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A Case of Tremor

A case of tremor analyzed according to classical teaching.



G .V –  male age 45

appearance : short, thin, anxious

happily married with 4 children

works as cleaner

lives in council flat

He us in the process of filing legal papers to stay living in UK. His wife has citizenship and all his children have British nationality.

He was living as an illegal immigrant for the past few years.


Presenting complaint:

1- I feel like shaking all over my body, specially when I am lying still in bed causing me insomnia and inability to sleep. This sensation is all over the body but worse from waist up to shoulder and neck. It’s like vibration accompanied by anxiety and feeling very warm and I start sweating. This sensation is worse standing still or lying down and sleeping and better by movement.  (He is under hospital care for tests.)

2- Unable to sleep at night causing me severe distress and anxiety when I think about it.

3- Back pain over thoracic region better lying down.


Past medical history : None

Family history : Mother suffers from high blood pressure, father died of heart attack.

Medication : None


General examination

Head : sweating from waist up to head < during tremors

Nose  : blocked – both nostrils, suffers from hay fever.

Chest : slight dry coughing aggravated by cold drinks , > warm drinks > honey and lemon

Heart : palpation and tremors < anxiety, < sleep

Stomach : hyperacidity < worse by stress.

Joints and extremities : pain left knee  > rest  < movement < shaking.

Nails : thick, easily break, ridges, ribbed and wavy ——-sycotic nails

Skin oily

Homeopathic history:

Mental generals

active++, energetic++, angry+, impatient++++, neat and clean ++, punctual+++

character, anticipation,

caring, anxious, impatient, loving, honest, creative conscientious, passionate, safe person, serious, sincere, sensitive, forsaken

memory :   weak

Fears :  fear of heights when he was young, fear of incurable diseases, losing self control.

Happiest moment of his life: when he spends time with his family

Saddest incident of his life :  when his father passed away.

Mental causative factor : very worried all the time.  All his family are residents of UK but he is the only one of them who is an illegal immigrant, making him feel very anxious all the time.


Homeopathic generalities physical

hot person

likes and crave open air, fresh air

food:  likes salt, sour, spicy, like fish, meat, chicken, eggs, like warm food

like hot drinks


Appetite :   normal

Sleeps on the right side, intermittent sleep due to his tremors

dreams :  none

Perspiration  : normal

Urine and stools   : normal

Hobbies:  likes computers, editing videos

*hospital investigations all normal, including MRI scan and all blood tests normal.

*He was advised to take B blocker propranolol for his tremors


Miasmatic analysis


tremors —— sycotic,

anxiety———- psora



not done


Analysis of the case :

There is etiology in this case, long standing history of feeling trapped, unusual long mental exertion being an illegal immigrant waiting for his papers to be approved. As soon as his papers were completed he was offered citizenship and then he developed tremors, loss of control, trembling.


Mental etiology

1- Unusual mental exertion

2- Unusual change of his home, moved from his country to UK

3- isolation

4- frightened all the time

5-lack of self confidence, unable to apply for any job

6- forsaken

7- anxiety about illegal status causing him anticipation all the time.


Weakest link in this case:

Mental, nervous system, gastrointestinal


Keynotes :

physical weakness :manifested by tremors, trembling extremities. incoordination

mental weakness: manifested by anxiety, lack of confidence, loss of control, insomnia


Miasmatic analysis :

psora +++, sycosis +++, Tubercular++++



*First consultation   Arg nit 200c/1M

2 doses because of etiology of unusual, long continued mental exertion


*Second consultation 6 weeks later

improved 70%

mental energy, physical energy improved, appetite good

sleeps better

occasional tremors not every day, less trembling.

Prescription   :  Sac lac


Third consultation 6 weeks later:

Improving, less tremors and mental and general energy improved, still slight tremors at night when he is tired.


Sac lac


Fourth consultation after 6/12

Deteriorated, sleep still okay, but he is awakened by tremors again

Very worried and anxious due to recurrence of the tremors and trembling waking him.  from sleep

Prescription :   Repeat Arg nit 1M followed by 10M


Follow up after 12 weeks : Patient general wellbeing physical and mental much improved. He still rarely has occasional tremors at night, but it does not bother him.


Final Note:  This patient never took any of the conventional medication prescribed by the hospital.  This case illustrates the clear and simple approach taught at Allen College of Homoeopathy.

1- observation:  patient’s look, gestures, behaviors

2-look for etiology

3- keynotes

4- miasms


How to use your medication :  Single globule dose taken in 500ml bottle of water. Dissolve, shake, and sip the water all day. Refill bottle when 1 inch left. First dose for 7 days.  Stop 7days.  Second dose:  repeat the above procedure for 7 days .

About the author

Tagelbahaa Bahnassy

Dr. Tagelbahaa Bahnassy graduated MB Bch Ain Shams CAIRO,University 1971, LRCP MRCS London and has a diploma in Anaesthesia, DA London, MF Hom London 2009. She is a retired general practitioner UK since 2012. She was introduced to homeopathy by the faculty of homeopathy in 2005 and furthered her knowledge by joining Allen College of Homeopathy in 2006 for summer school. Dr Subrata Banerjea encouraged her with his outstanding teaching and passion for homeopathy. Following his classical approach and attending all his postgraduate courses, summer schools, clinical teaching clinics and traveling to India for his yearly courses helped enrich her knowledge. After 40 years practising conventional medicine, she continues helping people with the wonderful healing power of homeopathy.


    • Thank you for your question
      The line was missed
      Asked if he is hot or chilly
      He replied he is hot like open air

  • Very nice presentation, Thank you…but dosing isn’t clear.
    ….”and sip the water all day” ……What is the amount and how long gap should be ? Again, 1M followed by 10M , …..After how long time i.e. what
    is the gap between 1M & 10M ? Plz…make it clear.

    • Thank you for your question
      Siping the water it means drink as much as you can use the bottomless as your drinking water the more you shake the bottle the mor your are plussing the dose whichever means 200c becoming 200c++
      *** dose of 200c /1M worked for almost 6 month when he start to feel the tremors agin he was given repeat of 1M to take in water for one week then rest for 7 days the 10M to sip for 7 days the reason for 2 doses , is there is aetiology also Kent used to repeat every potency twice before exhausting the potency.

  • i just want to know that if u w’ll have to repertorise the case,what strong rubrics will u take…for the medicine to come out.
    again next thing that apart from the case,that can u plzz explain urs method of dosing….

  • I went through the case for the second time and I found it to be enreaching.But madam let us know how -after considering mental totality to decide prescription -miasmatic analysis affected the prescription?
    Thank you!

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