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A Case of Dandruff and Hair Loss

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Written by V. Charuvahan

Dr. Charuvahan Annai presents a case involving obesity, dandruff and hair loss.

P:      My name is Mr. J B. My age is 40 yrs. My father’s name is Mr. D J. My father was doing a chemical agency business.  He was born in 1947. Since 1982 he was suffering from a psoriasis like disease. He was taking Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Siddha and other native medicines but not cured. My father was affected by Multiple Myeloma in 1998 and he expired nine months after the onset of disease.

I was married to Miss. B L in 1995. She gave birth to a male child in 1996 but the child was dead after 38 days due to defective growth. Then we had a girl child in 1997 and a boy in 2001. They both are very healthy now.

I am the owner of a very popular manufacturing company. I am doing this business for the past 16 years. Along with this I am doing real estate, share dealings and financial consulting business.

P:      I usually get anger suddenly this is because of my business and other day to day issues. Since 10 years I am having dandruff (Homeopathy Treatment for Dandruff) and hair falling with severe itching of my scalp. I love to eat non vegetarian food especially chicken. But chicken intensifies my itching, but I cannot stop eating chicken. My major problems are dandruff, overweight (103 kg), I cannot read small letters other than this. I don’t have any sort of diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

The dandruff falls as I comb my hair; it is dull dirty powder-like. No Smell

P:      I am doing regular walking daily for 1 hour. 1 year ago my right upper

limb was dislocated. In my life I have taken more risk in many stages of my

         life and career to come up to this level. Since I am taking more risk I am

getting more stress and then I am feeling extremely weak and tired.

(The above details were written by the patient in the plain paper case note given to him. All this information is vital since the patient has written spontaneously in the space given to him. After this I started interrogating the patient)

D:      Tell me about “I have taken more risk in many stages of my life.”

P:      Yes doctor. My father was dead at early stages of my career. There was no one to support me. I was the person to take care of my family and it was my responsibility. I prepared myself and took many risks, i.e., steps and plans to bring my business and family to a safer zone.

D:      Tell me more about “No one to support” “safer zone”.

P:      It was a tough situation for me. You might know financial support and stability is very important to run a business and family. I feared, but even though I was in fear I took risks and now I am okay.

D:      Tell me few more about “risk” “fears”

P:      I don’t have any fears now.

D:      Tell me about your childhood fears.

P:      Except darkness I don’t have any fears doctor.

D:      Tell me about the fear in darkness.

P:      It is usual only doctor. Children will have fear to go in dark. Just like that I feel fear.

D:      Tell me more.

P:      I feel unsafe and weak. I will search for somebody, just for a support.

D:      Tell me more about your childhood.

P:      I love my family. My father is my great support. I was much worried and stressed the entire 9 months where my father was at the sick bed. We tried out best doctors to cure him but everything failed. Now I fear would this eruption turn out to be psoriasis? Tell me doctor would I too have a chance to get cancer? Is Cancer a genetic disorder?

D:      Tell me your nature or anything in you that have not yet changed from your childhood.

P:      I don’t like injustice. I feel shy always.

D:      Tell me more about you.

P:      I use hair dye. Will this cause any hazard doctor? But it is natural. But I don’t want to look like an aged person. I use dye for my moustache particularly because it is important for my face value. I love to eat chicken but I realize that if I eat chicken I feel these complaints are getting worse.

Case Analysis:

  • Location: Head – Scalp, Skin
  • Sensation/Pathology: Dandruff – Dull dirty white (yellow), Itching, Obesity
  • Modalities: Chicken <
  • Mind/Concomitants: Fear, Anxious

Rubrics Selected: (Boger’s Synoptic Key)

  • External Head; HAIR; Affected (15)
  • Skin; GENERAL (29)
  • External Head; DANDRUFF; Yellow (2)
  • Skin; ITCHING (19)
  • Generalities; OBESITY (13)
  • Mind; FEARSOME, anxious, fright, etc. (31)

June 2016 S Charuvahan Dandurff1


On analyzing the case we can see the patient is consistently talking about the health and financial aspects of his family where he is trying to get a safety zone and he is working for it. He is much attached to his work tasks and relationships where he believes that the financial stability could protect his family in every aspect, which is a characteristic feature of Row 4.

 Row 4:

  1. Development of physical strength, finances and having money
  2. health, job, relationships
  3. security, safety, poverty.

By Filtering the repertorisation chart to Row 4

June 2016 S Charuvahan Dandurff2

Remedy Analysis: Calc, Ars, Hep, Caust, Calc p, Kali s, Kali c, Ferr, Kali bi

Considering the other aspects of the case such as:
Unchanged Childhood Nature: fear dark, timid
Generals: Obese, Craving for chicken
Characteristic: dandruff yellow

First Prescription:
Calcarea Carbonicum 200 C – Dry Dose Given (Date: 03.02.2014)

Follow Up 1 – Date: 05.03.2014


– Dandruff & Itching Still Present
– Tension has reduced.
– Digestion and appetite has improved
– Weakness and tiredness have reduced feeling good strength
– Still using the hair dye but less frequently
– Weight remains same

Rx Placebo.
Follow Up 2 – Date: 17.04.2014
– Itching and dandruff has reduced much
– Hair falling reduced.
– No aggravations seen after taking chicken
– Able to handle business pressure and stress better than before.

Rx: Placebo.

Follow Up 3 – Date: 13.06.2014
– All my improvements are better.
– No dandruff.
– No hair falling
– Feel More confident in health.

Rx: Placebo.

Following the patient for almost next two years, with placebo

Recent Follow Up on 01.02.2016

Cough since two days after taking cool drinks in a party.
Complete absence of dandruff with good health.
The patient is now much improved with his financial status and has started his own a new business.
Reduced almost 4Kg from his weight (99Kg).

Rx:  Placebo.

Edited by – Dr. Rina Dedhiya

About the author

V. Charuvahan

Dr Charuvahan Annai is a practicing homoeopathic physician with ten years clinical experience as well as working in health education, training students and promoting awareness of Homoeopathy. Along with his BHMS degree he also holds a masters degree in applied psychology. In addition to practicing in two centers in Dindigul, he is also the initiator and organizer of the study group Homeo Acadame whose purpose is to promote the homeopathic system in practice by conducting CME’s and seminars.


  • Marianna, good question. The homeopath thought the patient was improving and didn’t need another dose of Calc-carb. He didn’t want to risk antidoting Calc-carb by repeating it. So he gave blank sugar pellets so the patient would be satisfied, thinking he was getting more medicine, when actually he wasn’t. If the patient had relapsed, the doctor would surely have repeated Calc-carb. You might say, it’s all psychological, not wanting to disappoint the patient by giving nothing, not wanting to risk that negative feelings might possibly antidote the remedy. The only objection I have to this kind of prescribing? A patient goes to another homeopath at some point and he says, “The last time I had this problem, I took Calc-carb 200C once a month,” so the new homeopath says, “OK, that’s what we’ll do again!” Meanwhile, that ISN’T what he got, he got ONE dose of Calc-carb 200C but the patient doesn’t know that! He reports what he THINKS he got, and it’s wrong! Now with the new doctor, he’s over-dosing; outcome might not be so good. Just saying that placebo prescribing has the potential to back-fire as well.

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