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A Case of Infertility

Dr. Aparna Joshi presents a case of infertility solved with a polychrest.

A lady, 29 years, married since the past two years comes with complaints of inability to conceive and anxiety. Her anxiety is mainly in the form of negative thoughts. She is scared that something will happen to her family.She further has complaints of pain in her left thigh with prominent veins posteriorly and crackling in left knee joint. She has a history of dental caries since childhood and easy ecchymotic patches on her legs. Her father is suffering from diabetes mellitus and anxiety neurosis. Her mother has dyslipidemia and her grandfather has diabetes mellitus.

The patient is chilly thermally and has a strong appetite. She feels hungry frequently and at times tends to eat ravenously. Her water intake is also extreme with 5 to 6 litres daily. She loves non-vegetarian food and needs it daily. She also likes chocolates and spicy food and is generally not very consistent about her likes and dislikes. She tends to be moody about her food choices. She perspires on her face and chest and has a regular bowel habit. She sleeps very well and even sleeps for 48 hours at a stretch! She tends to sleep on her back or on the left side and feels refreshed in the morning. She tends to have a wide variety of dreams but doesn’t recollect them easily.

When the patient entered the clinic, her appearance was very striking, her hair was dyed pink in strands and she had put pink nail polish on her fingernails and blue nail polish on her toenails. She had on a bright yellow and black dress. Her face was oblong in shape and she was tall with a lively demeanour and laughed uproariously a few times while narrating funny incidents.

She relates the following information about her life: She came from a modest family background. She had a good childhood she says but a financially difficult one, as her father stopped working when she was still in her teens when went into depression due to his brother’s death. She then took up the responsibilities of her parents and younger brother and started working with a relative in a network marketing company. She learnt the skills of the trade fast and soon had carved a niche for herself and was earning a fairly good salary. She said she has seen very bad days and has been working very hard to come up in life.

She had a younger brother who was killed in an unfortunate accident while travelling by train a few years ago. She was very much attached to him and his sudden demise shattered her and her family. She was the first to reach the hospital on receiving the news but then she lost consciousness for some time. She had to be strong as her parents were both hospitalised on hearing the news. She said her complaints started since her brother’s death.

She has had a lot of sympathy for others since she was young. Her father too is of a similar nature. He has been overcome with sympathy for people on the streets and has even taken them home and clothed and fed them. Her brother used to bring home an infant whose mother used to work in the shops in their premises. All of them used to play with him and had grown fond of him. One day the baby’s mother just disappeared! They searched for her in vain and finally legally adopted the child. Today he has grown up and goes to school and is one of the family. She pampers him a lot and he provides some solace to the still bereaved family.

A friend of hers gave her comfort at the time of her brother’s death. She gradually grew close to him and eventually married him. He is from a different caste and his family is involved in business. However, his family has never been encouraging of him and her brother-in-law even discouraged the patient from marrying him initially, and told her that she deserved better. Her in laws have looked down upon her husband, so now he doesn’t get involved with the family business. Instead he helps the patient in her business. She makes a good living, in fact much more than their requirements and in general leads a lavish lifestyle. She feels that her parents depend upon her totally and now so does her husband. However when her father says that her husband is good for nothing, she doesn’t like it. She loves him very much as he has always been an emotional support for her through all the ups and downs of life and business.

Throughout the interview, the patient was found to be very open and expressive, gesticulating expansively and gracefully, easily moved to tears but able to regain her composure and move on. She laughed wholeheartedly while relating incidents and said she has a mortal fear of injections. She said that when she is angry, she can stop a train!

Since her menses were irregular and she was unable to conceive she was asked to get an abdominal ultrasonography which confirmed polycystic ovarian disease. She was asked to get a complete blood count (due to ecchymosis) and an X-ray of the left knee, as she complained of pain and crackling, and also hormonal assays. Today, 8 months later, she has still not done them!

The following totality was formed,

  • Vivacious
  • Lively
  • Graceful and expansive gestures
  • Open, spontaneous, excitable
  • Foppish, elegantly dressed
  • Exaggerating
  • Chilly
  • Ravenous and capricious appetite
  • Left sided complaints
  • Easy haemorrhages

I prescribed Phosphorus 200 1 dose on 25th September 2013

Since then she has come very irregularly for follow-ups, despite been told that she has to be more regular. Every time she has convinced the physician that henceforth she will be very particular about her medicines and every time she has failed to keep her promises. The first dose of phosphorus helped in regularising her menses and reducing the pain in her leg. Over the next 6-7 months she has visited us 4-5 times with steady improvement in her complaints. She received 2 more doses of phosphorus 200 over this period. And then in March 2014 she said she had not got her menses for 2 months whereupon she was asked to get her UPT (pregnancy test) done, which tested positive!

This case was worked out considering the generals and striking features in her presentation and weaving all of them into a comprehensive, coherent pattern which largely represents the patient as a whole. The patient decides the approach towards case analysis and the approach has to be a combination of the scientific and artistic aspects of Homoeopathy. Only then can the highest ideal of cure, of rapid, gentle, permanent restoration of health be achieved.

About the author

Aparna Joshi

Dr. Aparna Joshi (M.D. Hom) has been practicing Homoeopathy for 20 years. She graduated BHMS from Pune University and did her M.D.from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. In 2014 she helped start a company named ‘Sweetpills Homoeopathy Clinics pvt. Ltd' with a few other doctors. This stemmed from a vision of promoting the concept of a ‘Family Doctor’ and providing the highest level of care. Sweetpills now has clinics in Kandivali, Dahisar, New Mumbai and Aurangabad . She hopes to spread 'Sweetpills' all over India and beyond. Recently the company has organized social camps in Aurangabad, Kandivli and Navi Mumbai and a series of seminars and webinars. Dr. Aparna has more such activities planned to manifest her vision of making quality homeopathy available everywhere.


  • nice one,I think sympathetic one of important rubric which was missing in totality.even on basis of essence a/c to Vithoulkas one can directly come to phos,it doesn’t mater important thing is come to similimum & congratulation for that

  • follow up after pregenancy is also important.
    attach follow up of pt during period of pregenancy.

    • Patient is in her sixth month of pregnancy. by and large no major issues except for little morning sickness, backache and gases. She has reported a lot of perspiration since her pregnancy.
      Mentally she is fine and happy.

  • I am a lay homeopath. Your article indeed taught me to analyse a case on homeopathic norms.
    Many many thanks for adding much to my knowledge!

  • The patient has no pronounced complaints so no reason to give any remedy on a regular basis. if at any point of time she happens to have any complaints, she will be treated on symptom similarity.

  • For the cases of infertility we’ve very specific remedies in homoeopathic system of medicine which can be prescribed to all such patients as because I’m personally practicing since last 13 years through homoeopathic system of medicine which is developed as ‘This For That’ kind of treatment which is said ‘Advance Homoeopathy’ which is completely difference from ‘Classical Homoeopathy’ and in this types of treatment I’m getting very large number of success without taken case report, though there is in need of pathological and radiological findings which help us to select the medicines as because for infertility cases it should have to know whether it is in need of kowing whether there is ovarian hypofunction, tubal blockages, irregular menses or not, even it is in need of knowing about the sufficient healthy semen of the patient’s husband to choose the remedies very promptly and the remedies will be same for all cases almost. Such types of treatment are increasing the popularity of homoeopathic treatment undoubtedly. I’ll cite all the cases of the diseases with documents later on.

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