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A Case of Gastric Outlet Obstruction

Written by Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Dr. Jitesh Sharma presents a case of gastric outlet obstruction.

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Gastric Outlet Obstruction (GOO) is a clinical and pathological outcome of any disease process which produces mechanical impediment to gastric emptying.

Case Details

Male/48 Patient presented with abdominal distention with pain.

Past health history: *He was a sufferer of Duodenal ulcer(DU) and the pain compelled him to press his abdomen.


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Finally he developed Gastric Outlet Obstruction



*Gastrojejunostony done (as a consequence of GOO).

On Examination:




*Distal CBD Stricture causes Obstructive Jaundice.

On Observation:

Subject appearance Yellowish, exhausted and lays down in sofa in the reception room.

After the operation (done in 2007 for DU) subject experienced pain and consulted a doctor who said it was just due to flatulence. The pain eventually subsides after 15 days, but he develops severe pain in liver region and pain in epigastrium.

Thirst: Increased

Favourable climate: Not specified


Appetite: Diminished




Abdomen, pain, liver region(473)

Stomach, thirst, extreme(323)

Stomach, appetite, decreased(748)

Abdomen, distention(641)

Mind, alcoholism ,dipsomania(171)

Abdomen, pain ,liver region, gallstone colic(131)

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Remedy selected: TARAXACUM 30(tds) for 1 month

Followup: 14/11/2014

Swelling reduced , appetite better, subject is feeling welln and progressing favourably.

Followup: 10/12/2014

Much better, appetite increased swelling disappeared completely

Sac lac was given for 1 month

Usg On 15 Jan 2015

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Followup : 15 Jan 2015

Much improved no complaint. Slight sludge has been seen

No gall stones

Liver normal

CBD normal

Gall Bladder normal , Skin colour is normal

Prescription : Taraxcum 30 one dose was given

Follow up : 11 June 2015

Much better

No pain , appetite normal

Feeling better

Appetite was normal now

Sac lac for 2 months given

About the author

Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Dr. Jitesh Sharma completed BHMS in 2013 and then studied at IACH with Dr. George Vithoulkas. He subsequently studied under Rajan Sankaran as well as Drs. Mahesh Gandhi, Dinesh Chauhan, Dr S. Sarkar, and Dr. Amarsinha Nikam. He has been a part of several health camps at hospitals and private organizations. Dr. Sharma presented his paper “Evidence Based Homoeopathy - "A Case of Avasacular Necrosis Of Femur” at the 73rd Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathic Internationalis (LMHI) 2018. He also presented at the first Ayush International Conference & Exhibition 2017 Dubai and published numerous articles on the role of homoeopathy in treating acute and chronic diseases. He runs a homeopathic hospital in Odisha with a 40 bed IPD and OPD facilities, seeing more than 80-100 patients per day. Email: [email protected] Website:

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