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A Case of Genital Herpes

An STD like HPV can also manifest as bumps
Written by Deborah Licurse

Homeopath Deborah Licurse presents a case of Genital Herpes, bulimia and hair growth.

A 25 year old female presented with Genital Herpes (Homeopathy Treatment for Genital Herpes), periodically for 7 years, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, hair growth on face and bulimia. I saw her on    September 8, 2012.After being raped at 18 years old she presented with genital herpes. She felt emotionally shut down and humiliated.  As a result, she became bulimic. The first homeopathic medicine I prescribed was 30c Nat Mur in water, everyother day, adding 2 succussions each time.  I chose Nat Mur because of her        eating  disorder and struggle with bulimia.  She was also emotionally shut      down and had  a fear of rejection.  She also had been diagnosed with genital  herpes.  She had   feelings of guilt and betrayal.  After 2 weeks on the remedy she felt more emotional and weepy.  Her nose started to run, she had swollen glands and mucous discharge  with coughing.  These are all signs of exteriorization from the administration of the remedy.  After 2 more weeks on the remedy she started to feel stronger and more confident.

I continued with LM1 Nat Mur  on October 11,to work more deeply and gently     with healing emotions from the past.  Subsequently she said she had more ability to    let go of emotions and felt more peaceful. She continued taking the remedy in water  every other day, 1 tsp, 2 succussions.  She weaned herself off of Valtrex, which is a drug used to prevent (not cure) herpes outbreaks.  At this point, she only had an outbreak after sex, which would indicate the sycotic miasm was active.  I prescribed LM2 on November 16, 2012,  because of how well she was progressing on Nat Mur..  At this  point she was eating well and had no more issues with the bulimia.  She was feeling more confident and happy.  She continued LM2 Nat Mur, 1 tsp, every other day 2 succussions.

The next homeopathic medicine prescribed was 30c Thuja on December 21, 1 tsp every  other day, 2 sussussions.  I chose 30c Thuja because of her wanting to hide, her strong  focus on her genital area, eruptions on covered areas, abnormal hair growth, polycystic ovaries and as an anti miasmatic for sycosis. The patient felt happier, more positive and more energetic.    She felt a need to go out more and become more social.  She noticed slower hair growth on face and no herpes outbreak.  On January 25, 2013 I prescribed LM1 Thuja because of the positive reaction on 30c Thuja.  At  this point she had not had any outbreaks.  She continued on LM1 Thuja, 1 tsp every other day for the next 4 weeks.

On February 26, I prescribed 30c Medorrhinum.  I use Medorrhinum as a nosode with Thuja.  Thuja and Medorrhinum are interlocked.  I needed both to cure the case.  A big keynote for Medorrhinum , with this case,  was herpes outbreaks after sex.

The patient is also restless and fidgety and has a lack of concentration. She also has  alternating good and bad days.  She took the remedy for 3 weeks, 1 tsp every 3 days adding 2 succussions.  On March 26, 2013 I prescribed 30c Carcinosinum based on the symptoms of swollen glands, history of sexual abuse, blue sclerotic eyes, abnormal cells on pap smear, constipation and chocolate cravings. She was on Carcinosinum 30c for 3 weeks, 1 tsp. 2 succussions every 3 days.

The patient reports feeling better mentally and physically.  There have been no

outbreaks of herpes, hair growth on face is almost gone, there is no pain in ovaries and bulimia is no longer present.

About the author

Deborah Licurse

Deborah Licurse, FsHom practices classical homoepathy and has been in private practice since 2006. She completed five years of study, July 2008 in advanced 5th/6th edition prescribing at the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy, under the directorship of Dr. Luc DeSchepper. Deborah received her Fellowship Degree, June 2009. She is particularly interested in treating children with special needs, children’s health issues and women’s health issues.

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  • Ms.Deborah Licurse

    Very well done. You have selected the remedies very well. Why do you start with 30c and then change to LM potency?
    Can’t we start with LM potency from the beginning of healing process?

    Thank you in advance, Dr.Sadeghi

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