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Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea

Cerebrospinal Fluid Rhinorrhea
Written by Ravi Singh

Dr. Ravi Singh treats a woman suffering with cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea. The remedy was administered via hair transmission based on the Sahni Effect.A CSF rhinorrhea leak test confirmed the cure after homeopathic treatment.

Abstract:CSR Rhinorrhea or Cerebrospinal fluid Rhinorrhea is a rare but potentially dangerous condition of leakage of brain fluid through a breach in dura matter via cribriform plate (a sieve-like plate at the base of skull). The fluid leaks in one of the sinuses and ultimately discharges in the nasal cavity either anteriorly or posteriorly. This condition is aggravated by stooping, and any activity which leads to an increase in CSF pressure.

This lady of 53 was suffering from CSF Rhinorrhea for years and was once treated by a respected homeopath but after relapse, he was not able to control the problem.After that she went to KGMC (medical college), where she got partial relief but still, fluid leaked on stooping.

She then contacted us, and her reports revealed the defect is the cribriform plate.Her relapse this time was from coming down with bronchitis with a cough for more than a month.We had transmitted Natrum ars, Natrum Mur, Aur Met from time to time and ultimatelythe remedy Silicea 0/1 proved effective. From the day of transmission of Siliceashe never got the discharge. We were led to Silicea by her nature. She was basically an intelligent, insecure and timid lady, who was very systematic and always cleaning. She was very happy with the results and was not willing at that time, to repeat CT Cisternography, as this was a painful process for her. Eventually she went for this test (2nd Dec 2016) and it was found that the pathology had been healed.This case shows the efficacy of homoeopathy in a potentially surgical case.

Case Study

She stated that the problem started in 2012 with watery discharge from her left nostril. She thought it was a normal runny nose but when the draining was excessive, she consulted the doctor and received homoeopathic treatment. With two months of continuous treatment she got relief and stopped the medication.

The problem started again in 2015, and she consulted the same doctor andtook the same medicine but there was no relief. Since then she consulted many doctors, received all types of medication, but there was no relief. CSF leaks were seen on an irregular basis. Due to coughing for one month, the CSF leaks started and were so intense, that when she tilted her head while asleep, the whole pillow got wet. Dr. Ravi had gone through her case in totality and started the homoeopathic medicine transmission process. Detailed case taking had been done. At my clinic, all patients are treated by a unique method of medicine administration called Medicinre transmission through hair, or the Sahni Effect. In this particular method, the selected medicine is placed in a glass vial and a hair of the patient is placed in the vial. The patient receives medicinal energy at their home.

Her treatment started on 27/04/2016 with Natrum Ars 0/1

Second Visit

When she came for follow up on June 24th, 2016, the CSF leaks were limited and of milder intensity. She got relief from anosmia, so she could now smell again and identify odors. Previously, she could not. I continued treatment for better recovery.

Third Visit 

She continued treatment but relief did not continue.  When she noticed excess CSF leaking, she contacted Dr. Ravi He made changes in the treatment process as per her feedback. This time Siliceawas selected as a constitutional remedy and administered by hair transmission.  When she came for follow up on September 16th, 2016, she reported that since the day Silicea was transmitted, there was no CSG leak. It was a kind of magic for her, and she couldn’t believe it but she trusted Dr. Ravi. Her daughter was suffering from malaria and with Dr. Ravi’s treatment she also got relief. Dr. Ravi suggested continuing treatment to avoid any type of recurrence.

Fourth Visit

When she came for follow up on October 11th, 2016, there was no recurrence seen. Dr Ravi suggested she go for CSF rhinorrhea leak test, (CT cisternography)so, that her recovery could be totally confirmed.

Fifth Visit 

When she came for follow up on 6th December 2016, she came with the test report which showed no evidence of bony destruction or dehiscence. The CSF leak test is difficult, as they keep the patient bending to check any leakage, but there was no such drainage seen. Even her bony defect was also cured which is normally not possible.

Sixth Visit

Although she was totally cured, Dr. Ravi continued treatment to avoid any recurrence and when she came for follow up January 3rd, 2017, she reported no recurrence. him.

Last Visit 

On 12 June 2017 she visited theclinic and treatment was stopped.

Hair Transmission

Below are lab tests and scans:

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Ravi Singh

Dr. Ravi Singh (MD Hom) is a leading homeopathic practitioner in Lucknow, India, and a nationally known homeopathic doctor and teacher. He is a graduate of Foster Developments Homoeopathic Medical College Aurangabad, Maharashtra and Sri Sai Nath Post Graduate Institute of Homeopathy Allahabad. He has studied homeopathy intensively for eight years (5 and half year undergraduate and post graduate in pediatrics with homeopathic specialty). Over the years he has conducted seminars and workshops for practitioners and students in India. He is also a visiting lecturer at various post graduate institutes of homeopathy in India.


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