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A Case of Infantile Uterus


This is a very simple case so to say because the prescription is very direct and so was the effect. Dwarfism/underdevelopment of any part when there are no other indications usually is an indication for Baryta carbonica and the result is worth documenting.


This is the case of a 20 year old girl, complaining of irregular menses and scanty flow. She was married for 1 year and problems increased after she took hormones to postpone her menses during her wedding.  Her last menstrual period (LMP) was on 08/03/2016.  Emotionally, she had become disappointed at being forced to marry, as she had dreams of studying further and having a career. The ultra sound scan report from 1 year back showed bilateral PCOD and hypoplastic infantile uterus and minimal collection in the Pouch of Douglas.

Prescription: Baryta Carb 30C twice a day for 1 week


Follow up

22/9/16LMP: 7/9/16; flow slightly increased; weight: 56 kgBaryta Carb 30C twice a day for 15 daysnil
9/10/16flow from previous cycle persisted till first week of October; weight: 57 kgPlacebo


Ultra sound scan shows NORMAL SIZED UTERUS; Bilateral PCOD changes
10/12/16weight: 58 kgRepeat scan in a different laboratory confirmed the above findings
4/2/17LMP: 5/1/17; 56 kg

Earlier period was scanty but this time 3 days good flow; increased facial hair and acne; mood swings increased

Natrum muriaticum 200 once a day for 3 days

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She conceived after this and delivered a healthy baby in December 2017.

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