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A Case of Acute Appendicitis

Written by S. Arul Manickam

Dr. S. Arulmanickam presents a case of acute appendicitis.


A male patient  17 yrs old presented with severe abdominal burning pain, fever and drawing sensation in abdomen for the last two days. Pain in urethra during urination. Moaning with pain. Due to the abdominal pain he was slightly stooped while walking +++

On examination of abdomen

Tenderness in the right illiac region when pressing the mecburgn’s point


I advised him to do usg scan of abdomen

Colocynth and Ars alb given while he was going to scan centre .He was slightly relieved by those remedies but no remarkable improvement.

Scan report – Diagnosis —acute appendicitis – favour perforation

Retaking  case 25/6/16

Present mental state

Wants the complaints cured fast

Fear of operation

Mental  state just before onset of complaints / ailments from /never well since

He was staying in a hostel to study 11 th std . Within one week he developed diarrhoea and took some allopathic medication which relieved. After that he developed abdominal pain, stomach burning. The last three days he was suffering from fever and abdominal pain.

He felt emotionally stressed by his mother’s separation.

He complained that his chemistry teacher was not teaching well and he couldn’t understand the work.  He feared failure in exams.

“Now I am studying in B1section.  If I went to A1section, most of the teachers are HOD from whom I would have got more training. In B1section teachers are not teaching well as compared to A1. HOD’S are teaching good and understandable manner.”

Complete picture of presenting illness:

Fever –intermittent , covering during chill. Thirst moderate; fever with chill and  burning eyes.

Pain in penis during urination.  Late to pass urination.

Pain in abdomen   agg : rising from lying , rising from stooping , unable to turn in bed.

Amel: lying on back and bending while sitting

Nature of pain : spotty pain

Drawing pain in lower abdomen during urination. better after urination.

Tongue:     Yellow at centre  – Red tip


Location : right side of pelvis ( 8cm *0.76cm thickened segment of bowel )

Acute appendicitis – favour perforation

Perienteric inflammation

Dilated ileum

Must bend while walking (due to abdominal pain)

Thermal condition:  towards chilly


Affinity:  appendix and ileum

Causation: suppression of diarrhoea and emotions prior to the illness


Envy –avidity


Fear of operation

Carried desires to be, fast

Physical symptoms

Spotty, drawing pain

Abdominal pain must walk bent +++

<  TURNING – bed, in

< RISING – agg. – lying, from

> LYING – amel. – during – back, on

< RISING – agg. – sitting, from

Repertory chart:

Materia medica confirmations :


ileo-caecal symptoms —- C.M.BOGER SYNOTIC KEY

Colic, compelling to walk bent, —-PHATAK

Ileo-caecal symptoms; appendicitis. ——PHATAK

Prescription   25/6/16  –  8.30AM

Rhus tox 1m /split water dose /repeat every 3hr

1 AM

Pain 40%  better

Offensive stool passed 3 times.

26/6/16  – Pain 50% better.  Only mild fever and appetite good.

He can walk without bending forward.


No pain, no fever, motion normal, no tiredness.

Mild burning in abdomen when he eats late

He went back to hostel. I advised him to take USG .

He took USG on 17/7/16 – No abnormality in abdomen and pelvis, no evidence of appendicitis.

Medical Tests



About the author

S. Arul Manickam

Dr. S. Arul Manickam Bhms, DFN, DGC. Velumathi Classical Homoeo Clinic, Koothanallur
Dr.S. Arul Manickam BHMS, DFN, DGC, 26, practices in Koothanallur, Thiruvarur-dist. Tamilnadu. He graduated with degrees in homeopathy, food and nutrition and guidance and counseling. He practices according to the true classical principles and methods of Hahnemann.


  • I was operated last week for appendix. Was looking for a homeopathy medicine but in vain we don’t have any reliable Dr in and around nasik old suggest us a good Dr.

  • Dr. Arul has prescribed a wonderful drug Rhustox for this case. The results are amazing.
    Will he publish the contents of the invisible results again from the medical reports.
    The contents in the reports are not readable.
    Thanks for his nice presentation.

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