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A Case of Helodrillus Caliginosus

Helodrillus Caliginosus

Catherine Sharfstein presents a sensation case in which the patient, after lengthy questioning, arrives at the common name of the remedy.

Male, 62 yrs, tall, on a skinny side,

December 10, 2013

How are you?

I just realized. I went for a physical 2 weeks ago:

  1. For 6 months – a spot on my nose, dermatologist – biopsied – precancerous.
  2. EKG – I have a left branch bundle block – electricity going through on the left side; I did not have a heart attack, the muscles are strong.
  3. I tripped over something in the street, landed on my wrist. I fell and rolled. My right hip was hurting me ever since. X- ray, tiny chip cracked off of the hip. MRI .. better look at it. It bothers me, even when I am walking. Right hip.

Low back. Headaches , Prostate. Frequent urination, and my skin is red and itchy under arm pits, it is almost raw, large two areas.

Tell me about low back?

I feel I am crushing the lower part of my back, compressed; Every time I move, it hurts.. that it starts expanding. It is separated, and then eases up, I sit or lay down and stand up. It is STIFF, PAINFUL, until I am stretching it out a little bit. I throw my back,  afraid to bend, it put a strain.  My hip…I see the bones, being pressed against each other.

How do you experience bones?

It is ….from sight stand point, it is VERY SMOOTH, LOOKS ROUGHFEELS LIKE A ROCK.  It was smoothed over in water, Rough cut on the rock. All shades off white, cream color, different shades and in different buttery colors, tan with gray in it. Symmetrical, ROUGHER AND RAISED ON THE LEFT SIDE, it goes down, Flat.  Slighter in weight, it LOOKS LIKE STONE, lighter in my hands. Layers of spine, touch against each other, HOLLOW SOUND, banging against each other. As I hit these two plates, I am getting different tones out of it.  Rough – two end semi rounded, smoother than the surface of the bone.

How do you experience rock?

Cool, I hold it, it is smooth like it was in water. It feels heavy, the side is, rounded, not a sphere, it is a disk, rounded on all parts, slight curve, convex, smooth like a disk expanded in the middle. Various shades of gray, warm gray, and cooler gray, like some blues, it is in some area of the stone.

How do you experience smooth?

Slippery, warm, it feels good, it makes me feel fun, as my hand nicely sliding over it, comforting feeling, nothing to stop any motions, no hitting a ridge, not stopping again. It feels similar, moving around. Thinner, convex on the edges. It is bigger than it should, it is 6-8 inches in diameter. Middle is raised. It feels lighter for the side that it is. I feel denseness.

If I am tapping… it feels solid…. it is not a ringing sound, like reverberation, more solid feeling.


It is having me feel…I am expecting the things to go down, I am feeling no pull of gravity, I am surprised how easy to hold it, like nothing by weight. I can feel physically, almost like a sea shell material… it is ragged around the edges, it is rough, divides, carves out, very thin around the edges. It stays thin throughout.  Irregular shape, not round, like a potatoes, lengthwise, and spread out, rougher – 15 inches wide, and 6 inches wide. Fragile, it will break and crack. It stays solid. Rough edges.

More about lighter?

Potatoes chip. Light salty taste, it is brittle, I have to treat it carefully, if it breaks,  nice crisp sound. It starts and stops, no reverberation, braking sound. It gets my salivary glands going.  Light, it is changing directions, stays on the same direction, it is irregular shaped, it is curved around the outside. Yellow, light brown, tanner color than yellow. It has orange in it as well. Dark around outside, and lighter edges.


It is causing my fingers to move up and down, as I am running my hand along it, feeling actual tip, dragging and almost to penetrate different parts of my fingers, causing a friction, to keep me from moving my hands. Movement, no pain, not like I am running over something sharp, not move smoothly, dragging.


Anticipation of pain, sight of penetrating skin, waiting for time…..for a penetration, a drop of blood, triggering a type of pain. Single point, sharp object like a thorn, edge of  knife, slitting open, the sight of blood, and almost following the pain. Knife comes to a point, 12 inches long, the surface about 1/16 inch, it tapers, to a razor blade thickness, to a point. Perfectly flat, nothing to stop or flat, and shiny, light reflecting off it.


Smooth, level to the table, it is a darker gray color, it feels nice to the touch, it is warmth and coolness, no sense of temperature to it, hard.


I will dig my nail and not able to penetrate, cannot make  a dent, no impression. Solid sounding, nothing, no air inside. Heavy.


Light wood, light brown, weighs almost nothing – balsa wood. Almost like a clam shell, opening in it, it is rectangular.  Hollow, tap it, I am hearing sounds come out of it, like ravioli, it comes up, different tones come out of it. Air inside.

Air inside?

I know because of the tones. Weight almost nothing.  A balloon. Over the balloon, squeeking sound, over rubber, SOFT AND PLIABLE, I FEEL IT IS GIVING.  It is changing shape, smooth, light, it reacts in the air. I push it up, it gives. It is indented and comes back to the shape; it is so light and I can take the hand away; it bounce in my hands.


Stuffing from a pillow.  Visualizing  white clouds in the sky, as I press it, it continues to give. I let go, it comes back to original shape… I watch as

it comes back… it takes the shapes. Light, and I have to be careful with it. I can pull it apart, ends of it, it has no inherent strength, it can move. They will start falling over the edge of my symmetrical sands.  I can see the ground below. Thicker.  I cannot see through, light and air.

Light and airy?

Feathers. I go back to other material, I am easily tossing them up lightly…. float up, in slow motions, descend, slowly back into my hands. It is maneuvering back and force and not just falling. It is shaped almost petal like, it come out and around toward the bottom… it has a stem, it looks like hair, little tiny spaces along the hair. I am visualizing, gradually coming, back and forth, slightly tickles my hands.

Stem in the middle?

Something is very smooth, within my finger tips, and it is thinner at some points, thicker with a lip at the end, it stops, it is very light, and mostly white, darker brown, it is a little flexible, not solid, it gives, if I bend it enough, it will bend and crack. Wrapping over the edge, indented at the very tip of it. Concave curve.

Concave curve?

It is round along outside perimeter. It’s radius over the top, very smooth if run my finger inside it is the same, smoothness throughout. Like inside of the conch shell, it is very smooth, perfectly formed, perfect circles. An eyeball, very smooth.


Moisture, it is a mist, not water drops, wetness, with nothing…water Nothing else. It is cool, has a tendency to separate, and looking at it, separating like smoke, I move a part… nothing is happening, I feel the cool wet air, all around my finger tips. I want to contain it. I see the edges. I want to compress it. My hand just moves through. I want to take a bite out of it. Floating, my hands are out, I am falling from a parachute.


Immediately – me and cloud, I am back into water, it is a sensation of floating, I am feeling a slight movement of air on the whole, only the bottom half, no pressure on the top half whatsoever, very calming sensation, no pressure, my eyes are closed, I may not be experiencing anything visually, it is a sensation throughout of the surface of the object. It feels more pressure on the bottom half of what is floating, then on the top, every movement like in slow motion. You feel more pressure on the top then bottom, then more pressure again, it is just moving….based on air or nothing, no outside influences.


No dreaming state. Calming. I am actually, how good it feels, I am moving slowly and easily moving my limbs.. what it feels like, I feel like….whatever sensation I am getting on my skin. I am floating in oil, as opposed to water.  Slightly moving up and down, I am looking through a thick clear liquid, colors are intense, and the light is coming through, like looking through water, oil and perfectly clear, like baby oil, thick, smoothness and no friction, floating in baby oil.

The  experience of liquid?

Thickness to it, slipperiness to it. I barely can feel my fingers together. Sliding through this….

Explain slipperiness?

I feel like pressure of two surfaces, it is pressure, you cannot press against, from a sliding nature, it is moving along, never directly surface to surface pressing, you cannot do that. Thickness and viscosity to it.


It is a constant moving sensation. I am seeing finger tips, my finger tips long each of them. I am feeling the finger tip, liquid between them.


Denseness to it, it is clear, the liquid that I am in, it is causing slippery sensation, anything that I am touching, I cannot move or push anything through it, it is forcing back; there is thickness to it. Light is coming through, no sharpness, everything is blurry.


It is white light… it is narrow beam, like a laser that is coming through. I see it like a star of light, very white….like lightning coming through.

White light?

It was white, glimmer of yellow and gold, it is slightly fiery, very white. I see other tones and heat, I am looking at it, it has a heat to it. I am seeing it as a beam, from far away, it is contained within a rod like shape, it is moving it staying in this shape,


It is outside ….it is smooth, like cloud before, nothing, no feeling. Cool, wet, it is warm and dry, slightly warm, no heat. I cannot touch it, my finger goes right through. It stays in cylindrical shape, like the shape of a straw. That is the light moving around in different location, it is not going through, like a glowing straw no outside shape to feel, open.

Glowing straw?

White, shades of yellow, outside is white, it is made up of yellow tones. I am seeing the movement through it; it does not keep going.  It starts to finish, t moving through it really fast, it is nothing that I can feel or touch, it is warm, no skin to it. It is energy.

No skin to it?

It gets warmer; I get through the edge, anticipating the skin to be, nothing is there.

What do you see?

I was looking to see… like a snake, but it has nothing to do with light or energy.

Touch the snake?

I am feeling….it turns squishy.  I will squeeze it…outside, like a balloon, rubbery.  I squeeze it, my finger go together… it is liquid inside, the skin has ridges that are soft and go around the outside…. it is a only about 6 inches, red parts purple, no head or feet, it is asymmetrical, loose comes to mind, no structure, no strength.  INSIDE IS SEPARATING, TWO EDGES ARE BULGING, as I am doing it, it is longer.  It is warm from inside. It is the same diameter all the way through… it is may be ¼ of inch, that long, I cannot squeeze it…. it is really… no strength to it.  In order to hold the shape, no bones, no structure, it is something incasing a liquid…. it is liquid.   I was describing before, not watery, it is thicker, it moves apart, and fills up some other sections, pink section and some purples, like a bruise, it is rounded at both ends, it is like eclipse shape, big loose ugly worm.

Tell me more about worm?

Similar only about 4 inches long.  When I was a kid, I used to dig them up from the ground.  I wanted to touch it and pick it up, it was moving a lot, I was hesitant, I was scared… I felt it was a strange uncomfortable feeling. I did not want to squeeze what was alive.  I enjoyed watching it… it was suffering, how violently it was moving around. The real problem was I wanted to touch it, or bury it. I did not figure out what I wanted to do.

How did you feel?

Sadness… I was affecting something else that was alive. It was out of its regular situation. I wanted to look at it and study it. I had taken it out from where it belonged to be.

What did you experience when you did touch it?

Softness, rubbery…. I did not want to press too hard.  I felt movement in my fingers. I saw the rest of it moving. It was soft and rough and… pressure moving in my finger, trying to fight to get away, I was holding it for a long time. I put it down relatively quickly.



Just Earth Worm

Helodrillus Caliginosus


Recommendation: Earth worm  – Helodrilus Caliginosus 200c x 3 – December 10, 2013  

Follow ups:

January 28, took remedies December 10, January5 – 200c

March 25, took remedies January 28, February 22, March 21 – 1m

May 19, took remedies March 21, April 15 May 10 – 1M

July 15, took remedies May 19 – 10m, June 2, July 9 – lac sack

September 8, took remedy July 10 – 10m

November 3, took remedy September 8 – 10m


The patient feel very good and no skin issues. Prostate does not bother him and he can hold urine and does not run to the bathroom often. No rectal itch, no headaches. He gets along better with his wife. Has got a good job and has more money in the bank.


Editor’s Note:

A proving of Helodrilus Caliginosus by Louis Klein can be found here:

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Catherine Sharfstein RSHom, immigrated to the USA from the Ukraine in 1979, and started a homeopathic practice in 1994. She is a registered member of NASH and certified by the CCH. She has practices in Fair Lawn, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York. Her cases have appeared in The American Homeopath, Simillimum, LINKS and The Homeopath. Catherine has given workshops at NASH conferences in NY and Florida and also taught a seminar on periodic table at Toronto Homeopathic College and Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has also presented at seminars in India, and in Brussels she taught prescribing from the animal kingdom.

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