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A Case of Renal Cell Carcinoma and Hepatic Metastasis


Wg Cdr ( Retd ) BK Malhotra who essentially learned homeopathy by reading various M.M., medical journals and books presents a case of cancer that he treated 14 years ago. We don’t normally publish cases where polypharmacy was used, but in this case, I felt readers would appreciate it.

Mrs Bimla Lamba 80 years, a known hypertensive for > 20 years who was on regular treatment (Amlodepine/ Atenolol) developed painless hematuria followed by Lt flank pain after a few hours. After the first incidence of hematuria, she continued to have intermittent episodes and on 26/07/2003 was admitted to the hospital for evaluation.

On 26/7/2003 one of Mrs Lamba’s relatives approached me for help in stopping the blood in urine. She had also observed clotted blood with urine.

I suggested giving the patient a combination consisting of Ipeca+Hamamelis+Terebinthina+Millifolium all in low potencies (3X). The bleeding stopped in very short duration of two days.

Meanwhile the hospital conducted various tests and established Lt Renal Cell Carcinoma with hepatic Metastasis. The prognosis for the patient was extremely poor. I was advised that the patient could live from between 1 – 6 months.

The family then approached me once again for any possible help with the patient’s medical condition.

METHODOLOGY OF TREATMENT –  I adopted the following methodology for the treatment of the patient

  • Treat Renal Cell Carcinoma
  • Treat Hepatic Metastasis.
  • Try to stop further metastasis.
  • Support digestive system including liver for their normal functioning.
  • Support Kidneys and associated system for their normal functioning.

The following remedies were suggested: ( See ingredients of these tablets at the end of the case.)

  1. Father Muller Specific Pills and Tablets No 14 to be taken ½ hour before lunch and dinner for liver.
  2. Father Muller Specific Pills and Tablets No 17 to be taken ½ hour after lunch and Dinner for Kidneys.
  3. Father Muller Specific Pills No 26 (known to be Specific for hemorrhage from any organ) to be taken in the morning and evening.
  4. Formic Acid 6 for Kidney cancer (Homeopathy Treatment for Kidney Cancer) twice daily (Page 293 Materia Medica by Boericke )
  5. Cholesterinum 3X for Liver cancer four times a day ( Page 199 Materia Medica by Boericke )
  6. Carcinosinum 200 once a week as general cancer remedy ( Page 179 MM by Boericke )
  7. Berb Aq 200 morning and evening for improvement in blood quality and quantity ( Page 119 MM by Boericke) and for stimulation of all glands and improvement of nutrition )
  8. Sil 1M once daily for any ulcers ( Page 590 MM by Boericke )

Mrs. L and her family showed commendable commitment to ensure the remedies were taken as prescribed.  By 18/8/2003 (defying the 1 month prognosis by doctos) Mrs Lamba’s health stablised. She continued to take the above remedies until 15/10/2003 following which specifics were removed and she was advised to take the following dietary supplements:-

  • Protein powder (available from Amway)
  • Daily Vitamin also from Amway
  • Cabbage Juice twice daily to detoxify the liver
  • Green Tee to get Anti-Oxidants

Remedies suggested were regularly taken by Mrs L.  Mrs L who lived in Chindwara a small town in Chattisgarh state of India, refused to go for further cancer check-ups despite repeated reminders. She claimed her health was better than it had ever been since onset of the above treatment.

The cancer remedies were slowly reduced in number of doses and subsequently withdrawn. Mrs Lamba enjoyed a healthy life and lived to be 91 years of age – outliving her prognosis by 11 years.

The Following documents were used as references:-

  1. Guide to Health of the Fr. Muller’s Charitable institutions.
  2. Materia Medica by Boericke.

Encl:  Discharge Card Copy of Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre.


Brief Therapeutic Notes on Father Muller’s Specifics :

Father Muller’s Specific No. 14 Pills: Capsicum An ,Conium Mac , Lycopodium, Nux Vomica. All 6X

(It is for all diseases of digestive organs , the stomach , liver and spleen , loss of appetite , indigestion , dyspepsia , nausea , vomiting. )

Father Muller’s Specific No. 14 Tablets: Carbo Veg , Ferrum Met , Lachesis , Magnesia Phos. All 6X

(Specific No. 14 Tablets should be used to aid and supplement the action of No. 14 Pills )

Father Muller’s Specific No. 17 Pills : Acon Nap , Phosphorus , Apis Mel , Cantharis.All 6X

(It is for the diseases of the uterus , va-gina , bladder , and kidneys in women )

Father Muller’s Specific No . 17 Table : Nat Sulp , Graphites , Calc Phos , Borax. All 6X

(Specific No . ts :17 Tablets should be used to aid and supplement the action of No .17 Pills )

Father Muller’s Specific No . 26 : Ipecac , Hamamelis, Terebinthina , Millifolium. All 3X

(It is used in haemorrhages from any organ and for injuries are given in para 3 of case sheet . )

About the author

BK Malhotra

BK Malhotra Wg Cdr ( Retd ) BK Malhotra has served as an electronics engineer in the Indian Air Force for 25 years, retiring in 1992 with the rank of Wing Commander. After his family found success with homeopathic treatment, he decided to learn about it on his own, by reading various M.M., medical books and journals etc. With his self gained knowledge he managed over the years to treat some 6000 patients for free, often with much success. Most were cases which came to him after prolonged use of conventional medicines. His most rewarding one was a cancer case that he succeeded in putting into remission.

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