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A Case of Bulimia in a Woman of 29

Homeopath Sara Kabariti presents a case of bulimia in a woman of 29.

Female: 29 years old  – Chief Complaint: Bulimia

From the Consultation Form:

– Allergic out breaks on the skin; neck, cheeks, stomach, chest and back.

– Huge blood filled acne on my face and neck; causes severe scarring.

– Severe anaemia that only improved to the degree of mild anaemia.

– Severe Iron deficiency that comes and goes.

– Always tired and lethargic, have no energy most of the day.

– Have trouble sleeping and trouble waking up.

– Have trouble concentrating and tend to daydream a lot.

– No consistency in anything; sleeping hours, feeding times, workouts.

– Weight is stuck.

– Food binging; I am always hungry and I can’t seem to feel full ever.

Continuous vomiting – this is mainly what I need help with.  In Ramadan 2014, I ate too quickly and fairly big amounts, which naturally caused me to vomit. Instead of avoiding quick eating, I developed an appreciation for this ability. I started to eat a lot, knowing that it would cause vomiting. This developed into a serious problem and now it is out of control. This week alone, I vomited 3/day. I don’t know how to control it.

– This might not be related, but I can’t stop biting my fingernails.

First Consultation – February 4, 2015 (edited for brevity):

Basically I don’t feel my body is able to function the way it used to.  I can’t solve my anemia and iron deficiency.  Weird allergies, usually food related, are very itchy, very uncomfortable.  My chin, left side of my face and a bit by my nose puffed up like crocodile skin; very bumpy.  Swelled red and when I touched it, it really hurt; worse in the sun.  I’m short sighted.  My body used to reject things.  I’d vomit; literally vomit the food the way it comes in.  Get rash; purple one; throat, tongue and face swell up.  If I eat wheat my stomach bloats > hot water bottle.  I tore ligaments in my right knee 3 times.  Before period might get acne, full of blood, big and purple.  I don’t like heat at all but I love the cold.  Being under the sun can give me a headache and makes me lazy.  I drink a lot of water, 4 litres/day.  Chilly; my feet are always cold.  In general I’m not a sweaty person.

As a child? Bossy, happy, likes to study a lot.  Loves exams.  Cries a lot and get sad a lot.  Used to be a bully, bossy.  I used to control my friends: “We’re going to do this, if we don’t do this you won’t play with us”.  Fears?  Wars … don’t like to run over a cat.  I just like animals a lot.  Travel.  Charity work; every Saturday I go to an orphanage.  Do more with animals; Animal Humane Centre…. In general I don’t lose my temper, but with people who think they’re helpless, or who complain a lot, or always victims, I might be a bit blunt.  Love hiking backpacking, I like being on my own. I like the fact that I can disconnect completely.  We have an abundance of everything.  Resources are not appreciated at all and are wasted.  On the mountain, you meet new people; there’s no electricity.  Sometimes you have to sleep outside.  It’s simple and nice, and it’s focused also.  You know where you have to get in the end and your only focus is to get there.  I love mountains, like the outdoors. The challenge; it’s not easy to climb or hike, but the view in the end it’s worth it, usually cold and it’s very quiet.  I enjoy having an income of my own.  Freedom & liberty that money gets you.  I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.  No constraints.  Amazing the outdoors; desert, mountain, exploring something new.  I love skating; love the fact that it’s very cold.  It’s like dancing and it’s fast.  You can speed without the danger of being in a car.  If there’s one thing I hate it’s driving.  I like being on my feet.  Maybe also it’s an individual sport.  I like skiing; can speed.  It’s liberating; same thing, focused.  Others’ complaints about you? A bit selfish.  Self-centered I don’t give enough time. Maybe uncaring.  Your complaints about others? Clingy.  Dependent.  Opposite? Independent, self-sufficient.  Dream that I fall; falling from a bunk bed or falling off a mountain, when hiking … love heights.  I used to have a photographic memory.  Forget names of stories, authors, not people in my life.  I can’t concentrate; as though a cloud is over my head.  Can’t start anything and finish it; drift and don’t stick to the point.  I daydream a lot.  Now so out of focus.  My ideas and thoughts are vague.  I love travelling.  When I watch something that disgusts me I vomit; slaughtering of animals for example.


The issue seems to revolve around constraint versus freedom and liberty.  There is an underlying sense of injustice when she says, ‘Probably the life we lead now.  We have abundance of everything.  Resources are not appreciated at all and are wasted.’  According to Dr. Will Taylor’s understanding of the miasms, the sympathetic nature and lack of concentration are indicative of the Tubercular Miasm.  The themes of cruelty versus sympathy are evident. Victim and aggressor also point to an animal remedy in Sankaran’s schema.  There is a fierce,

independent strength in this patient, and she is averse to the victim mentality of clingy and dependent people.  In a sense, the disgust she feels with the state of the world makes her unable to digest the cruelty.  On the somatic level, that translates as vomiting.

Falco-p is also listed under [mind; DISGUST (77), mind; VOMITING; amel. (12) & stomach; VOMITING; eating; after (172), skin; ERUPTIONS; painful (356) *, as well as stomach; APPETITE; ravenous, canine, excessive (409) *** & stomach; THIRST; large quantities, for (118) **].

Rx: Falco Peregrinus (Falco-p) 30c

Follow Up – March 24, 2015:

  • Started to sleep very deeply and started to dream a lot.
  • Never cried, which is a record. Stopped being so sad.
  • I can focus better.
  • Acne decreased but now it’s all coming back. Skin still scars a lot.
  • I’ve done altitude before but this time I got ill; diarrhoea, vomiting.
  • Tired all the time? Much better.  Much, much better.
  • Still get weird allergies.
  • Vomiting: it wouldn’t come out easily, mostly digested
  • My skin became very dry; this is new. Everything became very dry.
  • My concentration is much better; stopped daydreaming.
  • Vomiting? Actually now it’s more compulsive.
  • Dreams? Snakes hanging out of walls, huge ones; black & yellow. The snakes are starved; one bites me because it’s starved.
  • I don’t find I’m hungry all the time but I do eat a lot.
  • Constrained? Limited, boxed, imprisoned. Opposite? Freedom.
  • Biting nails? Much better.
  • Thirst? Actually it’s much better.

Rx: Falco-p 200c

Follow Up – April 15, 2015:

  • Very bad tempered for 5 days. Everything annoys me.  I’m usually vey patient.  I became very aggressive.  Now feel I want to box.  Before I could do yoga, walk, chill; now I can’t; that’s very new.
  • Feel my skin is drier and crazy about salt.
  • I came here with blinded vision; can’t think properly. Neurons in my brain were numb.  With the first Rx, I didn’t feel this so much.
  • In such a temper, like a fire inside, I can’t focus on anything.
  • Sad stories about animals? Now a lot more immune, 90% better.  Don’t break down.  It doesn’t linger in my head.
  • Suffocated, trapped, entrapment. If it was a free world, I’d backpack somewhere; can’t do that because my parents worry.  The more time I spend at home, I fall victim to the capitalist world; feel constrained.
  • I’m too angry to daydream.
  • Overeat to vomit? Now much more aggressive. More than 3 times/day.
  • Before, I was as if drugged; as if my neurons were not working well. After the Rx, became more conscious. Now better, so the realization that I should draw the line, or put an end to that, is faster than before.


Follow Up – May 31, 2015:

  • It made me very on edge then calmed down. Now I think it has worn off.
  • Vision improved a lot; being able to make decisions that aren’t influenced by others. To see clearly if this is something you want.
  • I don’t think fast like before. I can’t keep a lot of things under control like I used to.  I can’t separate vision; being able to assess situations properly and functioning of brain.  Feel I need to shake it so it starts working.  Even smaller tasks take me triple time to finish.  Before the Rx, this was worse.  Since the Rx?  It improved a little.
  • I don’t care about the opinions of others, but now if someone says something, I think more about it.
  • There was excessive nail biting. After the first Rx I didn’t bite my nails.
  • Very reluctant to go back on the Rx; lost my temper at the rain; I usually don’t mind it. Stopped like being outdoors so much.  Became more sensitive; noise started bothering me; became very impatient.  Sleeping pattern disturbed completely.
  • External things don’t really sadden me as much; more detached; if someone cried, I used to help. Now I feel, it’s not my problem.
  • Focus? Now, not good but not as bad as it was before.
  • My hands stopped getting so cold like before.
  • I have a big appetite but now I can’t control it; I eat a lot.
  • Still feel very restricted but I know it’s all in my head; shackles.
  • Daydream: Everest: I’d watch videos, gave me a purpose. Then I got to the point that all I did was daydream.  If I want something, I have to see it for it to register.  Then stopped dreaming.  Like the channel was clogged. When I took the Rx started dreaming of the lists I want to do.
  • Now shamelessly eat meat.
  • Now, I don’t feel boxed in anymore but I feel locked in a room. Before I was locked in a can.  Now I have room, space, but I can’t go out.

Rx: Falco-p 30c

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Sara Kabariti

Sara Kabariti

Sara Kabariti (PDHom, PCH, MARH) started her foundation studies with the School of Homeopathy in 2006. She then studied with Rajan Sankaran through his Wednesdays with Rajan course. Finally she graduated from The Dynamis School for Advanced Homœopathic Studies in 2013. She continues to deepen her understanding of Homœopathy and is currently studying with Dr. Will Taylor, another very inspiring teacher. Sara lives in Amman, Jordan.

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