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A Case of Psoriasis Treated Constitutionally

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Patient: S.B.

Age/sex: 13 years/female


The patient came to the clinic with eruptions on skin, [1] localized more on both hands (see images below). Itching, discharging blood after scratching, cracks and flakes and was having some gastric complaints.


The girl was suffering from these eruptions for the past 2 years and had allopathic treatment for the last 8-9 months. Her condition was getting worse, making her irritable and she was living in fear that the problem was incurable.



Lack of appetite, easy satiety with eructations sometimes. After eating, feels pressure in stomach.

APPETITE: Diminished, easy satiety

THIRST – Normal

FOOD: Desires sweets

SLEEP: Disturbed

FEAR: Darkness, ghosts

ANXIETY/STRESS: worried about her illness


ABDOMEN: Fullness sometimes eating after

EXTREMITIES: Eruptions itching, discharging blood after scratching on both hands.


PRESCRIPTION: On repertorising the case, Lycopodium was decided on.


Lycopodium 30 was given stat and placebo was given tds for a week.


There were considerable changes in skin symptoms, gastric complaints and mental generals. The skin eruption began to subside, no more eructations and her fear was almost gone. She was put on placebo again for a week.


Mental and gastric complaints were almost gone with some eruption left behind. Again placebo was given for one more week.


Now the case became standstill. The eruptions that had subsided appeared again.  Lycopodium 30 single dose was repeated with placebo tds for 15 days.


No more eruptions and no gastric or mental complaints. Patient was very happy and feeling well. Given placebo tds for next 15 days.


A few eruptions appeared which were smaller than before, itching a bit and dry. Again Lycopodium 30 single dose with placebo tds for 15 days.


The patient came back on 18th Feb 2013 with eruptions which were itchy and discharging blood after scratching. On taking the above mentioned symptoms the patients was given Sulphur 200, a single dose and placebo tds for next 15 days.


No eruptions and any other complaints were present, good appearance of skin. Placebo tds given for 1 month.


New healthy skin seen. Again placebo tds for one month


The patient was well and had no skin eruptions or other complaints. (see the images below).

[2] [3]