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A Case of Giant Cutaneous Horn Cured by Homeopathy

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Written by Rafiqul Hasan

A Case of Giant Cutaneous Horn Cured by Homeopathy

A 70 year old countryman was determined to receive homeopathic treatment for a very large ‘cow horn’ like growth on his anterior chest wall which had persisted for more than 8 years (see fig-1). Earlier he consulted a surgeon who advised him to have an operation, but he didn’t have the courage to undergo surgery. He was at a loss and could not decide what to do with that large horn. Once the hard pointed end of the horn was going to pierce his abdomen so he had to cut the pointed end with the help of a hack-saw blade. Subsequently a relative took him to my clinic on 22nd June, 2008.

Giant Cutaneous Horn

Fig 1, Photo on 22nd June, 2008

He had burning pain at the base of the horn which was aggravated from heat of the sun and in warm weather.  Sleep was almost impossible for him as he felt burning pain on his chest wall during the whole night. When he was unoccupied and alone he had more burning pain. He preferred; salty food 3, cold food 3 and fish 2. He was salivating at night during sleep.

He would lose his temper easily and couldn’t tolerate contradiction. He was very obstinate and also very emotional. He wept easily if any of his friends or relatives showed compassion. He dreamt of dead relatives. He had anxiety regarding his health.

Based on the above symptoms, I took the following rubrics for repertorisation:

Contradiction, intolerant of; anxiety, health about his own; cold food, desire for; salt, desire for; sunset to sunrise aggravation.

Based on those symptoms I considered giving phosphorus, and syphilinum as an intercurrent medicine. But seeing the large ‘cow horn’ like growth I couldn’t resist the temptation to give Antim crud, based on the symptom “Growths Horny”, with only four medicines listed,  and “Warts horny”,  two medicines in Phatak’s repertory, whereas Synthesis Repertorium Homeopathicum Syntheticum listed six medicines under the rubric “Skin Horny excrescence”, and Antim crud was in 1st grade. I usually select medicine depending on mentals, generals, sleep, dreams, and desires aversion etc. But in this case I gave a medicine on pathological symptoms and it acted.

Prescription profile:

22nd June, 2008: Antim crud 200/6 doses along with Nihilinum (placebo) for 14 days.

13th July, 2008: Patient felt better and his horn was also reducing day by day so I prescribed Nihilinum for another 14 days.

2nd August, 2008: Patient was in every way improving. His horn became smaller, almost half from the previous size, but the burning remained the same. Syphilinum 200/6 doses were prescribed as he had the prominent symptom, ‘sundown to sunrise’ aggravation, and other symptoms like, contradiction intolerant of, and anxiety health about his own, which also indicate the above medicine.

Giant Cutaneous Horn

Fig 2, Photo on 21st August, 2008

21st August, 2008: Patient felt better and his Cutaneous horn reduced to one forth, the photo is given below (see fig-2). Nihilinum was prescribed for another 14 days.

8th September, 2008:  His cutaneous horn became fragile and easily broken. Then at the proximal end it was uneven and broken gradually (see fig-3). He had stitching and burning pain at the anterior chest wall. Acid nit 30, 9 doses were prescribed along with placebo for one month.


Fig 3, Photo on 8th Sep, 2008

The patient stopped visiting me after the last prescription. He kept silent for about 10 months as he had no problem, and his cutaneous horn had completely disappeared. He again developed burning pain and infection on anterior chest wall with pus formation. The infection had strong unpleasant odors. So he had no option other than visiting me.

7th June, 2009: Merc sol 30, 6 doses were prescribed as all those above noted symptoms indicated Merc sol.  I asked the patient for FNAC test.

His FNAC on 4th July 2009 showed Benign Epidermal lesion with severe inflammation on anterior chest wall.

11th July 2009: Merc sol 200, 6 doses were prescribed with Nihilinum for 14days.

The patient again stopped visiting me. He was fine for the rest of his life with no pain and no burning. He led a normal life for 3 years and died in Feb, 2012 due to senility.

Discussion: In such complicated cases a single medicine is not sufficient to manage the case, so other medicines would be of help with proper indications to rescue the patient completely.

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Rafiqul Hasan

Dr Rafiqul Hasan MD has been practicing homeopathy since 1990. He has wide experience in treating various medical disorders. He is the author of 'Homeopathic Chikitsya Bigyan' in Bengali which in translation reads 'The Homeopathic Medical Science'.


  • wow….thanks sir for evidence based case presentation…it motivates us more than so called ‘i cured this…i cured that” case-presenters. Hope we see more such evidence based case studies. It will also boost confidence of fresh practitioners.

  • Just to clarify…”Merc sol 200, 6 doses were prescribed with Nihilinum for 14 days.” Was the pt. taking Merc sol 200 once a day for his six doses or less frequently? Was the base of the growth simply reabsorbed into the pt.’s body or did it break off? The base of the growth looks like it is at least three inches long in the final photograph.

  • Homoeopathy works miraculously in all cases . This case is a great inspiration to all the homeopaths .

  • It is a great and memorable achievement for a physician to see and treat a rare case like this. The medicine (Antimonium Crudum) had been selected which worked miraculously as evidenced by the photographs attached with the article.
    I would like to request Dr. Hasan to please add any investigative reports (chest X ray, routine blood work, FNAC, etc.) if any that he may have with him. Having these reports available to the wider community of Homeopaths, would give everyone interested a very valuable insight in to the case and would further help understand the pathological basis of the case before, during and after the period of treatment.

  • My father is in deep trouble.
    He is suffering with multiple chronic deseases.
    Lost eyesight due RP desease.
    Heart patient since 15 years.

    Developed a cutaneous Horn on ankle in right leg since last 1.5 years.

    Dr Rafiqul Hasan, can you please help my father.


  • I must congratulate you upon your success treating this horn thing which is a matter of shame for the Allopathic world who can do nothing about such complication but except criticizing the most miraculous way of treatment, “HOMEOPATHY, and l pray that May Allah Jalla Shaneho invest further shifa in your treatment Ameen.

  • Meri bahen age:25 ku OCD ka problem hy. Kya uska treatment hosakta hy??? Ham lor Raichur, Karnataka ke rahene wale hyn.

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