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A Case of “You Literally Make Me Sick!”

Written by Jack Gagliardi

A case of loss of libido and nausea responds to a homeopathic polychrest.

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Liza, a 41 year old woman, came to see me for issues which she suspected stemmed from a hormonal imbalance, as well as anxiety, chest pains and heart palpitations.


Once we started getting into Liza’s case she told me that she had completely lost her libido, had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep, and was suffering with intense nausea in the morning on waking.


As Liza continued to talk she let me know that her nausea in the morning only really happened in certain circumstances. Whenever she looked at her husband sleeping next to her or if her husband touched her, she would immediately become intensely nauseous and would feel like vomiting, although she never did. As well, the thought of being intimate with him, repulsed her.


The more troubling issue for her was that she loved her husband dearly, yet she could not control these intense reactions when interacting with him, especially in the morning.  Liza would wake terrified and anxious in the morning. She experienced chest pains and heart palpitations. She experienced a dull heavy pain in the upper left chest and tingling down her left arm into her fingers. She felt like she would immediately worry about the business of the day and would make small things into big issues. Once she got herself to her workplace, she felt fine.


Liza was a very hard working woman who was worried that lately she was feeling lazy and unmotivated.  Once she managed to start her work, she was able to get most if it done, but it took a lot for her to get going.


She found lately that she was weeping more than usual, but could not pinpoint why.  Her libido, even fantasy, was non-existent. Physically In her words, she “just didn’t need it.”


She feels terrible in the sun. It makes her very uncomfortable and any time she is overheated she feels as if she would faint. She is generally colder than others and can have cold hands. She perspires very little. She has trouble falling asleep at night and frequently wakes at 4:30am.


The Prescription:


Liza’s nausea on waking, repulsion to her husband, cool body temperature, aggravation from the sun, indolence, waking after 4am, and causeless weeping clearly pointed to Sepia. Liza did tell me that she has had many aggravation from homeopathic remedies in the past, so I started her on a single dose of Sepia 12C in a 15ml bottle of water/alcohol solution. She took 5 drops.


She contacted me two days later and reported no aggravation. She therefore re-dosed for two more days.


Follow up:


Six weeks later Liza reported significantly less nausea and that she no longer had anxiety in the morning, chest pains or palpitations. She was able to have conversations with her husband but still had slight nausea. Her libido was slightly better, and the thought of intimacy did not repulse her now.


Follow up :


Liza checked in with me one month later and her symptoms started to return.  She was prescribed Sepia 30C in water for two days.


Follow up:


Liza’s symptoms were absent for 7 months and she reported feeling better than she had in years. No nausea, no anxiety, healthy libido and she was able to motivate herself with ease.


But this month she felt her symptoms returning. She was waking with a sense of dread as if she had received bad news. She was also feeling like she wasn’t being a good enough mom to her child. She felt like she wasn’t bonding with her young son. Her nausea began to return.


I prescribed Sepia 200C based on the increased intensity of her symptoms. I advised her to redose at the first sign of symptoms (nausea, anxiety).



Liza has only had to redose a few of times over the past 4 years and reports feeling symptom free, balanced and healthy and enjoying her relationships with her husband and son.

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Jack Gagliardi

Jack Gagliard DSHomMed, RCSHom - His background extends to several healing therapies. He achieved his honours BA from The University of Toronto and continued his education in Reiki, Blood Analysis, and Homeopathy. Through his own experience of illness, he decided to develop his practice in homeopathy. He’s had extensive training as a homeopath with The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy. Currently, Jack has a private practice in Toronto, Ontario.

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