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A Case of Kanner Syndrome (Autism)

He received Sulphur c200.  It was very effective, the leaky gut syndrome and the permeability of the intestine disappeared completely. Suddenly he could eat whatever he wanted, with no effect on his memory.

Before the homeopathic treatment, I had attempted a few times to relax his diet, without success. Each time I did this, he regressed intellectually.

Since June 2012, Armin has received no more supplements except vitamin D.

September 2012: Calcium Carbonicum cardinal symptoms that described Armin:

Tires easily, lack of vigour, chronic catarrh of the mucous membranes, formation of polyps, enlarged pharyngeal tonsil, sweating of the head, retarded development, anxiety, withdrawal, hiding.

He received Calcium Carbonicum c200 because he was withdrawing into himself and lonely. He was also worried very much about others, and had pangs of compunction and lack of self-confidence. After receiving this, he showed some improvement. He increased his participation in life and did not withdraw into himself as much. Furthermore the inflammation of the sinuses decreased and his eating habits improved.

Due to his tantrums, I gave him Tubeculinum c200 for the first time in March 2013. This resulted in fewer tantrums, and above all he understood that he has to control himself. These are a few of the cardinal symptoms of tuberculinum that Armin had:

Physical level: Family history of tuberculosis. Otitis, tonsillitis, allergic asthma, pollinosis, bronchitis, swelling of the lymph nodes, dry and rough skin, tendency to sweat, chronic eczema, oozing eczema behind the ears, night sweating of the head, nightmares, adverse food reactions, milk worsens the complaints, compulsion to move, nervous legs, bad breath (foetor).

Main areas of application of Tuberculinum at the emotional level relevant for Armin were:

Tantrums, anxiety disorder, depression, apathy, bedwetting (enuresis nocturne), night terror (pavor nocturnus), weak memory, mental confusion, hypochondria, inner agitation, neuroses, oversensitivity to stimulation: he scares easily and is sensitive to noises and extremely sensitive to smells.

August 2013: Agaricus muscarius:  cardinal symptoms that corresponded to his symptoms:

Uncoordinated movements (new symptom), tics, restlessness (legs), coordination disorder, chilblains, quickly becomes overwhelmed, inarticulate, concentration disorder, polinose, inner agitation.

Armin received Agaricus c1000 to treat his absentmindedness, daydreams, uncontrolled movements and difficulty in judging distance. This was very helpful for his fine and gross motor skills. He also ceased to withdraw into himself and also did not daydream.

June  2014: I determined that a single administration of Arnica 10,000c and Aconitum 10,000c  can help to find or approach a constitutional remedy, because the earlier state of shock and spiritual and physical wound can thus be overcome. Armin was 40 days old when he fell from Maxi Cosi face down onto the tiles from a distance of half a meter. It was a terrible accident, but hopefully without serious injury. He was examined in the clinic and declared unharmed. From our knowledge I know that pain and shock can remain lifelong, therefore I gave him those remedies.

After a year, in August 2014, I decided on a Miasma therapy and did this with three methods: Sulphur c 200, one week later Thuja c 30, then after a week Thuja c 200, one week later Mercurius sub. c 30 and after another week Mercurius sub. c 200

Constitutional remedy

I will tell you a story of how I found the constitutional remedy for Armin after four and a half years. At the end of May 2012 we were vacationing in San Marino near Rimini. Armin had an asthma attack in the castle. In the hotel he had severe pain in the lungs, accompanied by noises from the lungs. Constriction of the alveoli. Breathing was poor. I asked the dear Lord to help me find the right treatment for Armin.

During the night I dreamed that a snakehead was in Armin’s mouth. The snake was yellow!  The next day I gave Armin Lachesis c 30 as an acute remedy, the lung had calmed down somewhat. I knew next to nothing!

After two years I started looking into astrology and homeopathy. Based on the date, place and hour of his birth, I could find some remedies for him.

I knew all the remedies for this birthdate, except one.  Bothrops. I looked it up. It was the yellow snake in my dream.

October 2014: I gave him Bothrops lanceolatus at a dosage of c1000 with incredible success. I never thought it would be his constitutional remedy!

The Bothrops Lanceolatus cardinal symptoms that Armin still had were:

Repeatedly depressed, wanting to be able to better communicate verbally.

One year later, January 2016, Armin was able to go to school without a chaperone.  He still feared that he wouldn’t make it, because he is still very slow and cannot concentrate on listening and writing at the same time.

Armin asked me to find a remedy that would help him concentrate better.

I now had a different viewpoint than before. Suddenly I could observe things that I used to see before but to which I did not attach any significance.

Our cat Lilu always loved Armin’s shoe. Suddenly it dawned on me! Why does Lilu like Armin’s shoe so much? She relished licking the inside of the shoe and she would sniff it and seemed to get high. I realized that Armin was leaving something in the shoe that the cat loved. I had some catnip at home. I gave some to Lilu but she didn’t like it. Then I gave her valerian. She loved valerian.

I read up on the internet about the effect of valerian in homeopathy:

Relieves anxiety (anxiolytic), helps treat tension, relaxing (sedative effect) for nervousness when one is under pressure to perform, nervous conditions, muscle spasms, diseases of the brain and central nervous system, examination anxiety.

It was like a miracle. It was the remedy that I had searched for, so that Armin from this point on could handle school without a chaperone.

January 2016: I gave him Valeriana off. c 1000.

It saved him. He got even better marks than before, when he was with a chaperone.

Armin did well until he was in the 10th form. There was more pressure to perform than in the years before.

In October 2016 he again was severely depressed and could no longer smile.

In mid-November 2016 , I thought again of Bothrops L. and gave him a single dose of Bothrops c1000 for his depression.

Bothrops L. has a connection to depression and language: Loss of language, faulty pronunciation, stuttering or inability to articulate oneself, with no ailment of the tongue.

Ears: dark, hard black earwax, hardness of hearing. Feeling that the ears are plugged. (This ear problem exists with most snakes, even if it is not exactly tested with Bothrops Lanceolatust, but with Bothrops atrox it is documented as a main symptom).

Sweat cold and clammy

We do not know by any means know all the effects of homeopathic treatments on living creatures, and we know even less about snakes except, Lachesis and Naja than about all other treatments.

I relied on my intuition and with the few symptoms that Armin had from treatments, I selected the treatment. Within 15 minutes he was changed and could laugh again. Now it was clear to me that this was his constitutional remedy and for the first time I decided to administer it as LM dose.

From 21 November I began to give him Bothrops  L. in LM 7.

With this treatment, unfortunately I could not start with LM 3 or LM 2 as is normally the case with other patients, since it is not available in Germany and in Austria only from LM 7. But it had an incredibly positive effect and Armin no longer was depressed. Day by day I could observe how he is moving in a positive direction. The pressure at school is the same as ever, in fact it has increased, but Armin is more resilient and stable, and can deal with it relatively well.

After six weeks I switched to LM 10 and then again he had a sudden outburst of rage because the teacher assigned homework to be done over the Christmas holidays.

But I think that is a result of the treatment, and sending him a message involves a learning process. My goal, and I am convinced it can be reached, is for Armin to have no more symptoms of autism in a year’s time.

I am also convinced that it is possible to cure genetic diseases with homeopathy.

January 2017: Now I would like to describe the symptoms that have disappeared with homeopathic therapy.

Physically, he has been very healthy the past several years.

His skin stopped flaking off years ago. No scale formation either. No ruptures on his ear lobes. No serious bronchitis or asthma. The tonsils are no longer enlarged or sore. Sinusitis is gone, and the polyps are smaller.

No more constipation and Pollinosis is down to one month, without asthma.

Mentally: All mental and emotional problems have disappeared or significantly reduced, except for his fear of crowds and associated problems such as finding his way or remembering it. Armin keeps his eyes on the ground when he is in a crowd, and consequently he has trouble remembering the way.

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Saideh Kerscher

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