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A Case of Vaccine Induced Illness in a Girl of 15

Written by Sohani Gonzalez

Sohani Gonzalez presents a case of vaccine induced illness in a girl of 15.

29.1.16 First consultation:

This young woman was brought to me by her mother because she believed her deterioration of her health was due to her Gardasil Vaccine received a year previously.

One year ago she developed severe headaches (and apparently rarely complains). I did observe during the three treatments I gave her, she was stoic and almost dismissive of all the problems, even though suffering a great deal. Her Mum said she had a high pain threshold.

Vaccines received were on 4.10.12



By June 2015, she was chronically chilly and tired with aching joints, had problems sleeping, numb fingers, low appetite, moved slowly, experienced enormous weight gain plus lately was getting heart palpitations and chest pains!

Tired all the time, with a drowsy feeling and her eyes hurt.

Mum said she was very sporty in the past and could swim a mile easily and now could do nothing.

Sleep:   Slept from 9.30pm ~ 7am and was unrefreshed

Chest:  GP prescribed : Propanalol for her chest pains.

Chest pains were <<motion

<< getting up quickly or sitting

Sensation of “tightening “ or  “shooting” like a fine needle.

Joints:   Ached and all clicked or felt like they needed to be clicked.

Appetite:  Small, Vegetarian, Wants to eat the same food daily.

Aversion to hot drinks


Teeth:  SENSITIVE <<ice cream <<cold foods

To be honest I knew I had to detox the vaccines but I gave all the childhood vaccines first, because Mum said she had reacted to them strongly also.


Men-C, Diptheria, Polio and Tetanus 200c (in combination) for 3 days b.d.


Headaches daily but less intense. Had 1 x migraine  and vomited

Menses ( now discovered were normal??)

Chilly but less so.

Tiredness the same.  << 6pm with hurting eyes.

I had prescribed Vitamin D3 and interestingly her finger numbness had all gone too.



Irritable with family

Dreams of family.

Is off Propanalol and no palpitatons but can still hear heart.

N.S. Ribs painful “shooting pains” <<sides but chest pains less.

Mum says her anxiety is far less.

Joints still click.

I suggested using chlorella and cilantro drops to detox whole system.


Was weepy lately but ‘bottles’ it all up.

Teachers say “her emotions are all in her face”

PRESCRIPTION: Silica 30c daily for 1 month and HPV 30c b.d 1 x week


Had a strong reaction and took a while to recover (probably too much rapid detoxing)

Developed an acute ~ sore throat, headache hot alternating with cold and could barely string her words together!

Suggested no more remedies for two weeks.

She is brighter in herself though and is visiting her friends again.

Less aching joints

No more palpitations.

No chest pains

Still temperature fluctuations.

Thirst increased ++

NO numb fingers

Less anxiety ++

Mum sent email on 12.6.16

Having finished all the remedies she is feeling so much better, so will wait and see before bringing her back as she has all her GCSE’s.

They never came back but I have the ‘up-date’ via the next email.

Mum  “Since R. finished the HPV vaccine remedy she is a different girl. We took the course slowly over several months and she regained her full strength. To begin with she had kidney pains, fevers, sore throats, tiredness and insomnia, with each dose these all lessened”

“With each dose I could see an improvement, the brain fog lifted, she was less anxious and slowly the headaches retreated”.

“We carry on supplementing the immune system and eat organic food and a vegetarian diet”.

“She still will get the odd ‘stabbing headache pain but it lasts minutes!, her energy and her zest for life are back and the lethargy has gone”

“She got good grades in her GCSE’s and now she’s at college and gone back to judo and socializing normally.

“Thanks for everything:

So all in all a great success, but a slight warning to take detoxing such strong vaccines more slowly. It was her stoic attitude and underlying Calc Carb constitution that encouraged me to prescribe as I did.

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Sohani Gonzalez

Sohani Gonzalez trained at The College of Homeopathy, London and qualified in 1984 . For some time she lived and practised mainly in Brighton, East Sussex in a variety of clinics, including the renowned Dolphin Clinic, which treats children. Sohani was part of a small team of homeopaths who, for three years, taught other professionals in Beirut Lebanon to become practising homeopaths. Nine years ago she moved to Dorset in the South West of the Uk and continues to practise homeopathy, nutrition and allergy testing. Her specialty interests are female problems, children and ailments of the digestive system.
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