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A Case of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad presents a case of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in a boy of five.

5 year old male child

Difficulty in walking properly, muscle wasting, proximal muscles

Unable Sit to Stand on his own. Needs support to walk or move on his own. Until age two he was all okay, then things slowed down.

Positive for deletion of exon 44 dystrophin gene.  CPK – 26150 – date 2014.  Pseudohypertrophy  in  calves. Gower sign positive – sit to stand  position – takes more time.

Development and understanding has been slowed down.  Has taken all vaccinations normally.  No family history as such.

Past history  : Recurrent colds and cough


He is playful , hyperactive, but mentally dull. His understanding level is low.  Likes to go to different places – to see different things, travel.

He keeps running , likes to go out and enjoy himself. Likes to play cricket and all different games.  He would race with other kids – on running race

If he would lose, he would feel very competitive especially if there was any misunderstanding between participants, or between judge and participants

He has a brother, and there is sometimes Sibling rivalry. If he doesn’t get a chance to play he starts crying. Gets very emotional about smallest of things.


Cannot tolerate heat

Craves – Eggs , Fish , Vegetables , Chicken

Tandoori , Chicken ,Omlet Chips

Craves – Ice Cream

Carbonated Drinks

Appetite – He Feels Hungry Every 2 Hours

Deep Sleep

He doesn’t get up easily

Sleep – Back

Perspiration – Especially on scalp

Mothers History During Pregnancy

There was a lot of stress that mother underwent during pregnancy.

Her father died due to heart attack in ICU. Mentally she was traumatized. She felt numb when she heard about her father.

During most of the pregnancy she was grieving.


Understanding step by step every element of the case

Hyperactive + Mind is dull

Conversion of patient’s language into rubrics

Competition – when he doesn’t get along

Conversion of patient’s language into rubrics

Mothers history during Pregnancy

After bad news – numbness

Conversion of patient’s language into rubrics


Mind: DAY-DREAMING: children (11)

Mind: FEAR: drawn upward, of being (3)

Mind: FEAR: news, bad: hearing: weak afterward (1)

Mind: FIGHT, wants to: rebellious (13)

Mind: TOUCHED: ticklishness (15)

Mind: WATCHFULNESS: movement in the vicinity or every movement of the doctor, of every (3)

mind: TIMIDITY: children, with other (7)

mind: RECKLESSNESS, temerity (37)

mind: LOVE: animals, for (33)

mind: FEAR: birds, of (15)

mind: DULLNESS: news, after bad (1)

mind: DREAMS: friends: meeting, of (9)

mind: COUNTRY, desire for, to go into the (44)

Remedy – Calc phos 1M – Once a month

Follow Up After 6 Months

Within 5 months of the remedy there was a remarkable change in CPK.

Even the walk and gait of the child improved. His weight loss and muscle wasting had reduced.  In fact, the paediatrician who had sent the patient to me, called me up personally to know what remedy was given to the Child.

Current status

He is now 7 years old and is able to walk better than before. His understanding and communication skills have improved. He was also prescribed physiotherapy and a special diet, which helped him maintain muscle strength.

About the author

Gaurang Gaikwad

He has been working for ‘the other song’ academy and with Dr. Rajan Sankaran who has inspired and mentored him. He has worked on Dr. Sankaran’s books including Synergy in Homeopathy, Synergy Synopsis, From Similia to Synergy, and The Art of Follow Up. He has been working with Dr. Sankaran in his private clinic and also his own private clinic in Dadar, Shivaji Park, Mumbai. He has been closely associated with Dr Sunirmal Sarkar and compiled his book – Just You See on Dr. Sarkar’s experience. Dr. Gaikwad has been invited to Europe to teach classical homeopathy and repertory. He has done extensive clinical research in thyroid cases and written 6 books: Psyche of Homeopathy for Beginners, Homeopathic Approach on Thyroid Disorders, Art of Repertorisation, How to Use BBCR - Phatak’s Repertory, Understanding Mind Rubrics, MM of Nosodes and Sarcodes He is current working on 2 Books, on mind rubrics and how to use different repertories in practice.

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