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A Case of Lack of Concentration

Dr. Pooriya Jeste Subhedar presents a case of behavior problems in a seven year old boy.

DATE 28/6/2011   NAME– DK – Age 7/ Male

A 7 year old boy came with his mother to my clinic. His mother is a nurse and the father is handicapped but working. His mother complained that the boy is too restless. He doesn’t sit at one place, doesn’t want to study and performs poorly in examinations. She said he doesn’t obey and is very irritable, talking back to everyone. He beats on his mother and throws things away when angry. There are complaints from his teachers that he doesn’t pay attention in class and lacks concentration. He also fights with other students. His books are incomplete and all crumpled. He doesn’t take notes in class. He makes spelling mistakes, e.g writes ‘b’ in place of ‘d’.          He likes cars and has technical knowledge and also likes to play video-games and go cycling.


CHIEF C/O : restlessness++, no concentration, disobeys, answers back

Doesn’t note down whatever he’s told in class. Keeps on asking questions


craving : sweets+++, candy/ dry fruits

Aversion: rice

appetite: NAD

thirst: more for cold water

stool: constipated

urine: burning sometimes

perspiration: head after exertion/ palms

sleep: teeth grinding++ ; muttering

dreams: nothing specific

thermals: ambithermal


MENTALS: restless; no concentration; changeable mood; Earlier hyperactive, fighting, cycling.          Had come walking from school in alone [4km]; told street people to help him cross the road.

books crumpled

spelling mistakes : ‘b’ ‘d’ scratching and scribbling

learns well – remembers well- poems+; math+

likes cars+ technical things + video games+ football+

understanding+ short tempered+ beats on mother; throws things away; irritable

teeth decayed++

P/H/O :- admitted in hospital for diarrhea during teething

Family H/O :- father – poliomyelitis both lower extremities


observation: The boy was silent and a bit shy at first visit, but was responsive and smiling. He did not agree to whatever his mother was saying. Kept on beating his mom saying what she told me was not true. He also said I will beat you on going home. He answered all the questions properly. He interacted well when asked for his preferences such as cars, games.


Prescription :-

Chamomilla 1M I DOSE




26/4/2013   Better – no C/O grinding teeth in sleep; DISOBEYING reduced; anger reduced; Restlessness>>        irritability reduced.


Rx : Sac lac 4pills x 2 times/day for 1 month 


Explanation and next prescription:

First Chamomilla was prescribed on the basis of his symptoms – irritability, spiteful, throwing things away. Tuberculinum was not given as the child had no fear at all. Chamomilla reduced his ‘irritable, quarrelsome, “no cooperation “attitude. When patient came in March, a new complaint, ‘fear of exams’ was mentioned. He became tense during exams. Due to the tension he forgot what was learned…. forgot tables and poems. Also lack of concentration. After reading tuberculin from different authors especially Kent, my next prescription was Tuberculinum. I gave Tuberculinum 1M total 6 doses (3/2013, 8/2014 and 9/2014.)


The boy and his mother returned 4 months after the last dose was given. His mother said she did not feel the need to take medicine for him in between. All his complaints were reduced. Marked improvement was seen in his studies, concentration and sincerity. There were no complaints from his teachers which happened frequently earlier. Answering back has reduced to nil. Restlessness is present+ but irritability is reduced. He has secured good grades in his exams and was appreciated by class teacher. He was also appointed as discipline monitor of his class. He studies on his own and doesn’t need to be pushed. He still exhibits teeth grinding sometimes and argues with his father sometimes. However beating people and throwing things has reduced. I told his mother to come only if has problems again.

Tuberculinum from Kent

Very irritable, wants to fight; no hesitancy in throwing anything at any one, even without cause. Memory weak, unable to think.

Comprehension and concentration almost impossible.

Nervous; weak; IRRITABLE. Peevish; Ill-mannered, quarrelsome; lies in bed and complains. Memory weak or lost; unable to think or comprehend.

Comprehension difficult; must read a paragraph several times before he can understand it.

About the author

Pooriya Jeste Subhedar

Dr. Pooriya Jeste Subhedar has completed her MD in Homoeopathy. She is a Homoeopathic consultant and Bach flower practitioner in Pune. She has done research in psychological problems of Geriatric patients and has dealt with cases of behavioral problems in children. Dr. Pooriya has also worked as medical officer at Sanjeevan Hospital, Pune. She has been part of an organization for eight years which holds a medical camp every year. She has worked as a consulting homoeopath at a charitable trust, Pune and also as a medical writer. twitter: @pooriyanatrum


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