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A Case of Carotid Artery Block

Dr. Chimthanwala presents a case of carotid artery block cured with Zincum sulph.

Chief complaints

§   Terrible headache with blurred vision, rubbing of feet during headache

§   Sometimes she became unconscious due to headache

§   Headache better by urination

§   Extreme weakness

§   Pain in the limbs

§   Stomach ache, with hungry feeling in the abdomen


Patient as a person

§   Lean, thin patient

§   Desire for spicy, sour foods

§   Stools/ once daily

§   Urine/ frequent, urgent. Sometimes coughing causes urination

§   Restlessness in the feet as if something is constantly tickling them


The case

§   The pt entered my clinic and slowly sat down, without looking at me. She was accompanied by her friend. When I asked her the reason she was here , she looked up and said to herself “Why have I come here?” She kept thinking. Then her friend answered that she suffered from brain artery block and had undergone several tests and the results were put before me. The pt finally spoke and said that due to pain in her head she could not sleep and kept feeling dizzy.

§   She had also fallen unconscious a few times and was worried that it might happen when she was not with her family. They look after her, but they don’t stay for the full day. “What will happen to me after they all go away for work? I have looked after them for so many years but they don’t take a single holiday from work. That’s why my friend has come along.

§   The friend then explained that the patient lives with her husband who is handicapped since an accident and can’t walk without a crutch. The daughter in law is a teacher and the son is constantly traveling. Even though they take good care of her, she feels neglected.

§   She thought that if she could stay at home and see that the servants did their work, her grandchildren would return from school in time to give medicines and food to her husband. She wondered why her children couldn’t do the same. The family is very supportive and understands her condition, thus they do not complain. Her diet and costly medicines are all provided but she wants their constant company, which is not possible. She has a full time maid servant at her service, to whom she keeps nagging and complaining about her loneliness, aches and pains.

§   She has been active socially and in the family doing her duties and on her feet, but her husband’s accident gave her a shock. He was left handicapped and now is fully dependent on her. She takes good care of him. However, after her illness, she has become irritable and lonely, and worries about her what will happen to her husband and herself ? For someone at her age to be dependent after an active and healthy life makes her a difficult person.

§   She also told us that she suffered from recurrent viral fevers with a lot of itching of the skin. She had taken allopathic meds t/t for this, usually Avil and antibiotics

§   I again asked the pt, “Why have you come to me?” She replied, “For what have I come? Yaa I feel as if the blood is fully collected”. Then I inquired which side. She again said, “Which side , the whole head.” Then I asked, “How are you feeling, what do you feel exactly?” She replied , “What do I feel exactly ?” She said, “Pain in the head and eyes”.

§   I asked her what she does the whole day. She kept saying, “Whole day ummmmm. No one took care of me for so long, so I have to work the whole day.”

Before Treatment Report



§   Answers, repeats the question first

§   Dullness, understands questions only after repeating

§   Torments everyone with his complaints

§   Stagnated, as if blood

§   Blood vessels, complains of





Remedy prescribed    

Zincum met 200, 1 dose

Drug picture of Zincum met

Nature of the drug- zincum metellicum

§   Poisoning of NERVES and BRAIN – by suppressed discharges and eruptions


§   Tissues are worn out faster than they can be repaired; causing depression and enervation.

§   Cannot throw things off

§   There is also the inability to expectorate and urinate


Nature of the drug

§   Isolated effects

§   Fidgety feet and other automatic motions of mouth arms and hands

§   Ill effects of grief, anger, fright, night watching, excessive study

§   Ill effects of concussion of brain



§   Worse : exhaustion, mental or physical, noise, touch, wine, after being heated, suppressed eruptions, menses, suppressed discharges, sweet things, milk, after eating.

§   Better : motion, hard pressure, warm open air, free discharges , menses, rubbing scratching, eating.


§   The patient is in a state of complete enfeeblement

§   This is reflected in his want of the power of reaction. Nothing stimulates. The brain is too feeble for her to understand and to remember

§   If the patient is a woman, she does not get her period due to the same causes.


On the next follow up,

§   Frequency of syncope better, but still there

§   Her physical generals, irritability showed no change

§   On seeing the pt I was not happy, as something felt missing

§   Appetite and sleep were not good enough


On reviewing the case, the following symptoms were taken

§   Talking in sleep, History of suppressed exanthema/ skin rash, Fidgety feeling in the feet

Remedy: Zincum sulph 200, 1 dose

After treatment report


Follow ups

§   1 week: She did not faint during the week.

§   1 month: Waking up refreshed. No irritability. Appetite better, put on weight. Rx: Sac Lac

§   4 months: Arrived with normal Doppler report indicating cure.

§   Salute to Master Hahnemann!


Zincum sulph

•     Mainly given for cerebral depression, nervous exhaustion and defective vitality.

•     Feels better by natural discharges.

•     Incessant and violent ‘Fidgety feeling’ in feet and lower extremities.

•     A/F – Defective vitality, under developed or suppressed exanthemata.

•     A skin eruption occurring as a symptom of an acute viral or coccal      disease.

•     A disease, such as measles or scarlet fever, accompanied by a skin eruption.


Zincum sulph rare symptoms

•      Clears corneal opacities.

•      Hypochondriasis due to masturbation.

•      Titillation all over the body with irresistible desire to laugh.

•      Sleepy stupid wanted to die in peace.

•      In fever profuse sweaty hands covered with cold sweat and patient felt hot.

•      Patient tried to get hold of anything to cool them


About the author

Abdequaem Chimthanawala

Dr. Abdequaem M. H. Chimthanawala is a Homoeopathic doctor based in Nagpur, India. After completing his BHMS in ‘94, he acquired his MD (London) in ‘97 and DAc in the same year. He also completed his MD in Materia Medica from Foster Development’s Homoeopathic Medical College, Aurangabad in the Year 2007. 
He is currently attending at Mark’s Homoeopathic Pharmacy and Dispensary, Nagpur. He gives lectures on M.M. and cured cases at seminars and publishes them in journals. He conducts regular clinical meetings at his clinic. He was past President JCI Nagpur MEDICO in 2008, where he won national awards for his environmental and humanitarian projects. His family has been involved with Homoeopathy for over 90 years. Dr. Chimthanawala is Founder of GraceHealing Homoeopathy. He has released a DVD on ‘The Art of Interpretation & Prescribing – Forehead’.Contact:

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