3 years since we’ve started the homeopathic therapy and I can say that I feel like I was reborn. I would never wish to anyone what I’ve been through and I can hardly believe how good and strong I feel now.

Rx./   Watch and wait

In this case we can see how homeopathy can cure even cancer in a terminal state. The patient has decided to go exclusively for homeopathic treatment, without taking any more allopathic drug, so this made the clinical picture of the patient’s condition much clearer and also the homeopathic remedy had a full and uninterrupted effect.

The homeopathic therapy of this patient in ongoing. The cancer is a result of a long line of old suppressed and uncured diseases, as well as her becoming a refugee in a war torn country, severe car accident injuries  and many  other serious and stressful situations in her life. All of these conditions are coming back during the course of the treatment, and the treatment has to go on until all of them are cured and the patient’s health is restored. During this period, while the patient’s health is still fragile, she may also need help with the new challenges she has faced in life.

“If the physician should here give up the treatment and suppose what the common man (and also the higher class of the non-medical public) is apt to say: “It will now likely get right of itself,” a great mistake would be made…“ (Hahnemann – The Chronic Diseases, their Peculiar Nature and their Homeopathic Cure)

About the author

Mirjana Zivanov

Dr. Mirjana Zivanov DDS, Registered homeopath, graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and London International College of Homeopathy. She has 20 years of everyday clinical practice in classical homeopathy, at the Homeopathic Clinic in Novi Sad, Serbia. She is the founder of this Clinic. She is an associate member of Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, UK. She is the author of the books: “Homeopathy in Practice”, "Homeopathic medicine - Principles", "Homeopathic medicine - Invisible Influences", and many published articles. The books published by BJain on her Matrix Method in 2018 are: "Matrix Method with Tetractys Model in Homeopathy" and "Opening the Secret Door with Matrix & Tetractys in Homeopathy". Dr. Mirjana is the creator of the "Matrix Method" in homeopathy, and she presented it at international congresses: IHS London 2015, IHS London 2016, IHC Bangalore, India 2017, lecture at SLD Novi Sad, Serbia 2017, and at the IHC London 2018, IHC London 2019. She was awarded with the HCH “Star of Homeopathy” in London, 2019. and in 2020 with CoA CORONA WARRIOR by SYSI, New Delhi. In 2021 Dr. Zivanov developed the Karmic Labyrinth method. More information: and Dr. Mirjana Zivanov’s contact: [email protected]


  • Great stuff! See how homeopathy can cure even cancer. The patient has decided to go exclusively for homeopathic treatment, without taking any more allopathic drug.

  • Dear Dr. Mirjana mam;

    The case of cancer metastasis with fissure managed according to Hahnemann’s concept of chronic disease with remedy Theridion c.
    Really great news for Homeopathic fraternity to manage cancer in a beautiful way of Homeopathy.
    Thank you mam

  • Really great case, Dr Mirjana! It must be very difficult to work with a patient with such a grave illness. Exquisite case management in an extremely challenging case. The quality of life for this terminally ill patient has greatly improved. Keep up the good work!

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  • Respectful Dr.Mirjana Zivanov

    Very Well Done. Congratulations to you and homeopathy for your priceless job. Would you please explain if you repeated the same doses in solid form or liquid? You have repeated the same doses of 200c and 1M but you haven’t mentioned the form of the remedy.

    Best Wishes and Warm Regards,

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    Thank you
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