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A Case of Spina Bifida

Written by Shyamji Rai

Dr. Shyamji Rai presents a case of Spina Bifida.

Name: SP

Age: 6 months

Gender F

Baby SP was diagnosed with Spina bifida when she was three month old. The parents contacted us when the baby was six months old. She had taken allopathic treatment for two months. The neurosurgeon said the baby needed complicated surgery, otherwise she would remain handicapped for life (but gave no assurance of normal life after surgery).

Shyamji Raimarch2016

Case study

Her birth was normal, but as she grew, she was not able to crawl, turn from one side to another or to sit up on her own. Could not bear weight on her legs, and if she tried to stand, her legs would just flop.

  • Frequent colds.
  • Hot patient, often sleeps uncovered especially feet; likes cool, open air and dislike heat.
  • Sleep – won’t sleep until late at night, then restless sleep. Lying on abdomen or knee-chest position.
  • Fear of dark.
  • Marked craving for cold milk, water.
  • Strong smelling urine and stool.

Shyamji Raimarch2016 (2)  Shyamji Raimarch2016 (4)  Shyamji Raimarch2016 (3)


  • Small lump on the lower back.
  • Her head size was comparatively bigger than a normal child (hydrocephalous).
  • Left leg smaller than her right both in length and thickness.

MRI finding suggestive of dorsal dermal sinus intra medullary lesion at l-1 level as described dermoid

–        Low lying cord

–        Spina bifida defect as described

Family history of suppressed gonorrhoea.

Based on history of the case I prescribed Medorrhinum 1M followed by

  • sac lac for three months
  • Calcarea fluorica – 3x 1-1-1for three months.
  • Silicea 3x – 1-1-1– for three months.

Follow up after three months

After three months

  • Able to sit on her own without any support.
  • Walks with the help of support.
  • No sign of hydrocephalous.
  • Increase in weight as well as height.

Shyamji Raimarch2016 (5) Shyamji Raimarch2016 (6) Shyamji Raimarch2016 (7)

  • sac lac – six month
  • Calcarea fluorica – 3x 1-1-1for six months.
Shyamji Raimarch2016 (8)

Recent photograph 15-10-15

Follow up after six months

After six months

Started walking, running, jumping like a normal child.

Follow up after six months.

sac lac – six months

After six months

Now she is a grown up child without any signs or symptoms of abnormality. She is cured. It was time to stop the remedies because homeopathy cures not suppresses. (Suppressed disease require continuous medicine and may be lifelong.)


                                     Thanks Dr. Hahnemann

About the author

Shyamji Rai

Dr. Shyamji L. Rai (DHMS, Msc) is a qualified consultant in homeopathy with more than 15 years experience. He has clinics at Vikhroli, Chembur and Govandi in the suburbs of Mumbai. He is also associated with various NGOS and charitable trusts in the field of health and environment. Dr. Rai serves as a columnist in the leading newspapers. He has successfully treated hundreds of cases of chronic emotional and physical conditions, including immune disorders, infertility, spondylitis and renal problems. Dr. Rai also takes cases online and has treated patients around the world, from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia. Visit Dr. Rai at his website:


  • Dear Dr
    My son is facing problem of spinal bifida with scoliosis, I have seen u treating such cases & that gives me immense hope for the treatment. Kindly let me know how to get in touch with you . I am a resident of Lucknow at UP

  • Sir my son is of 4 months having spina bifida teethered cord all doctors suggested for surgery as seen ur post want to contact u please provide the information so that I can send u the reports of son.

  • Hi .. Sir
    This is flora i have given birth to baby girl on 150/07/2020
    After the birth cum to know that baby is suffring from spina bifida doctor recomeded surgery as soon so we did surger on 27 sep 2020 after surgery doctor the surgery was good. But dont know and baby is crying wild doing pee and potti . After doing she is again becom normal but she is doing little little .. Plz surggesst her some treatment

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