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A Case of Itching Skin and Knee Pain

Follow-up May 27th, 2016

She reports:

The medicine is doing good. I am much better now. My feet and legs have almost cleared up, also my arms have started to get much clearer. Itching is tolerable. I am feeling more positive. I am also eating a lot of greens and drinking juices. Also my knee pain is almost gone. Only on days I exert a lot, then the next morning on rising I do feel some pain.

Her tongue was more lightly coated compared to the first visit.

My assessment was that she continued to show forward momentum and was still progressing. Since the current potency hasn’t exhausted its action and is still helping the case to improve, I continued the same prescription for the next month as well. Follow up was scheduled for the next month.

Follow-up June 29th, 2016

She reports:

Last complete month, there was no improvement. It’s just been the same way I reported last month. It seemed the medicine didn’t work. Did you change it? It was helping me so much till last month. Are you sure this skin complaint can completely vanish? I am beginning to worry. This worry doesn’t let me sleep at night, I become increasingly restlessness. Itching is still there, specially on my trunk. Will my face get ok?

On inquiring about her knee pain, she mentioned that it isn’t bothering her now.

My assessment was that the potency has exhausted its action and now it requires to go to the next one. Since there are no new symptoms and only a stagnation therefore the same medicine is still required.  Now she was prescribed Rhus Tox 0/2 with the same instructions, dosage and repetition as before.


Follow-up July 26th, 2016

She reports:

I am feeling this medicine is better than last one. My legs, arms, body and back are much better. The spots have lightened. I can see my normal skin coming over. Itching is still there, though tolerable. My face is also less dark now and I can see it improving.

I aksed if she started going out and interacting with people. She said that her grand daughter had her birthday party, where a lot of friends and relatives were invited with their kids. “I went out and interacted with everyone. It was fine; I didn’t dread it as I used to earlier. I think everyone just thought it was a summer tan. It turned out to be a confidence booster.”

My assessment was that the patient was appearing more confident, also her skin had cleared largely. Though the itching still continues, as this was the very first symptom to appear & is expected to go last. The skin patches have cleared largely. The last prescription was repeated again as the improvement was continuing.

Follow-up August 25th, 2016

She reports:

The improvement continues, almost all my skin is looking normal. Itching is very minimal. My face is normal.  Knees are doing good too. They don’t bother me now. In the middle of the month my fingers were paining and were stiff in the morning when I used to get up. but it settled on its own. I remembered this happened to me some 2 years back, then I had taken some painkillers and it settled after a few months, but then my knees started troubling after about 6 months.

On being questioned about her sleep and mind symptoms, she said she is doing good on both fronts. Since the itch is better, I am sleeping sound and getting up refreshed. I am also now moving out of home and meeting my relatives and friends. I am not irritable now, I am more patient and joyful with my family and my grandchildren.

My assessment was that the patient showed significant improvement. She also had reappearance of her old symptom, which she hadn’t mentioned during her initial case taking. She is showing all signs of Hering’s law of cure, therefore same prescription was repeated for 1 month. She was scheduled for another follow-up a month later

I continued to see this patient till October 2016 after which she moved back to the Phillipines, her native country. Her skin had completely settled by then and she was only on placebo (from September 2016 onwards) to keep a watch. Here are some pictures from the case, before & after treatment.


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Neha Breja

Neha Breja

Dr. Neha Dua Breja M.D (Hom), is an ardent Homoeopathic practitioner who has been consulting for the last 9 years in Delhi, India and is now spreading her wings in Seattle, USA. She has had a successful stint in showcasing the efficacy of Homoeopathy in maternal and child cases in the Phoenix Hospital, Delhi, a state of the art maternity hospital in South Delhi. She has treated myriad cases of chronic disorders including various skin, respiratory and digestives complaints. Her mission is to work towards and see Homoeopathy as a globally recognized and trusted mode of treatment.

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  • dear doctor.will you help me? i am suffring from skin allergy since my iam sixty.i feel much itching when i go to bed at night, i cannot sit beside fire,i cannot stand in the sun,pls pescribe some good medicines for me.i shall be gratefull to you.thanks.sajawalkhan.