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A Case of Rabies Looking for Hope Where There Was No Hope

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Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma presents a case of rabies in a 6 year old child.

Name –Mr. Vishal.   Age 6 years

First consultation on 8/9/2000

R/O- Jaspur, Dist. Udham Singh Nagar, UP

The patient was brought in the night of 8-9-2000 to the indoor department of my hospital.  Various physicians had attempted to treat him and he had been referred back and forth.

He was dog bitten two months ago. The disease progressed as follows:

  • The trouble was noted two weeks ago. In the beginning his speech began to slur. Many of his words were unintelligible.
  • Irritability increased to a marked degree. Became violent, angry and dangerous.
  • Mild fevers off and on and the symptoms in this regard were changeable. Extreme thirst. Ravenous hunger. Hurried and impatient.
  • Desire to escape, desire to bite and strike at others.
  • Balance of the body became unstable. Salivation copious, viscid.
  • Great stiffness in lower limbs. No pain.
  • Craving for ice cold water but unable to drink due to spasm in throat that was spreading throughout the body. Hence, extreme fear of water.
  • Temperament very irritable. Desire to injure others. Desire to cling to his mother. Surprisingly, no anger or violence towards his mother. Gestures, as if trying to frighten others or to injure them. Eyes staring, wild looking. Craving light.
  • Head hot, limbs cold. Shrieking. Obstinate. Striking himself.
  • History of mild head injury three years ago. No problem was felt ever before.
  • Was a very timid baby with carious teeth. Had habit of sleeping on abdomen.

Clinical diagnosis Rabies


  • OBSTINATE, headstrong
  • OBSTINATE, headstrong – children
  • CLINGING – take the hand of mother, will always
  • CLINGING – child – grasps the nurse when carried
  • HELD – desire to be held (Eliminating Rubric)
  • LIGHT – desire for
  • BITING – himself
  • STRIKING – himself
  • SHRIEKING – obstinate
  • OBSTINATE, headstrong – fever, during
  • INJURIES of the head, after
  • TEETH – CARIES, decayed, hollow
  • SLEEP – POSITION – abdomen, on



8-9-2000   Rx-  Strammonium 1M one dose.  SL 1 hourly.

9-9-2000 —Feeling of improvement.

Rx- Belladonna 1M, one hourly.

10-9-2000 —Again feeling improvement. No hydrophobia at all.

Rx- Ars alb 200, 2 hourly. 11-9-2000 —Improvement continued in all respects except irritability and desire to remain in his mother’s hands.

RX- Chamomilla 1M 3 hourly


12-9-2000  –

No Further Symptoms

23-9-2000  – Cured


About the author

Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma BHMS, MD (Homoeopathy), hMD (UK), DI Hom (London), DLit (UK), PhD, Consultant Homoeopathic Physician (30 years’ experience, treating patients from more than 40 countries). International Vice President- Homoeopathy World Community, Executive/Privileged Member- Delhi Homoeopathic Medical Association, Life Member- Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, Life Member- Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians, Life Member- Indian Medico-legal and Ethics Association, author of several research papers, articles, case presentations, and books. faculty to several National and International Conferences, recipient of many International and National Awards, Chief Managing Director- Homoeo Cure & Research Institute, Sparsh Multispecialty Hospital and Vaibhav Homoeopathic Pharma.

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