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A Case of Infantile Uterus

Written by Seema Mahesh

Dr. Seema Mahesh presents a case of infantile uterus.

This is a very simple case so to say because the prescription is very direct and so was the effect. Dwarfism/underdevelopment of any part when there are no other indications usually is an indication for Baryta carbonica and the result is worth documenting.


This is the case of a 20 year old girl, complaining of irregular menses and scanty flow. She was married for 1 year and problems increased after she took hormones to postpone her menses during her wedding.  Her last menstrual period (LMP) was on 08/03/2016.  Emotionally, she had become disappointed at being forced to marry, as she had dreams of studying further and having a career. The ultra sound scan report from 1 year back showed bilateral PCOD and hypoplastic infantile uterus and minimal collection in the Pouch of Douglas.

Prescription: Baryta Carb 30C twice a day for 1 week

Follow up

Date Presentation Prescription Reports
22/9/16 LMP: 7/9/16; flow slightly increased; weight: 56 kg Baryta Carb 30C twice a day for 15 days nil
9/10/16 flow from previous cycle persisted till first week of October; weight: 57 kg Placebo


Ultra sound scan shows NORMAL SIZED UTERUS; Bilateral PCOD changes
10/12/16 weight: 58 kg Repeat scan in a different laboratory confirmed the above findings
4/2/17 LMP: 5/1/17; 56 kg

Earlier period was scanty but this time 3 days good flow; increased facial hair and acne; mood swings increased

Natrum muriaticum 200 once a day for 3 days

She conceived after this and delivered a healthy baby in December 2017.

About the author

Seema Mahesh

Dr Seema Mahesh BHMS, MD (hom), Dip IACH is the Research Head of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece and the Director of Centre For Classical Homeopathy, Bangalore. She has been instrumental in consolidating the remarkable cases cured with classical homeopathy by the students of prof George Vithoulkas and publishing them in peer reviewed medical journals of repute. She has also presented the concepts of health and disease as taught by prof Vithoulkas at conventional medical conferences all over the world including the Harvard School of Medicine where her presentation won the Best Abstract Award.

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