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Cardiovascular Disease in a Woman of 72

Dr. Joachim F. Grätz shares a case of cardiovascular disease in a woman of 72. The author details her years of allopathic treatment which was both damaging and ineffective.

It is well known that cardiovascular diseases are increasingly common in the modern world and are a very common cause of death among seniors. “The reason for this is obvious”, some would say. I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

It’s the same thing over and over again: improper nutrition, stress, and the never-ending hustle and bustle in our modern, fast-paced world; suppression with medications and surgery, because one can’t seem to cure a banal infection; and, last (but) not least, vaccinations and other massive forms of interference in our immune system.

At this point, we cannot and do not want to go into all the details in detail, which would go beyond the scope of this paper, but, instead, let’s be inspired by Archimedes (“a picture is worth a thousand words”) and let one typical example from homeopathic practice be representative of many.

A 72-year-old lady, Mrs. Steiner, started chronic treatment at the beginning of 2004 because an anti-miasmatic treatment seemed promising to her and she had already read a lot about it. This was her “last hope” for complete recovery, she told me with conviction, because she had already been through a lot of treatments in her life.

Her current issue had to do “with the heart, cardiac arrhythmia with atrial fibrillation”. But let’s first look at the key points of her chronological medical history:

1960/1961: Flu infections.

1962:          Gallstones found; not treated.

End of 1963:      Longer sick leave due to unexplained cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and weakness. Consulted with several doctors. Without success. Admitted to the psych ward of the local hospital!

1964:          Severe “flu” with fever. Treated with medication. Lasted 3 weeks.

1966:          Enlarged sinuses after a cold. Treated.

1967-1973: Repeated periods of sick leave due to cardiovascular problems with involvement of the stomach. Causes remained unclear.

1974:          Surgery to remove right ovary and uterus due to cysts.

1978-1980: Cardiovascular complaints, which were not taken very seriously, because nothing showed up on the ECG (electrocardiogram) other than a few extra systoles. – “It was all in her head.”

1980:          Bladder infection after sitting on a cold park bench.

1982-1987: Repeated occurrences of rapid heartbeat, as usual at night. Not taken seriously.

1987/1988: Flu infections and rapid heartbeat. Treated.

12/1989:     Heavy, racing heart. Treated in urgent care (emergency service in the former GDR). First mention of arrhythmia. Medicines (digitoxin).

1990-1992: Several minor bouts of rapid heartbeat. Referred to internist. Hyperthyroidism with adenomas diagnosed. Referred to a specialist. Radioiodine therapy (radiation therapy of thyroid diseases by oral administration of Iodine 131) advised. Another doctor is consulted and also recommended this therapy. She agreed. Unfortunately, given what she later discovered. The promised normal heart rhythm did not set in, but she stayed on the medication.

1995:          Hospitalization due to cardiac arrhythmia. Absolute arrhythmia with atrial fibrillation now diagnosed. Also heart failure. More medication without stopping further incidents.

1996:          Another hospital stay. Then transfer to Bergmann Hospital in Potsdam for further treatment. Cardiac catheterization, then cardioversion (intensive medical measure to regularize the heart rhythm through electrotherapy using a defibrillator (direct current) or suitable medication [anti-arrhythmics])  and biopsy. Without success, i.e. 14 days after normal heart rhythm, absolute arrhythmia with atrial fibrillation again. Plus over 20 lbs. in weight gain. She was put on a diet. She was convinced that it didn’t have to do with what she was eating.

11/1996:     Transfer to Berlin-Buch Hospital. Case presented for consultation with numerous specialists. Lots of medication, then advised to try another cardioversion, which she did, with the same results. In other words, unsuccessful. She refused a third attempt.

1998:          Emergency admission to Berlin-Buch Hospital. Result: lots of new, stronger drugs. The helplessness of the doctors was becoming clearer. She was getting weaker and weaker and her shortness of breath more serious. She had trouble climbing the stairs to her top-floor flat. Her legs were getting heavier and more painful. She began looking for alternatives.

11/1999:     Surgery on left eye to remove a cataract (opacity of the lens of the eye) that had been forming for quite some time. New intraocular lens.

2000:          Same surgery on right eye in March. Discovered books on healthy nutrition by Dr. M.O. Bruker, who convinced her. She started changing her diet. She also read books by Dr. Bircher-Benner. Contacted Bruker-Haus (the medical center of Dr. Bruker) and asked for a consultation with Dr. Bruker. But Dr. Bruker had since died.

2001-2003: Got an appointment for consultation with Dr. Birmanns. Result: complete change of diet. Partial change in lifestyle. Tapering off all medication. Received homeopathic remedies. Now back to the sauna once a week, starting with Kneipp alternating baths, doing a brush massage in the morning, cold scrubs, and yoga. After about 6 weeks, she began to get better. The heart incidents stopped. The stairs were easier to manage again. She lost 20-some pounds “without my intervention”. – Her GP called her; he had failed to take blood for the quick check. She goes in and the GP is appalled. “You could have a stroke if you go off your medication!” Forced to sign a statement stating that she had stopped her meds against his advice. – Overall, she was feeling better each day in the months that followed.

4/2003:       Sudden nosebleed. Couldn’t be stopped. Her husband calls urgent care after half an hour. The doctors there were also unable to do anything. She was covered in blood, like in a horror movie. The specialist diagnosed a broken vein and solders it shut.

8/2003:       Sudden, severe back pain, like lumbago. Increasing pain with nausea. Following Dr. Bruker, she took a mix of Nux vomica 4X and Bryonia 3X every two hours all day and the Kneippian hay flower sack. By the evening, the pain had improved and subsided completely in the next few days.

10/2003:     Severe bladder pain at night, followed by nausea and vomiting. She was numb with pain. Took Dulcamara 12C, 5 globules, per Dr. Bruker; didn’t help. Later Aconitum 30C, 5 globules. After that, calmer overall, but the pain remained. Hours pass; they looked for the right remedy. Opt for Belladonna 12C, 5 globules in a glass of water sipped every 5 minutes. After an hour, she could breathe a sigh of relief as the pain subsided. Pain-free until evening. The same procedure a day later, only shortened. Belladonna 12C helped again, but didn’t stop it. She didn’t want to go to GP; called Dr. Birmanns instead. Birmanns advised her to see GP, not wanting to treat her from afar. He also feared kidney complications. So she went to the GP, who prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics (“What else?”) because of the great pain. Urine test before antibiotic full of bacteria, but no bacteria after taking antibiotic. But she had cold symptoms the next day. Cough and hoarseness. No longer in any great pain, but a spiking, stinging and pressure in the bladder remained for two weeks. Took Cantharis 12C, 5 globules on a glass of water for three days. Without success. Then she received a long-scheduled Dorn massage, after which she was very tired. Slept an hour, woke up and went to the bathroom. A second bout of terrible pain, a thud in the toilet bowl, and the pain disappeared within a short time. She was pain free. No stinging, no pressure, everything was good. Unfortunately, unclear what had really happened.

So much for Mrs. Steiner’s medical history. Cardiovascular complaints without end for over 40 years! Initially never taken seriously, even dismissed as crazy and even admitted to the hospital psych ward! Then later the acute exacerbations up to the dangerous atrial fibrillation including intensive medical therapy, which all too clearly confirmed that the poor woman wasn’t imagining it.

The medical history also revealed the following: at the age of 25, she had had a kidney infection that was treated with antibiotics. This occurred again two or three times, always on the right. Kidney colic as early as 19 and a little later a bilious attack.

So far, three bouts of cystitis, once at the age of 18, another time about 34 years later, and the last time recently, as described above. She gave birth to her daughter when she was 20; the girl was delivered with the umbilical cord around her neck, just as she had when she was born in 1932.

It was also striking that the placenta had to be surgically removed. At the end of the pregnancy, she suffered edema in the ankles and nausea and vomiting that lasted for about two months. Since ovarian surgery because of a “cyst the size of a man’s fist”, according to the clinical report, she had suffered migraine attacks, each lasting for three days, on the right side above the eye, and accompanied with nausea, every four to six weeks. The previous chronic constipation, including hemorrhoids and anal fissures, had completely disappeared since the change in diet.

Her heart was currently “okay for now”; the arrhythmia was still there, as was the atrial fibrillation, but not noticeable. “I can get up the stairs again, but sometimes it is harder.” Mrs. Steiner loved fresh air, but easily got cold.

She used to have a lot of nightmares at night. “I could have been a crime writer.” She sometimes had to get up and urinate at night. She had had slight urinary incontinence when coughing or sneezing for about two years. She used to love to eat ice cream, chocolate, and cake.

Mrs. Steiner’s lips had long been a bluish red. Sometimes there were canker sores, sometimes herpes on the lips. For earrings, she could only tolerate those made of gold and silver; everything else would fail (ulceration in the earlobes).

Colds almost always resulted in a pronounced hoarseness. On the other hand, she rarely had fevers, and, if she did, they weren’t very high. She still had amalgam (an alloy of mercury and other metals, used in dental restorations) fillings in the teeth; the lower left wisdom tooth had been pulled in the 1950s or 1960s because of suppuration.

Until the hysterectomy, her periods had always been regular and not difficult, “just a slight pull in the abdomen and breast”. The blood color was “almost always black” at first, and later a bright red. And there was always little outflow. She sometimes also had mild fungal infections, whereby the discharge smelled like stale canned fish.

The woman continued to complain of cold feet, even at night. “Until recently, cramps in my calves at night, almost always on the left.” She had to be careful walking, because she had had a tendency to twist her ankle for years. She never used to be able to sweat; this was better since the change in diet. She also got bruises easily, “sometimes even without hitting anything”.

She was also terrified of misfortune. “That something would happen to my family”, as she says. In the past, she had also had a pronounced fear of exams. Otherwise, she readily got angry, just like her father. Her concentration left something to be desired: “I can’t really remember what I’ve read.”

So much for the highlights from her anamnesis. At the very end, we came to the subject of vaccination, where, of course, she had “received all the usual ‘basic immunizations’ required in East Germany”. She had additional flu shots in 1974, 1975, and 1976. And frequent vaccinations against tetanus: 1967 (twice), 1968, 1969, 1975, 1985, and 1995 (together with polio), a total of seven times plus polio.

I have deliberately listed all these temporal details here, not to bore you, but because there is a real causal connection that cannot be overlooked. See for yourself. It is best to assign the vaccination data to the dates indicated in her medical history to the beginning of her illnesses, specifically with regard to flu infections, cardiovascular complaints, hospital referrals/admissions due to absolute arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation. – It’s clear, isn’t it? It all fits together well, like a “hand in glove”. It has nothing to do with chance; if you say something like that, you’re beyond help …

After all, the family history did not reveal much new information in the miasmatic sense. The mother also suffered from a slightly irregular heartbeat. In addition, she had “fainted several times out of the blue”.

And pleurisy, gastric ulcers, and three cataract surgeries. Her father was choleric and “I inherited some of that”. She also reported a diabetic grandfather and a maternal who had delivered a stillborn child.

Remedy: Sulfur LM18, 5 drops in a glass of water, stir well (create a vortex), but not with a metal spoon; take only one spoonful, discard the rest, every three days in the morning. Begin slowly during the first few weeks (i.e. start with just one drop, then later two, etc., unless there are major reactions).

Succuss the vial vigorously 10 times before use, for example tapping against the palm of your hand. Sulfur was chosen because of the many suppressive interventions she had undergone and because of its very good relation to vaccinations; also based on Mrs. Steiner’s individual symptoms, of course.

The interim report after about four weeks of taking Sulfur sounded encouraging. “A lot of past symptoms showed their faces.” A black dot in front of the eye; now gone again. Increased dreams, sometimes very bad, and once an old dream from before.

“On the third day after 3 drops, I felt great, better than I have in decades, a real fountain of youth”, said Mrs. Steiner. Her heart had calmed down, “It’s great for once!” “I can handle the sauna better than ever and I am also better at yoga.”

On one occasion, her va-gina had a strong fishy smell: “It was nasty on the first day after 2 drops of Sulfur”, but with no discharge. Her intestine was temporarily bloated and she had gas. “After a day of diarrhea, it was good again.”

In the solar plexus, a complex of ganglia and radiating nerves of the autonomic nervous system at the pit of the stomach, Mrs. Steiner twice felt a strong disquiet “like before”: “rumbling in the belly”, as she put it.

When she felt hunger, she had to have something to eat quickly, as was the case when she had had radioiodine therapy for her thyroid in 1993. “But that only happened two or three times in total.” – All in all, we could be satisfied.

Sulfur did good; a rewind process had started, which was a very positive sign, and the heart complaints were better than ever, even better than “since the change in diet”. For this reason, we did not need to change the dosage or the remedy.

After only four months of Sulfur, Mrs. Steiner’s heart was “decidedly calmer and the heartbeat much more regular”. She didn’t have any further cardiac incidents when doing yoga. “Only when carrying stuff or climbing a lot of stairs, but it’s also better there.

The legs become ‘lame’, but that only lasts for a short time.” At night, she had anxiety for a while, then nausea “as before, but only very slightly”, and a bowel movement. After getting up in the morning, all of those symptoms were immediately gone. She wasn’t sleeping well at the time; she had tingling in her hands and feet and her legs were sometimes very restless. “I also had that before the Sulfur.”

The freezing got worse. “Maybe because of the fresh grain porridge”, the woman suspected. When the weather changed, the legs became heavy, worse than before. For one night and one day, there was a mild cold setting in with a sore throat, runny nose, and canker sores.

Later, she’d have a hoarse voice for a day, which used to be the case, but more often and much longer. She had pain in the left hip area at first, later on the right, too “I notice it more often in the morning.” – I won’t go into any further details here, since they do not make a significant contribution to understanding the case.

The follow-up remedy consisted of Sulfur again, but this time in the potency LM24, 3 drops in a glass of water, beginning slowly, every five days in the morning.

The interim report after four weeks and the discussion after four months of taking the remedy at a higher potency were very clear: “It’s steadily improving! My heart has recovered very well; climbing the stairs is a wonder. The freezing has subsided and my general condition is much better than a year ago!” What more could you ask for?

The only noteworthy point in terms of rewinding while taking Sulfur LM24 was only an intense sciatica syndrome that was “very violent and downright numbing”, so much so that the woman could hardly move.

The two weeks before there had always been a slight backache, “in the same place as the lumbago in August 2003”. This time Bryonia didn’t help at all and Rhus toxicodendron 12C, 5 globules in a glass of water, only marginally.

Only when we switched to Rhus toxicodendron LM18, 5 drops directly in a teaspoonful of water as required, did this back pain disappear completely within one day and never came back.

We discussed what had taken place over the previous four months in detail and agreed to change the remedy to Medorrhinum LM18, in the same dosage as at the beginning.

But this led to more violent reactions across the board, which is why we thinned out the three-day dose, in half a liter of water instead of a glass. She was supposed to continue with this, but with the proviso that the drops could be dissolved even in a whole liter of water if there were any further unpleasant reactions.

Unfortunately, the good woman did not take note of these instructions and so later went back to taking the drops in their original concentration, resulting in her “suffering” for a very long time, because the reactions, especially triggered by the rewind process, increased in intensity again.

I’m inclined to say: “Whoever does not want to hear will feel it instead”, by which I don’t mean anything bad, but it does seem to apply here in the truest sense of the word. “It was properly processed in the body, but now it is fine again.

The massive reactions have long been a thing of the past. Even the bluish lips have disappeared; that’s never happened before! People say I look healthy, like life in bloom.” Mrs. Steiner was more than satisfied.

Despite lots of trouble with her mother who was in need of care and “quite difficult”, she was making good progress. “The trouble with my mother doesn’t bother me anymore! I no longer suffer from it. I’m even very happy about it!”

We switched the potency from Medorrhinum LM18 to LM24, 3 drops in half a liter of water every 5 days, which continued to do the woman a lot of good. In her update, she gratefully recorded: “I am 73 years old now, but I feel like 50!” Isn’t that nice to hear? A rejuvenation of almost a third of her life!

The drops were well tolerated, there were hardly any reactions worth mentioning, so that we could even slowly increase the concentration towards a glass of water. The sense of equilibrium had also returned to normal. “I used to swoon before.”

A few months later, the woman happily told me that during her vacation she had taken several 5 mile hikes in the mountains with ease and that there had been no problems coming back down!

The next remedy for Mrs. Steiner was Nux vomica LM18, which stabilized everything even further. “My heart has gotten really good. Only when there is a lot of excitement, when it really affects me and I have to deal with it for half a day or a whole day, then is there still trouble; but then it is only noticeable for a short time.”

Otherwise, she was able to resume her old cardio workout, which she had not been able to do for over 10 years. As she finished with Nux vomica in early April 2006 and we were discussing the results, she had only positive things to day: “A few days ago, I worked six (!) hours in the garden without a break, the first time after a long winter break [we had had a very extreme winter in Germany], without the slightest hint of any complaints!

Climbing stairs, even with full shopping bags, and without a break until I got to the third floor, was completely normal again! Absolutely no feeling of weakness anymore! I’m very happy about that!” Another interesting “little thing” that is worth briefly mentioning is the temporary appearance of a small patch of “eczema” on the right lower leg, “approx. one inch in diameter, dry, rough, and itchy”, which eventually disappeared again.

Mrs. Steiner was not in any way disturbed by this. She had enthusiastically familiarized herself with the laws of miasms and chronic homeopathy based on good literature and rightly regarded this as a positive sign of rewinding, eventually remembering a similar skin condition she had had in her childhood, which she had long since forgotten. “Back then in 1945, I brushed my entire face with iodine, there was nothing else.”

This example shows once again how profound and lasting classical homeopathy works and what it can heal. The emphasis here is on “healing”. After more than 40 years of “heart fluttering”, her heart was almost like new! Not to mention the other improvements and healing she experienced.

The change in diet and other naturopathic measures, which in my view are all very useful and important, had already shifted the reaction threshold significantly upwards, but were not healing in and of themselves. And they will never be able to do that, since any dietary mistakes would bring back the old problems as if they had never been banished!

A nutrient-rich diet with whole foods and a high proportion of raw food is the basic prerequisite for maintaining health. What this means: without vaccinations and crude medication and manipulations that attempt to be panaceas, together with a healthy diet appropriate to our species, it would be nigh impossible to get really seriously ill.


  • Grätz, Joachim-F., Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health, 2021, Balboa Press, Bloomington, USA
  • Grätz, Joachim-F., Klassische Homöopathie für die junge Familie – Kinderwunsch, Schwangerschaftsbegleitung und Geburt, Kleinkindbetreuung, Entwicklungs­stö­rungen und Behinderungen, natürliche Entwicklung,
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Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz

Oberhausen i. Obb.


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Joachim-F Grätz

Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz, Germany, has been working very successfully as a classical homeopath for over 30 years, taking into account the so-called miasms (chronic basic diseases, disease behind the diseases) and is known far beyond the borders of Germany. The uniqueness of his form of therapy consists in his holistic worldview whereby he also integrates insights from dealing with other natural laws into his homeopathic thinking. This enables him to recognize the causal relationships of every illness and to treat them accordingly. – An extraordinarily successful practitioner, even with the most severe diseases.

Dr. Grätz studied homeopathy with the well-known German homeopath Dr. Otto Eichelberger in Munich, who was one of the first to take the miasms into account in therapy and who made the LM-potencies (Q-potencies) public in the German-speaking countries. He attended seminars of Gerhard Risch, Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus, Georgos Vithoulkas, Dr. Michael Barthel, Yves Laborde, Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Paul Herscu and got acquainted with different directions of homeopathy.

For a time Dr. Grätz was also a lecturer in classical homeopathy at various academies of naturopathy and homeopathy in Munich, Zurich, Köthen, Gauting, Salzburg, and Vienna, and also at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich for interested medical students. He wrote several books on cassical homeopathy and the miasms with a variety of impressive case studies, on the nature of potencies in acute and chronic homeopathy, and on vaccinations, and published a double DVD.

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