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A Case of Hydrosalpinx

Dr. A.P. Sivakumaran finds the simillimum for a case of pain during menses.

A 36 year old female presented pain during periods with tightness of whole abdomen. She had pain in the back< during menses. She had severe pain in left iliac region pain in back, aggravated immediately after awakening in the morning. Her complaints were associated with dryness of mouth and with increased thirst.

Past History
She underwent surgery for gangrenous torsion of the left ovary and left oophorectomy was performed. She had recurrent fever and had more temperature in the lower abdomen.

Family History
Father is suffering from diabetes

Personal History
She got married at the age of 18. She has two Children. Both are full term normal delivery

Mental Generals
Talkative, having high confidence about herself
Desire for solitude, interested in meditation. Very much interested in religious activities

Physical Generals

Appetite – Normal, avoids taking food due to fear of aggravation of pain.


Sweat+ – Feels better by getting more sweat

Stool –Occasional constipation.

Urine – Frequent urination, feels better by more flow

Sleep – Interrupted by pain

Dreams – Occasional day to day events

Menses – Scanty but painful, feels better by more flow.

Aversion to hot drinks.

Desire for cold. Feels better by cold things

Case of Hydrosalpinx sivakumaran-sep13-img01 A Case of Hydrosalpinx sivakumaran-sep13-img03


Physical examination

Tall, Fair Complexion, Good Looking & not anemic.

Weight – 63 Kg.

Pulse – 92 per min


RS – Occasional Monophonic wheezing sound heard on auscultation

USG : Plate-1(7-2-07)

First Prescription 23.02.07
Lachesis 200 (One Dose) administered with 120 ml aqueous solution 5 ml for every 1 hr. each time after 10 succussions.

The remedy is selected based on totality of symptoms after reportorial analysis.
She was advised to take vegetarian diet and to avoid coffee and tea. Also advised her to stop medicine if she feels better.


Lachesis, which was prescribed on the basis of Totality, Reportorial Analysis, and Constitutional study, has cured this case. Keeping patience and avoiding hasty prescriptions gives always good results.

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Doctor.Sivakumaran graduated from Dr. MGR. Medical University , P.G in psychology, prof in yoga and natural living, dietitian, and is the founder of the Genuine Homeopathic Clinical Research Center, Tamilnadu India, where is practices classical homeopathy. Visit Dr. Kumaran’s blog:

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