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A Case of Steroid Dependent Mesangial Proliferative Glomerulus Nephritis

Written by Kamal Jalodia

Dr. Kamal Jalodia presents a Case of Steroid Dependent Mesangial Proliferative Glomerulus Nephritis

First visit on 31.10.15

A male patient of 18 years presented with pathology of Nephrotic Syndrome which was diagnosed as Mesangial Proliferative GN (steroid dependent). He exhibited swelling of the whole body. This was a relapse of swelling after a remission of two years and the patient was on steroids. There was generalised weakness and urine was albuminous containing protein ++++. He was diagnosed with this pathology in 2000 when he was 2 years old. On further investigation of the case the following symptoms were elicited:  cramps calf muscles +++, Perspiration especially face ++ & Cervical region ++,  Coldness of feet +++.  The edema was mainly in lower extremities ++. Desire cheese +, Pepper ++, spices ++, Aversion – Milk ++. Weight71 kg, B.P 140/90 mm of Hg. A+, club-0,J-0,Oed-+++.

Allopathic medicines he was taking:  Prednisolone 30 mg twice daily +Pan 40+ Evitel 40 + Shelcal 500+ Nephrocaps

Note: On investigation it was found that the patient had an acute high fever before the onset of nephrotic syndrome. After that he used to have low grade fever with coryza and that used to produce a relapse of protein in urine.

After evaluation and repertorization of the case in Vithoulkas Compass Repertory System  the  prescription was:

Calcarea Carbonica 200-1 Dose in 10 ml aqua distilled. He was given placebo in pills form for one month, with tapering of the steroids every week.  He was on Prednisolone 30 mg twice daily

Pan 40+ Evitel 40 + Shelcal 500+ Nephrocaps (all discontinued)

First follow up 19.12.15

After the dose of Calcarea Carb 200, he had one mild coryza for 2-3 days and when it went away, his energy level improved. Urine still showed protein ++. Since last 2 weeks there was a diminution of energy and swelling was increasing. He was still on 10 mg of steroid. Cramps decreased.

Prescription- Calcarea Carb 200- 1D in aqua distilled with placebo and again tapering of steroid.

Note:  In treating a patient who is on allopathic drugs, there is frequent relapse with need of repetition of the same remedy with same potency, as the indication was same.

Second follow up 20.02.16

The patient came this time with a bout of severe cough since last 7 days; no swelling, no protein in urine and off all steroids since January. Cough was aggravated on lying +++. He has to sit up in bed ++. Throat pain more towards morning ++. Throat pain on swallowing liquid+. Cough ameliorated by expectoration++.

On repertorization in VC repertory.

Prescription- Coccus Cacti 30- 2 doses in aqua distilled was given.

Note: In the patient with weak vitality, to stimulate the vitality further we need to enter upon an acute prescription if the picture is clear.

There was a reporting over phone after 3 days that the cough was much better and the patient was feeling better in general.

Third follow up 21.03.16

There was a recurrence of cramps in calf muscles, and toes. Patient was constipated. Perspiration increased again over face and cervical region. No edema, no protein in urine.

Prescription – Calcarea Carb 200-1Dose in aqua distilled.

Fourth follow up 21.05.16

No Complaint.

Prescription – placebo

Fifth follow up 13.08.16

Running nose 2 weeks, fever since yesterday 99F occasional cramps calves, Heaviness abdomen+++, pain face especially jaw bones++, headache during heaviness of abdomen. After. Heartburn around that time, incomplete eructation ++  desires spices but causes heartburn. Worse at 17.00 hrs++

Prescription – Lycopodium-12 – 3 doses in aqua distilled.

Sixth follow up 26.10.16

Pain left upper Pre Molar (carious tooth) +++, feeling as if tooth elongated++, salivation with toothache++. Eruption groin+++

Prescription- Hepar sulph 12-3 doses in aqua distilled.

Seventh Follow up 30.10.16(over phone)

The patient developed high fever 103F with pain in throat right sided extending to right ear. Headache++. Coldness of extremities+++. Thirstlessness.

Prescription- Belladonna-200 -5 repetitions were needed over a period of 3 days.

Note:  There was reappearance of acute high fever after one year of treatment and symptoms of nephrotic syndrome were totally gone. About the interaction between various diseases, Master Hahnemann mentioned in Organon para 36-40 three conditions which are possible in a case when two dissimilar diseases meet in an organism (dissimilar means two diseases close in their spectrum of symptomatology which are close to the susceptibility of the organism to produce symptoms but not a simillimum to annihilate each other). Here in this case the Nephrotic syndrome did not allow any acute high fever (more than 101F) which was dissimilar to the organism for the last 16 years. And the manifestation of acute fever signifies that the chronic disease has left the organism making way for acute dissimilar diseases. And it is also the resurfacing of old symptoms.

About the author

Kamal Jalodia

Dr Kamal Jalodia is a Classical Homoeopath practising since 23 years. He completed D.H.M.S from Kolkata India, further studied the Dip. IACH (Greece) under Prof. George Vithoulkas from 2006-2008. He also trained at the PG. Course on “Levels of Health” by Prof. George Vithoulkas in 2011, and the Advanced PG course at IACH (Greece) in 2015&2019. He is the coordinator of the IACH E-Learning Programme for Kolkata (India).


    • Dear Shubham, I had send repertorial work for every follow-up, Unfortunately the reperotrial worksheet of first visit is not published. The lycopodium clav which is coming up as 1st remedy is from the visit of 13.08.2016. I must appreciated that you have keenly followed the whole case….!!

    • Yes, The last reporting was on nov-2016, since that time no relapse. As you can see from the case the OLD symptoms such as fever and tonsillitis came back. As per Hearing’s Law of cure we can pronounce a cure..!!

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