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Cases Solved with Thematic Repertory Approach

Written by J. A. Mirilli

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Case 1 – ACD, female, 67

Case 2 – ED, male, 63

Case 3 – EOD, female, 35

Case 4 – JF, female, 24

Case 5 – JMM, male, 45

Case 6 – MME, female, 34

Case 1

ACD, female, 67

Lombalgia, osteoporosis, angina pectoris, three heart attacks, high and very unstable blood pressure, pain in joints, feet, and hands, rigidity of hand joints, vertigo, diverticulosis.

Aggravates by orange, rice, apple, milk, bread, meat and spices. Don’t like melon. Desires  egg and pork meat. When the blood pressure rises she feels the blood becomes hot. With perspiration on the head dripping over the body. Agony for being exposed to the sun. Fear thunderstorm, never uses warm cloths and likes cold bath.

Fear of snakes and guns, crowd, darkness and thieves. Sadness, feels very lonely, little talking, lost her mother when seven days old. Takes for herself the pain of others, very sensitive to others, likes to help people. Nostalgic for relatives, misses people too much, sadness when people she is close with are far away from her. Suffers too much when her husband goes out and comes back late. Hoarseness after meeting a relative not seen for long time. Weeping because she misses her relatives. Very yielding and resigned , suffers in silence, misses too much her son, who was raised by another family.

Case 1 Graphic



Company desire for; alone, while, agg..

Company, aversion to; solitude, fond of.

Delusions; alone, always.

Delusions; alone, world, she is a. in the.

Delusions; deserted, forsaken, is.

Delusions; home, away from, is.

Fear; alone, of being.

Fear; alone, of being, darkness, in.

Fear; alone, of being, evening.

Forsaken; feeling, isolation, sensation of.

Ha,1143- Her head is so quiet and all about her is so empty, as if she were alone (solitude, loneliness) in the house and in the world; she does not wish to talk to anyone, just as if all around her were no concern (relation) of hers and she belonged to nobody (lonely, missed). Themes: solitude, forsaken, separated, home.


Case 2

ED, male, 63

Lombalgia, vertigo, hypertension, 18 malaria episodes. Addicted to alcohol since 53 years old. Chronic inflammation of the liver, (cirrhosis). Drinking alcohol provokes pain in the right hypochondrium, nausea and vomiting. He is a professional driver and has had vertigo for one year, which makes his truck seems like it’s twisting. Has senile deafness.

Aggravates eating raw cabbage and alcoholic drinks.

Worried and conscientious about financial matters, he is always saving money. Fear of not being able to take care of his family, feels empty because he doesn’t succeed in getting work because of his pains, deafness and vertigo. Fear of becoming a burden to his family, Only wants to live if capable of working, phobic fear of closed spaces, likes to be in the darkness and alone. Thoughts of suicide by hanging or cutting tools. His wife says he talks constantly about suicide. He suggested to kill her and himself at the same time using a gun.

Case 2 Graphic


Anguish; self-destruction, increasing to.

Anxiety; suicidal disposition, with.

Hypochondriasis; suicide, leading to.

Jumping; impulse to, height, from a.

Jumping; impulse to, window, from.

Jumping; impulse to, window, from, dash herself down, or, during parturition.

Jumping; impulse to, window, from, pain makes her so despaired that she would like to.

Mania; suicidal, sexual symptoms, with.

Sadness; suicidal disposition, with.

Suicidal disposition.

Suicidal disposition; abortion, in threatening.

Suicidal disposition; children, in.

Suicidal disposition; delivery, parturition, during.

Suicidal disposition; drowning, by.

Suicidal disposition; fear of death, with.

Suicidal disposition; hanging, by.

Suicidal disposition; love, from disappointed.

Suicidal disposition; love, from disappointed, weeping, with.

Suicidal disposition; prepares himself silently.

Suicidal disposition; run over, to be.

Suicidal disposition; shooting, by.

Suicidal disposition; thoughts.

Suicidal disposition; throwing himself from, height, a.

Suicidal disposition; throwing, windows, from.


He,22- Disposition to commit suicide. Themes: suicidal.

He,53- Great anguish increasing unto self-destruction, with spasmodic contraction of abdomen. Themes: suicidal.

Ha,10- Great anguish, mounting even to suicide with spasmodic contraction in the abdomen. Themes: suicidal.

He,8- Looks on dark side, weeps, prays, thinks she is not fit for this world, longs for death, strong inclination to commit suicide; desperate, desires to jump from a height. Themes: pessimism, religious, unfit, death, suicidal, despair, height.

He,59- Disappointed love, with weeping and inclination to commit suicide. Themes: disappointment, suicidal, love.

He,17- Suicidal mania or melancholia, tedium vitae, with genital symptoms.(sexual) Themes: suicidal, tedium, sexual.

He,43- Is very unhappy; continued thought of suicide. Puerperal mania. Themes: unfortunate, suicidal.


Case 3

EOD, female, 35

Heartburn which started one year ago, with sensation of heaviness as if had iron in stomach, with the endoscopic diagnose of grade one hiato-esophageal hernia. Gastric esophageal reflux, had to walk just after eating so he would not feel heaviness and reflux. Hair falling, hemorrhoids, stitching in the chest, and rectal polyps. Headache pulsating on the temples, stitching pain in the ear, better when covering head.

Heartburn is worse after eating meat, spices and pepper. Desire for spices, rich food, beer (which causes headache and heartburn) and sweets. Hotness and aversion to warm clothes, does not cover her feet. Hotness is worse in the face, pain in hand joints worsens by cooling the pulse.

Very worried about other people’s problems, have the same feelings as the ones with those problems. Spends lots of energy helping others. The others always come first and she does not have time to care about herself. Fears her projects will fail, as if she would not have enough energy to deal with her daily duties.

Case 3 Graphic




Love; animals, for.

Love; children, for.

Sympathetic, compassionate.

Ha,71- Exaltation of the sense of common brotherhood (fraternity). Themes: compassionate.

VH1, 54- He shows great affection and concern for everybody, even recent acquaintances. He becomes especially concerned and attentive if he hears of their having a health problem. His involvement is genuine, his sympathy for them great. Phosphorus does not display the imaginative worry that Sulphur does; he suffers only when he actually encounters a situation in which another person is suffering, and then he empathizes intensely.


Case 4

JF, female, 24

Watery discharge and obstruction of the nose, feels better after being exposed to the sun, worse in winter, difficulty (asthmatic) breathing due to nervous tension, worse in winter and better after menses, worsens by change of weather, obstruction of the ears caused by change of weather, desquamation of palms of the hand, gets cold easily with angina and sneezes. Obesity, lombalgia, scoliosis, walking causes pain in the knees, constipation, working out causes palpitation, vertigo.

Aggravated by beans, fried sausages, has heartburn but loves fat foot in large quantities, aversion to fruits, desires farinaceous foods, ham, passion for chocolate which she has to eat every day, excessive perspiration on the face with dripping, lumbar pain before menses, scanty menstruation lasts only two days, polycistic ovaries..

Anxiety for food, feels anguish when someone doesn’t like her, feels forsaken. Fear of thunder and darkness, feels anguish in the dark, fear of blackout, fear of being locked in an elevator without windows. She always blames herself and thinks there must be someone to blame , nothing is casual. Feels fragile for being so sensitive, fear of thunderstorms when alone. Feels herself better than average people. She doesn’t like to stay alone in the house, wants someone to talk to, Hypersensitive to the suffering of other people, does everything to be helpful, very compassionate, stands by her friends and weeps together with them. Passionate, gets angry easily, anxiety and insomnia for several days before an examination due to anxiety of anticipation. Difficult pregnancy because she wanted the baby soon. Feels anguish for having to quit her social life because of her husband and child. Distrusts everything, sensitivity to poverty, when she sees a beggar, mindful of her duties, always do the best she can, people think she is haughty; dictatorial, she likes to give orders.



Ailments from; alone, being.

Anguish; alone, when.

Anxiety; alone, when.

Company desire for; alone, while, agg..

Company, aversion to; alone, amel. when.

Delusions; island, is on a distant, enjoying the tranquillity.

Fear; alone, of being.

Fear; alone, of being, die, lest he.

Fear; death, alone, when.

Irritability; alone, when.

Restlessness; alone, when, agg..

Sadness; alone, when, agg..


Ha,89- Delirious fantasies, while slumbering (sleep) and when awake, as if she was on a distant island (isolation, segregation), as if she had a large business, was a distinguished (important, rank) lady, etc. Themes: solitude, greatness, position, separated, forsaken.

He,22-…uneasy about one’s health; paroxysms of anguish, when alone or in a stormy weather, with timorous disposition; told those about him repeatedly that he could not possibly recover, and gave some disjointed (incoherent) directions about his business affairs. Themes: disease, solitude, storm, organization, despair, fearful, work.

Al,96- Great anxiety and irritability when alone. Themes: solitude.

He,18- Does not like to be alone. Themes: company, solitude.


Case 5

JMM, male, 45

Colic pain in the abdomen with flatus and diarrhea. Has daily colic which starts two hours after dinner.

Aggravates by beans, olive oil; sweating and restlessness on the chest when sleeping, heat in abdomen and chest.

Insomnia, panic just when falling asleep, it seems like he would die or faint, the panic is followed by vertigo and nausea.

Anxiety when he has to wait, gets explosive due to impatience, feels anguish with fear of dying or having a fit when falling asleep, as if he would lose his senses, fear of darkness and ghosts, denies dying, feels fragile, antisocial, and strange.

Case 5 Graphic


Natrum mur.

Ailments from; death, child, of a.

Ailments from; death, parents or friends, of.

Death; desires.

Death; presentiment of.

Delusions; dead, mother is, his.

Delusions; dead, persons, sees.

Delusions; people, talks with, dead.

Dreams; death, of.

Fear; death, bed, in.

Fear; death, of.

Testament, refuses to make a.


Ha,25- He is afraid he will have to die. Themes: death.

Ha,97- Lack of memory, so that he thought his mother (present continually) had died, because he did not remember having seen her. Themes: death, mother, lack.

Al,72- Anxious fear of dying. Themes: death.


Case 6

MME, female, 34

Pain in the right wrist worsens after movement, pain in the knees because of the air conditioning, the joints become rigid and painful when the movement starts. Joint pains begun when she was 14 years old as if a thigh band.

Pain in the breasts ( Mamma dysplasia) , desquamation of skin (seborreic dermatitis) on face and head, eruption and itching of va-gina (vaginal inflammation by gardnerella and genital herpes).

Itching by wearing wool clothes and just after laying down and warming herself, skin eruptions (allergy) due to eating chocolate and yellow cheeses, feels better after working out, aversion to touch because she feels an electric shock, doesn’t like close spaces, the left part of her body is more sensitive.

Fear of getting hurt, fear of failure, fear of trying and not succeeding because she thinks she lacks the necessary skills, fear of talking wrongly or not knowing what to say, fear of cockroach, fear of a divine penalty, terrible fear that her daughter would die, dying is a war against god, feels compassion towards mothers who have lost their children, fear of becoming insane, insanity is a seduction as if she could escape from the world and stop caring about her life and her daughter. Dwells constantly on bad thoughts from the past, and when pregnant she had a fear her daughter would be born deformed. She thinks she is doing something wrong, but doesn’t know what it is.

Case 6 Graphic



Delusions; doomed, being.

Delusions; vengeance, thinks he is singled out for Divine.

Moaning; fate, about the.

Sadness; fate, bemoaning.


He,10- Imagines he is singled out as an object of divine wrath (fury, rage); extreme drowsiness. Themes: anger, doomed, religious.

He,17- Delirium with delusions; thinks he is pursued (hunt); will be poisoned; is selected (designated) for divine vengeance (revenge); that her child is dead, etc. Themes: persecution, poisoned, doomed, religious, child, death.

Al,4- He imagined that he had been specially singled out (selected) for divine vengeance… deploring his sad fate (destiny),…he informed me that he had been accused of robbing a friend, and that the officers were in search of him… Themes: doomed, anger, accused, criminal, officer, persecution, friend, robber.

He,24- Hands constantly busy; all sorts of fearful delusions; walks the room groaning, bemoaning his fate (destine, doom); full of fear; unsteady.(inconstant) Themes: busy, fearful, doomed, confidence.


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