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The Case of “What Makes Sammy Run”

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Written by Deborah Walters

Homeopath Deborah Walters presents a case chronic UTI’s in a woman of 66.

Case – Female 66 years old

Main Complaints:

  • TMJ, Hot flashes, Recurring UTI’s, Exhaustion, Sleeplessness

INTERVIEW DATE:   October 22, 2015

I= interviewer


Very thin tall older woman dressed flashy came to me with hot flashes and sleepless nights. She’s one of the top realtors in the cities. She doesn’t have time for the exhaustion because she’s so scheduled personally and professionally. She can’t say “no”, her grandchildren say.

Been well most of her life.

Medicines:  Antibiotics every month for the last 2 years.  Just got off Cenestin.

The case

I’m really tired and have a heaviness in the back of my eyes. Getting exhausted goes hand in hand with my TMJ or UTI’s.  Now I have hot flashes, I’m not sleeping at night – I’m so hot.  I came off the hormones in May; I took them for 20 years.

My TMJ hurts at the jaw;, all my teeth hurt, that’s when I’ve ignored the symptoms of the UTI and tired and kept on working.  Feels like I have a toothache in all my teeth, sharp pain, like an abscess, like pins.  Calming down, meditation makes it feel better.  I need to rest.  Each tooth has a pain that goes to the root.  When I work too many days in a row this happens.

I:  When did this start?

Before I started getting UTI’s I was exhausted, trying to calm down, couldn’t sleep, I’d meditate because the hot flashes interrupted my sleep, I had this heaviness and weight in the back of my eyes.  I wake up thinking of things in my day. I hope I’m not going to fall asleep at the wheel because I feel asleep at the wheel one time and crashed a little into the woods.

I’m exhausted and I don’t know it.  I love what I do I love being busy, the worst thing that can happen to me is if the doctor said to rest, when I have things in order, I feel better.

I:  You keep saying busy. What does it mean?

I always think of “What Makes Sammy Run?” from my childhood book.  I love a sense of accomplishment, helping people, I can’t imagine what I’d do if I wasn’t busy, I can’t picture what it would look like, even sitting by a lake.  I’m zip zip, 4 purchase agreements, constantly talking, it’s not the money, it’s being busy helping people, everyone gets what they want.  I’m driving here, there, I like that.  I feel calm when I’m doing my job.  I’m contributing, accomplishing, I can let go if things done’ work out in a deal, we’re a team.  I don’t like it but understand karma, I used to be very attached to the outcome, I couldn’t sleep without an offer, think over and over what to do, but now I just say it’s their karma, their house.

We’re selling our own house, it can’t get done fast enough, the bridal is on, I wish I could do all the work, but I can’t.  I don’t like relying on other people because even with my assistant, if I don’t follow up and something doesn’t get done I’m really upset.  I’m pissed she didn’t email, I’m disappointed in myself, if I give something important to someone to do and they don’t do it, it’s wrong.  If you make a commitment and no follow through it’s wrong.  You should be responsible.  I can’t tolerate injustices, even delivering bad news you can do it nicely, not treating others well is awful.  If I disappoint someone, I’m so crushed and devastated, I would never want to let anyone down.  I can do better than that.  My mom always motivated me by saying “it would make me feel so good if you would do…” I’d break my neck to make her happy.

Families are meant to support each other, when I see it in others it’s disappointing.  Everyone should really care about each other, my favorite aunt died and I felt so light and happy, joyful inside, I feel happy for people on the other side, it’s such a joyful day.  My grandkids say grandma can’t say no.  I just want to put joy in their hearts.

I:  What does it look like when you get pissed?

I’m yelling, saying exactly what I mean, direct, frank, to the point.  I have my nails in and that’s the way it’s going to be.  I’m tired of waiting for my husband with selling the house, he’s doing nothing, and I’m doing everything, screw you!  (that kind of energy)  If I’m mad, there’s a point.  A guide dog would kill to defend their owner, that’s what’s right, a warrior.  When I feel like that I would die for my cause.  It takes me a lot to get there.  Once I’m mad you can’t stop me.  Trust is big with me; I would never accept someone untrustworthy in my realm.  Dad said you should be able to give someone a sack of thousands of dollars, meet me downtown in 5 years, and that person would show up with the money.  I want to deal with people who are like that.

I:  Tell me about the hot flashes.

They are 24 hours, 7 days a week.  I feel like I’m on fire, everything in my body (hg) every cell is on fire, I’m sweating, my head is sweating, I never liked sweating.  I take covers off now I’m wet and cold.  Nothing spiritual I can do about it.

I:  What does the hot feel like?

Like I got sunburnt, I want to get out of the sun, I can’t stand it, I’m trapped, no getting away from it, claustrophobic feeling.  I can’t do anything, I’m helpless, no doorway I can get out.  It’s like the bad situations with my family are going on, I shouldn’t help them, it makes me sad, I know I can’t change it, everyone has their karma.

I:  Tell me about your dreams.

Wild dreams.  My son had surgery, he was lying in bed, I was cooking and taking care of him.  The night before I dreamt of my mother (who died) and she had black tears coming down her face, she’s ill and she needs me and I have to help.

I have this repeat nightmare since I was a kid:  there are dark spirits, I’m sensitive to that, the feeling was dark, lower entities around me trying to pull me down, this is what got me involved with spirituality at a young age.  I had dark spirits around me as a kid; they didn’t want me to go to the spiritual side.

I:  What’s the feeling of being around dark spirits?

I get scared, I had nightmares all the time as a kid, as a teen it’s like I’d doze off and I couldn’t come back into my body, I would panic.  I had a lot of dreams from leaping a building to another.  Flying.  I was afraid they would swallow me up; I’d say a mantra to make them go away.

I suddenly have this awful feeling I’ve been talking about myself so long, it feels so self-centered.  I was supposed to ask for a dream at this retreat, and I did – I was in a garden, beautiful emerald, green water.  I regenerate myself and make myself feel better, that’s where I’d go.  I don’t have to take care of anyone in this garden, it was intoxicating, light, sun, sense of calm, happy, joy.

I was afraid of the dark when I was little. I wouldn’t get up if the light wasn’t on.

I:  Any clothing you don’t like?

I hate turtlenecks, they make me feel confined, I don’t like anything tight on me, I can’t breathe.

I:  Tell me about the UTI’s?

Burning, stabbing pain, curled up in a ball it hurts so bad, I lie on the floor and rock myself on the floor, makes me sick to my stomach.  I have to function, working out aggravates it, then I wasn’t resting.  I was pushing my body and within 30 minutes of working out the symptoms come on suddenly.  It’s really intense.  It’s deep pain when I go.  I had to go to my open house I was doing mantras I was in so much pain.

I:  What food cravings do you have?

Vegetables like broccoli, protein drinks, cheese.

I:  When you feel vulnerable how is it?

Scared they are going to get me, then I call on my Master. (Spiritual guru) I’ve got to rest and I don’t’ want to, I’m wearing out my body, I have to slow down, but I don’t want to.


She’s run herself into the ground, but remarkably busy since a single mom at age 35.  Her pains in all areas were sharp, or like pins.  They are like fire, burning.  She has a ton of energy, is loquacious and owns the room when she enters; she dresses very flashy with perfection and expensive clothing, drives the best Lexus cars.

When I analyze a case I look at the axis someone is operating on.  For her, one end of the spectrum was being busy, in her mind “serving” others, on the other end of this axis was inability to sit still or relax.  She also operated from lightness and spirituality and darkness, evil spirits.  She’s very spiritual, meditates often and calls on a higher power throughout her day, she believes she hears spirits.

When she can’t control a situation she becomes pissed and is powerful using everything she has to move the situation to her desires, often surrounding issues of what is right and fair.

Others motivate her by needing her or not letting others down; she can’t say no. Her compassion drives her.

Reasons for choosing remedy or other remedies considered

I was between Cantharis for the chronic UTI’s and language around insects, but the hot flashes were the most immediate symptom, she runs hot and can’t stand heat, she mentioned tight clothing, and was claustrophobic.  It feels like it’s closing in on her during the hot flash and suffocating.   She has heightened spirituality and a sense of evil spirits, hearing them, believing they are trying to possess her.

She makes the appearance of humility, het masked underneath this is a strong sense of self and so much power she can make things happen.  In her work she’s always sizing up the competition and the way she gets deals done is how she talks, it’s magnetic.  When difficulties present themselves as Sankarin notes, “she turns to spirituality and starts meditating.”


Mind:  Fear; evil, of

Mind; SYMPATHETIC, compassionate, too

Mind:  BUSY

Mind:  DELUSIONS, imaginations, phantoms, sees

Generalitis SUDDEN manifestations

Generalities:  PAIN; burning, smarting, fire like

Perspiration; BED; agg; climacteric period, in

Generalities; HEAT; flushes of

Generalities; PAIN; burnt, scalded

REMEDY:  Lachesis 200c

In addition take probiotics for 2 months on an empty stomach in the morning  and full spectrum digestive enzymes with meals to heal the gut from all the antibiotic use.


4 weeks

I’m not getting the hot flashes, and no UTI’s.  I know you wanted dreams, so I have one. I was in my daughter’s house, water coming down all over, it was clear, calm I just feel like everything will be washed clean.

My mom just died, I’m not consciously grieving, I just feel numb.  I keep asking God to give me what He wants me to do and take care of people, I just want to be His vessel until I know, I don’t have any fire in my belly for work, I’m going through the motions, don’t feel this flight/fight adrenaline, that was my mojo.

I feel calm, just trying to figure out what is most important thing to do every day.  My husband’s slowness isn’t aggravating me anymore.  I don’t know where I’m at; I miss the fire in my belly.  I feel calm, peaceful, my anger is gone.

I keep imagining mom holding me and she knew who I was, I wasn’t there and she held me (tears) I can’t go back and be there more, I don’t know if it was good enough for her.  I keep asking what I need to be doing?  (She was caring for her ailing mother in her own home for 3 years.)

Call at 7 weeks

First UTI again.  Gave Canth 200c 2 doses took care of it.

Follow up 3 months

I don’t feel I have to please as much.  I’ve had a couple hot flashes, when they come they aren’t there long, I just flip covers off my feet at night.  Not as frequent.

I don’t have any TMJ, haven’t been going 100 miles per hour.  I’m not working day and night anymore.

I’m setting up boundaries; I haven’t been “putting money on the table for those in trouble.”  Never did any good.  I never would’ve said that before!

I’d like to have help with the hot flashes, they are coming back.

P:  Lachesis 200c 2 doses

Call 4 months

She’s having UTI’s again, Cantharis 200c, 2 doses

Follow up 6 months

Business is returning. I feel much better adjusted to mom’s death.  My hot flashes are returning a little, their intensity and how long they last aren’t nearly how they used to be. I started getting the UTI again before my trip to Rio.  My chest is tightening thinking of problems with my kids.  I just had the flu pain in the joints and back, my throat is so dry and my eyes were burning felt like daggers.

I had a dream I had a baby to take care of, it hadn’t eaten, I felt sick I hadn’t done what I needed to do.

I’m getting so tired again in the evening around 6pm I’d like more energy, like when I first took the remedy.


She responded nicely to Lachesis, but with all the burning, sharp pains, her business and observation how nicely she responded to Cantharis, I decided to change her to taking Cantharis instead of Lachesis.  In her original intake I could see the words “crushed” “flying” burning, “sudden” “intense” and overall “busy can’t sit still quick movements.”

P:  Cantharis 1M 3 doses

Phone call 10 month later

All is well!  No UTI’s at all for 4 months, no antibiotic use for almost a year, just a few hot flashes coming back and so busy with work.

P:  Redose Cantharis 1M 2 doses

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Deborah Walters moved into the Minneapolis area bringing her 15 years of clinical experience and training in Naturopathy and Homeopathy. She specializes in mental illness, children and youth’s well being and treats numerous other conditions. Her hallmark is getting to the core of the issue without losing sight of the whole picture. She is the author of the book, The Supreme Remedy, on how the mind, body and soul work together to create harmony. As an educator, she presents at international conferences and private events. She regularly treats those in poverty. You can find out more or contact her through her website: www.

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