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A Case of Insomnia – Acute and Chronic Treatment

Gelsemium: Insomnia from nervous irritation arising from bad/exciting news; from fright or anticipation of unusual ordeal.

Ignatia: Sleeplessness from grief, flight, from suppressed mental suffering; in children after punishment, during dentition. Wake up with piercing cries & trembling all over; from hysteria; dreams of one subject the whole night through.

Melatonin: in older people or people who may have low levels of melatonin, effects of doing night shifts and cannot get back in to a regular sleep pattern. Jet lag.

Nat Mur: Tormenting sleeplessness after boisterous grief; constantly chilly sensations (wants to be wrapped up, cold feet; on falling asleep), feels melancholy and despondent, very weak after passing a restless night, looks worn, sad.

Nux Vom: Sleeplessness by excessive study at night and no exercise daytime, dyspeptic insomnia, awakes tired, un-refreshed after short morning sleep w/ H/A, bitter taste, coated tongue…

Passiflora incar: Sleeplessness from nervous exhaustion, as from severe acute diseases, from mental overwork with H/A.

Phos: Cannot fall asleep before 12AM, must get up; after lying down, falls asleep but awakes often, hot; insomnia of aged; memory feeble, trembling gait; sleeplessness following mental overwork & anxiety, w/ H/A, confusion & distressing vertigo; sleeplessness from physical nervous exhaustion, from spinal troubles & hepatic problems.

Puls: Sleepless after late supper or eating too much; from ideas crowding in mind forepart of night, sleeps late in AM; wide awake in evening, does not want to go to bed; first sleep restless, sound sleep when time to get up; wakes languid & un-refreshed,  insomnia of neurasthenic young women suffering from menstrual irregularities.

Silicea: Utter mental & physical exhaustion with abject despair & loss of all hope; total sleeplessness from ebullitions; sleepy but cannot sleep; fidgety, starts at least noise; sense of great debility; wants to lie down.

Valeriana: from hysteria; wakeful & restless, only falls asleep towards morning and then troubled with vivid dreams; nightly itching, spasms; no sleep before 12AM.

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Thierry Clerc

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