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Cerebral Atrophy, Lumber Degeneration, Annular Tear, and Cervical Spondylosis in a Man of 37

Dr. Kavita Chandak shares a case of cerebral atrophy, lumber degeneration, annular tear, and cervical spondylosis in a man of 37.

In July 2021, a young man aged 37, consulted me with the diagnosis of diffuse cerebral atrophy. His MRI Brain Screening showed – Mild prominence cerebellar folia s/o diffuse cerebellar atrophy/degeneration.

He said: “Eight years ago, doctors diagnosed me as having degenerative changes in L5-S1 and 2 years ago with cerebral atrophy. I have difficulty in walking, like imbalance and backache. My speech is not clear. I fumble.

I have Thyroidism for 3 years. Nowadays I feel irritability. For 2 years, I pass stool but have an unsatisfied feeling. I have sensitive throat to sour or cold food since my higher school days. My father had same degenerative changes in his back. He was operated for that.  My mother has Asthma.

I am sitting for a long time in my office using laptop and Wi Fi. I am an introvert person. I keep everything inside me. By profession I am a charted accountant. He said, “In my old job, we did not have a toilet in our office. I had to hold urine for a long time. It was one year back. Now I switched my job.

(I asked him whether he switched the job for this reason only or had he some other problems.) He said, “The working hours were too long and it was annoying to sit at the computer for such a long time. I was fed up with this monotonous routine hence I changed the company. Now I have flexible working hours, toilet facility and less stress. The job is the same. Still working on computer. I feel heaviness in eyelids and head. There is drowsy feeling while talking. My vision is blurred. I feel exhausted and my stamina is not good.”

 Analysis and evaluation

During the interview I observed that degeneration is the keynote of this case, running right from spine to liver and brain. All other symptoms like heaviness in eyes and head, blurred vision, difficult speech, imbalance while walking etc. are the secondary manifestations of the degenerative changes.

His MRI Cervical Spine with spinogram study showed degeneration at L5-S1 with annular tear.

Additionally, he has acute cholecystitis, diffuse fatty infiltration of liver and grossly distended gall bladder.

Rubrics considered


Brain – ATROPHY, of

HEAD – HEAVINESS – accompanied by – Eyes; heaviness of


MOUTH – SPEECH – difficult

BACK – SPINE; complaints of – Spinal cord

Phosphorus, Lycopodium, Plumbum met, Gelsemium, Nux Vomica, Aurum met, Conium mac, Mercurius sol, Agaricus and Picric Acid came up.

Whenever there is degeneration, we usually think about Phosphorus and coincidently in this case Phosphorus came at first place in the repertory chart.

I did not prescribe Phosphorus. It covers degeneration and fatty infiltration of liver but it does not cover degeneration of spinal cord as well the tissues. It is good for organ degeneration.



Vanadium Met 30 given twice a day for 15 days.

Why Vanadium?

It is a hard-silvery grey colored metal. Initially it was called brown lead, and later named Vanadium. Metals belong to the mineral kingdom. Many wonderful remedies are prepared by potentizing metals. Metals have direct action on human physiology. They affect almost every vital system of the body. Metals are also used as therapeutic agents.

In the periodic table it is present at the center part on the left side on the top rows.

  • 4throw, 5th column in periodic table.
  • It was proved by: Burnett
  • Sphere of action: circulatory system, mucus membrane.
  • Clinical indication: Addison’s disease, anemia, arteriosclerosis, atheroma, emaciation, fatty heart, liver disorder, malnutrition.
  • Theme of metal remedies are: attack, defense and performance.
  • Vanadium people have to be successful but they are not allowed or they are incapable. They are obliged to take on too many tasks but they are confused as to what tasks, why and how to do them. They don’t really know what they want. They make plans, but they think they won’t succeed.
  • They feel that they have to achieve a lot in their position, but they are not sure what. They are always doubting themselves and can’t make choices. They are not strong enough to make decisions, and if they do make one, they doubt their choice afterwards.
  • The cause of this situation can usually be found in their upbringing. There is often a successful and dominate father. They are brought up very strictly, with the task of pleasing everybody particular their own parents.
  • They have to be good, caring, decent and hardworking children. Such a child won’t dare to resist authority and eventually they won’t know they want for themselves. They feels obliged to duties but don’t know the reason and purpose anymore.


  • It is a remedy for degenerative condition of liver and arteries.
  • Acts as a tonic of digestive functions in early tuberculosis.
  • Sensation as if heart was compressed, as if blood had no room in the aorta. Anxious pressure on whole chest.
  • Fatty heart, brain softening, tuberculosis.
  • Cough is dry, irritating and paroxysmal, sometimes with hemorrhage.
  • Anorexia and symptoms of gastro-intestinal irritation.
  • Irritation of nose, eyes and throat.
  • Anemia

 Differential diagnosis

Arsenicum album

  • Fatty degeneration of heart and angina pectoris.
  • Pulse more rapid in morning.
  • Liver and spleen enlarged and painful ascites and anasarca.


  • Very weak and all gone sensation,
  • Liver is congested, acute hepatitis.
  • Fatty degeneration. Heart – violent palpitation. Anxiety on lying on left side.

Right side of heart is dilated and there is a feeling of warmth in the heart.

 Follow up after 15 days

Dr-  It’s now 15 days since you are under my medication for cerebral atrophy. How are you now?

I took your medicine and feeling 50% improvement.

Dr- Can you elaborate?

Now I can walk. Misbalancing reduced!  Backache is there. I am walking for almost 2 & 1/2 Km morning and evening.

Dr.- two times?


Dr -Were you able to walk the same before treatment?

No mam.

Dr- How much were you walking before 15 days?

Almost 1 Km.

Dr- Do you have fear of falling now?

No. Balance is good. I feel like twist in leg once in a blue moon.

Dr- How is vertigo?

It’s not there.

Dr- You had drooping of eyelid, ptosis. How is it now?

Its better now.

Dr- What are the problems now?

Burning eyes. Dim vision. Speech blur. Backache. Acidity. I am confident now.

More energetic than before. I am happy with the effects of your medicine.

I am taking only your line of treatment. Nothing else!


 Vanadium Met 30 given twice a day for 30 days.

Follow up after 45 days

Dr.- How are you now?

Patient-I have a slight difficulty in walking and slight giddiness is there.

Dr.-It’s been 45 days for homeopathic medication; 28th July to 9th September; how much improvement did you observe?

Patient-Mam, it’s around 60%.

(It was strange for me. He was 50% better in first follow up just after 15 days of first medicine. And now after 45 days, he is saying total 60% improvement! Vanadium was working well but something was there which was not letting vanadium to work in full strength. What was that? I understood that I must address the obstacle in recovery. I planned retaking the case.)

He said, “I feel muscular weakness.   There is occasional heaviness in the lids.

I feel pain in upper part of eyebrows. All these symptoms started with my last job where I used to sit for long hours working on computer. I used to read articles on phone for 2-3 hours daily.  Now I reduced the reading time but still using mobile phone to surf social media. Due to Covid lockdown, I started playing games on tab and phone.

Hahnemann mentioned about exciting and maintaining cause in aphorism 7.

He wrote, about the need to remove these obstacles to recovery to achieve cure.

For his muscular pain and headache, I was thinking Gelsemium. But what about the excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation? It is also responsible for headache and eye symptoms. He was constantly under Wi-Fi since years at his working place and at home.

There is some established evidence of adverse health effects from the Wi-fi RF exposure. A homeopath knows how our energetic fields may get affected. Toxic substances can leave an energetic imprint that lasts even after the material substance is no longer present, especially after long term exposure to the toxin. Here WIFI is the toxin (ultimately radiation and foreign body) has provoked an energetic imprint in the energetic system (vital energy) of the patient.

With every modern high tech devices, we get hidden adverse effects.

A study performed in 2018 Jul; 164:405-416 by Martin L Pall1 says Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health. Repeated Wi-Fi studies show that Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress, sperm/testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes, apoptosis, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload.

Another study Physiol., 02 July 2020 2 says, Lifestyle, Oxidative Stress, and Antioxidants: In the Pathophysiology of chronic diseases oxidative stress plays an important role in the pathogenesis of numerous chronic-degenerative disorders.

Here is needed a remedy which counteracts the ill effects of radiation from computers, cell phones, television sets, power lines, household appliances, etc. or Wi-Fi radiation remedy.


I prescribed Wi fi radiation 10 M one aqua dose.

Follow up after 60 days

Me-How is speech now?

Patient-Previously, there was fumbling for 5 minutes which was embarrassing.

Now I can talk fluently for 10-15 minutes. Without fumble.

How is your vertigo?

Patient-Better. Now I am confident and doing all my work.

Doctor- We will perform your brain MRI after a few months, as anatomical changes cannot be expected soon. I am observing good functional changes in you.


Wi fi radiation 10M one aqua dose.

As things were better, I thought to continue the same remedy. He was fine but worried about his backache. Speech, balancing and vison issues are already settled. With WIFI radiation remedy, I tried to detox the adverse effects of WIFI radiation and internet use from his vitality. Now my need was a remedy which can arrest the tendency of degeneration.

Sometimes we start with appropriate medicine but if you put quality seeds in dirty soil, it won’t turn up in a healthy plant. Hence, I again prescribed  Vanadium Met, this time in 200 CH one dose every 15 days for 2 months.

 Follow up- February 2022

Atrophy reduces the size of the cell under consideration, while conserving its form. Degeneration either eliminates the cell completely, or so alters its form that its specific differentiation is no longer recognizable.

Dr- Your report is showing atrophy in brain. It is an irreversible change.

With homeopathic medicines, I tried to improve the lack of function. How do you feel?

Pt.- Whatever report is showing doesn’t matter for me. I personally feel that I am improved. My sufferings before coming to your clinic are reduced a lot.

Dr.- We first met at 28th July 2021 and today its 24th February 2022, it is almost 6 months now…

Pt.- Yes.

How much is your recovery?

Pt.- In this duration, I feel, I am 60% recovered. Much improvement.

Dr.- Thank you for your trust.

Pt.- Thanks to you mam.

I suggested he get an MRI cervical spine with spinogram as I wanted to see whether I could remove his keynote suffering of degeneration.

Where is the word degeneration and annular tear in the above report?

Homeopathy could successfully address the keynote trouble of the patient – degeneration!  It proved homeopathy does not cure the disease, it cures the person in disease!


1. 2.

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  • Difficult case but it was well managed by Dr. Kavita R. Chandak, the real success was patient satisfaction.

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