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A Case Of Ultrasound, Homeopathically Prepared.

Behavioral problems in a 13 year old are solved with potentized ultrasound.

I send along this case, since this imponderable remedy had a profound effect on a young woman who had begun to self-mutilate at the age of 13.  I took the case in 2005, and I followed up by phone over a three year period, in which it was reported to me by her mother that all symptoms had resolved.  The remedy may be indicated more frequently than we know in modern times, since the use of ultrasound on pregnant mothers is ubiquitous, in spite of the unknown possible side effects and warnings by ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) to use it only in cases where the information obtained could make a difference in pregnancy management.  Personally, I wonder if the use of ultrasound is behind the new self-mutilation tendencies in young people, and if the growing fad of tattoos is an expression of the body looking for an experience of something it can’t quite get.


AC Female, age 13

23 June 2005

The mother makes an appointment with me because her daughter has behavioral problems and is beginning to cut herself.  She tells me by phone they have begun to go to a counselor and the counselor is very worried about her.  She heard about homeopathy from a friend who sees me and wants to try it for her daughter.

They come to consultation, and AC is a beautiful young woman who looks and acts more like an 18 year old.  During the consultation, I keep losing track of the fact she’s only 13.  She is dressed in black and red, wears make-up and has about 5 circular earrings on the pinna of the right ear.

When I ask her what she’d like help with, she says she’d like a better relationship with her mother.  Immediately the mother jumps in and says, “It’s like she’s the mother. She’s better in a lot of things than we are.  She’ll say something we just said, but uses bigger words.”

She has problems sleeping, and left to her own devices, she’ll go to bed at 7:00 a.m., and sleep through the day until 3:00 or 4:00 p.m.  She wakes up very pale.

She has mood swings.  She can be loving and caring and then flip into being confrontational.  She yells at her sister.  “I know I can hurt people.”

Several times during the consult, she and her mother got into heated arguments over trivial matters (like why a certain pair of socks got separated in the laundry).  Clearly the mother is exasperated, and AC is oppositional and gets the upper hand.  She can be quite forgetful and can’t remember things “unless it’s something she’s interested in,” says the mother

She has a hard time concentrating in school.  “There are kind of random thoughts that come and go.”  She gets hyper at night.  Twitches in her sleep and moves around a lot.  “I have this weird obsession with rice.  I want to eat with my favorite spoon.  I like pickles.”

Her mother says she can be very sensitive to other people’s feelings, that she can be over-protective.  She has dreams that come true.

She loves listening to loud music with headphones.

When I inquire about any dreams, she becomes animated and says, “Yes, I’ve had this dream so many times!  I was sent to Australia.  We were swimming in the bay, and someone threw me a phone.  I didn’t get electrocuted or anything.  It was my mom.  I talked to her and then threw the phone back and went on swimming.”  Another dream she has had several times:  “I am in a house, in a glass room.  There’s an eagle flying around.  Then the eagle turns into Dan.”

I am quite taken with her eloquence and excitement in talking about these dreams, and since I have begun to wonder about imponderable remedies (based on information from Lou Klein’s insights into these remedies), I ask if she uses a cell phone a lot.  She doesn’t.  Then reflecting on the image in the dream, I ask the mother if by chance she had any ultrasounds during her pregnancy.  It turns out that she’d had many ultrasounds because she’d had gestational diabetes, and had an ultrasound done almost every week.  Also, during her pregnancy, she was working the graveyard shift at a factory, and she listened to rock music every night.   As a baby and as a small child, AC couldn’t stand to be contained; she was like a wild animal.


Family history:  Mother and sister with allergies.

Maternal Grandfather with alcoholism.

Paternal grandmother with diabetes at an advanced age.


Based on precocity, the oppositional behavior, the random thoughts,  (all indicators of an “imponderable remedy” and the sense she’s trying to “hear” something that’s not there, 5 earrings on the pinna, using headphones to listen to music, the dreams which seem like metaphors for ultrasound (even Australia…is the country “down under”), I found out what frequency of ultrasound was being used in the early 90’s, and then found that this remedy had been potentized by Helios.


Plan: Ultrasound (general) 1M s/d

She took the remedy in June before going to camp.


16 August 2005

Phone consult with mother:  “She is so different.  Something seemed to shift.”

She went to camp, had a good time.

She’s just more pleasant to be around, less argumentative.

No cutting!

They don’t feel like they need to do heavy-duty counseling after all, and this is a relief.


Assessment:  good response

Plan:  Wait


14 September 2005

Phone consult with mother:  there’s been some back-sliding; she seems more argumentative again, has trouble sleeping at night; looks pale again.

Assessment:  relapse

Plan:  Repeat remedy, Ultrasound 1M s/d


15 February 2006

Phone consult with mother:  AC was doing fine in school, was no longer cutting herself, was more pleasant to be around.

Assessment:  good response

Plan:  wait


11 January 2007

I called again to inquire about AC, and the mother says that there’s been no more self-mutilation and that she began wearing shorts last summer (something she wouldn’t do before because of the scars from cutting herself), she goes to bed around 9:00 on weekdays, she has a boyfriend she cares about, and she’s just on a more “even keel.”

Assessment over this period:  Good

About the author

Patricia Kay

Patricia Kay MA, CC, CCH, has B.A. has a Anthropology and Spanish, an M.A. in Education, graduated from the Midwifery Training Institute and practiced midwifery for 12 years. She is also a certified counselor. Her training in homeopathy was acquired during a 10-year apprenticeship with Dr. Rosa Beléndez, M.D., in Mexico. She also studied with Louis Klein and received the title, Homeopathic Master Clinician (HMC). Patricia was certified (CCH) by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. She is the current President of the Washington State Homeopathy Association. Since 2001, she has been studying and practicing Cell Level Meditation, under Dr. Barry Grundland. She is the author of Cell Level Meditation: breathing with the wisdom and intelligence of the cell. ( Visit Patricia at her website:


  • Maryam, I think she ordered it from a homeopathic pharmacy. I have to tell you, I don’t think I would have guessed Ultrasound in a million years unless it had come up in the casetaking that the mother had an ultrasound once a week during pregnancy. But I’d be willing to guess that ultrasound wasn’t the only thing the mom was exposed to during pregnancy that was harmful. I wonder if the author could be clearer about what the symptoms or indications are of an ultrasound case? How we should learn to suspect ultrasound, what the ultrasound “buzzwords” are?

    • I listened to a podcast by Alize Timmermann from Canada. Her advice about Ultrasound symptoms from proving are
      Extreme restlessness similar to drinking many cups of coffee,
      A feeling of being invaded, violated.
      Bombarded with radiation
      Poor sense of self, not sure about oneself.
      Used a lot for Autism mainly in boys higher %!but can be girls, lower %
      I hope that helps.
      I am an Australian homeopath,

  • Thank you for more insight into these unusual remedies, Much appreciated for continued learning
    Kind regards

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