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A Case of Anemia, Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia Solved with HFA

Homeopath Ellen Kire presents a case of anemia, solved with HFA

Courtesy of The Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy


First visit – April and May 2010

S. is an 18 yr old woman with a two year history of anemia (Homeopathy Treatment for Anemia) from heavy menses and metrorrhagia that started soon after a move with her family in the late spring of 2009. The move caused her some stress and sadness from leaving behind friends, though she understands the need to move because her father became the new minister of a parish in another state.In July of 2009, she was admitted to the hospital because she was pale, dizzy and faint from heavy bleeding. Testing showed that she was severely anemic, requiring two units of blood. Iron pills (325 mg/3x/day from Sept. 2009 to July 2010) were prescribed for her low iron level, that later caused constipation. She continued to have heavy, irregular menses with bleeding between menses and a birth control pill was prescribed (Cryselle). Her menses became painful with abdominal cramping and backache after starting on birth control.

S. is a slender young woman who displayed a quiet and reserved demeanor in the interview with her mom. She is polite, well-mannered and speaks in a quiet voice with some nervousness. In a later interview without the mom, she answers all my questions but is reluctant to say much about her life or family, though she is able to answer the ’head to toe’ questions. Fashion design, music and art are what she likes best. As a young teen she was very active in competitive sports like track and field and pole vaulting. She is the oldest of 6 children. The family has relocated numerous times due to her father’s military and religious work. She has always been home-schooled by her mother, as are all her siblings. Mom says she has lots of friends and is self confident at home. They are a very tight knit family and have a large extended family in the area where they live.


Overview of Case:



Ÿ  Fear of snakes, heights

Ÿ  Sensitive to noise-headache

Ÿ  Quiet disposition

Ÿ  Artistic, musical

Ÿ  Fear and dislike of doctors; uncomfortable with questions

Ÿ  Moaned in sleep as child

Ÿ  Sadness from relocating in summer 2009



Ÿ  Heavy menses, protracted-7 days, <3rd day, some clots, red. Onset 13 or 14.

Ÿ  Anemia-low iron and RBC, chronic for past 2 yrs from menorrhagia, menses

Ÿ  H/o spotting between menses and bleeding

Ÿ  Iron pills for anemia

Ÿ  Birth control for bleeding and heavy menses

Ÿ  Painful menses with backache, cramps in abdomen, since starting BC- none prior

Ÿ  Aversion to fat (meat, pork, bacon), shellfish

Ÿ  Desires chocolate, daily

Ÿ  Nausea riding in car all her life

Ÿ  Sleeps well, takes 1 hr to fall asleep at times. Sleepy on rainy days, lazy

Ÿ  Recurring dream as child of farmyard scene with horse that looked like painting or photo

Ÿ  Prefers warm weather, not extremes, chilly in general

Ÿ  Worse in winter. Likes spring and summer best



Ÿ  Grinds teeth in sleep

Ÿ  Acne on cheeks, chronic, red pimples; worse with menses

Ÿ  Backache with menses on BC. None prior to BC with menses

Ÿ  Headache at temples-pressing, aching, constricting from noise, choir practice



Menses- irregular, heavy, protracted; suppressed from birth control. Metrorrhagia. Anemia (low iron and red blood cells). Painful menses since on birth control with backache and cramps in abdomen.

Nausea riding in the car, chronic

Aversion to fats, fish

Sadness after move and loss of friends. Metrorrhagia and heavy menses result.

Chilly in general


Mind, Grief, ailments from, agg. ( 845)

Stomach, Nausea (845)

Female, Menses, protracted, prolonged (240)

Female, Menses, suppressed (358)

Blood, Anemia (285)

Back, Pain, menses, during (165)

Generals, Heat, vital, lack of (284)

Generals, Food and drinks, fat and rich food, aversion (89)

Generals, Riding on cars or wagons, during (186)

*Software-Complete Dynamics



Because the problems with menses began shortly after the family move to a different state, this seems to be the cause of hemorrhaging, with S. saying she experienced feelings of sadness and loss at this time. The rubric ‘ailments from grief’ is chosen to represent this etiology. The rubric ‘suppressed menses’ is chosen because her menses became painful with cramping and backache after starting on birth control- prior to this she never experienced any pain. We don’t know when the anemia actually started and it could have been an issue long before she required hospitalization. Her anemia could be the result of gradual blood loss from menses over time, exacerbated by the hemorrhaging episode in the summer requiring the blood transfusions.

Facial Analysis:

Yellow – 1 Red – 5-7 Blue – 3-4




Hairline- crowdedHairline arc


Nose- ball?

Chin- ball


Teeth- top even ?

Forehead- curvedBridge- indented

A/s- eyes, nose

Teeth-inward bottom?



The facial features show that this patient is dominant in red (sycosis) and requires a remedy that is dominant in red (sycotic) energy.


Miasm: Red remedies are in bold

Remedies: The following remedies are in all rubrics:

Sep 34/9 puls 33/9 sulph 32/9 ars 31/9 bell 31/9 calc 31/9 nux-v 31/9 phos 31/9 bry 30/9   kali-c 30/9 lyc 30/9 nit-ac 27/9 cycl 27/9 nat-c 24/9 rhus-t 24/9

Remedy and Dose: Sepia 30c daily dose


Follow Ups:

June – August 2010

Mom says she is fine with email or phone calls. Menses normal, no bleeding between menses. They have been traveling all summer and S. will have blood work in July for anemia and iron level. Her doctor says she may stop birth control and iron in June or July if she continues to do well.

September 22, 2010

She has had a normal period. No pain or backache with menses. She stopped taking the birth control pill and iron supplement in July. Off fiber supplements for constipation. Her ferritin and hemoglobin levels are in the normal range (July 2010 blood work), but RBC is still below normal though it has improved. Acne on face is much improved- 90% better. She reports that her face cleared up after only one week on the remedy. No nausea riding in car. No headaches. Sleep is good. No grinding teeth or moaning in sleep. Energy is good. Less chilly. No colds or flu in spite of exposure from family members. She and mom are very happy with the results! Rx: Continue on Sepia 30c daily.

October 22, 2010

She’s doing well. Just a few small pimples on forehead. Acne was on forehead and jaw line, both sides. She had one cold, as did other family members, for only three days, and is clear now. Rx: Continue on Sepia 30c daily.

November 17, 2010

In early November, she was a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding. She designed and made all the gowns and suits for the wedding party. Her facial acne is worse for past 2 weeks. She is feeling tired and chilly. No bleeding between menses or pain with menses. Rx: Continue on Sepia 30c, daily dose.

December 29, 2010

She is spotting, dark color, in evening, after having her normal period 2 weeks ago. Mom says she has been overdoing it with daily sleepovers at friends, (not taking remedy every day), her job as music teacher, and Christmas charity work. Mom says all this is much more activity and stress than she has been used to in the past and insists on complete bed rest until spotting stops.

Rx: Resume Sepia 30c, 2-3 times daily until bleeding stops, then reduce to a daily dose. Mom is instructed to try Arnica 30c if Sepia fails by morning and to go to ER if bleeding becomes worse, or if she thinks it is necessary now. Sepia works- spotting slows, then stops completely within 1-2 days.

January 24, 2011

Her doctor at the cancer center dismissed her in January 2011 since her test results were all in the normal range. He requested she have a blood count done by her primary care doctor annually. She is doing well, no complaints. Planning on starting college for fashion design in the fall at a university in another state where she will be away from her family for the first time.

Rx: Stop remedy and see how she feels. Resume Sepia if needed and keep in touch on progress.


Her blood work shows her iron (ferritin), hemoglobin, and red blood cell count as follows:

Bloodwork: July 2009 – January 2010

July of 2009

Ferritin was 8 (normal is 23- 70); hemoglobin was 10.9 (normal is 12.0-17.0); RBC was 4.05 (normal is 4.50- 5.30).

November of 2009

Ferritin was 14; hemoglobin was 12.9; RBC was 4.31 (Hemoglobin is normal)

January of 2010

Ferritin was 18; hemoglobin was 12.2; RBC was 4.01. ( Hemoglobin is normal)


July of 2010

Ferritin was 28; hemoglobin was 12.4; RBC was 4.12

(She has been on Sepia 30c since May 29, 2010. Ferritin and hemoglobin are normal, RBC is still below normal. Iron and birth control discontinued.)

January of 2011

Hemoglobin was 13.5; RBC was 4.32 ( Hemoglobin and RBC are normal. Ferritin was not tested.)

*Her doctor at the cancer center dismissed her in January 2011. Test results were all in normal range. He requested she have an annual blood count done by her primary care doctor.


S. started Sepia 30c on May 29, 2010. Eight months later all blood work is normal.

About the author

Ellen Kire

Ellen V. Kire l has more than 15 years of experience in classical homeopathy and completed all HFA courses offered by the Victorian College of Classical Homoeopathy with Grant Bentley, including both the 2010 and 2011 Homoeopathic Facial Analysis and Soul and Survival Principles online courses. In 2012 Ellen hosted an HFA seminar for Grant and Louise in Portland, Maine. She graduated in 2011 with a certificate in Foundations of Classical Homeopathy from the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, CF Hom. She has used HFA exclusively since 2009 for treating children and adults. By applying the principles of homeopathic facial analysis, she has been successful in treating animals as well. She has a BS in Forestry from the University of New Hampshire and is a member of the National Center for Homeopathy, the Maine Association of Homeopaths and is a group coordinator in Maine for Science of Spirituality. Her other interests include organic gardening, kayaking, and meditation.

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  • Thanks for this excellent case which used homeopathic facial analysis (HFA). There have been a number of innovations in homeopathy over the years. This one is grounded in observation and experience and proves itself over and over.

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