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A Child with Behavioural Problems Who Was Born Preterm

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Written by Arshiya Qureshi

Dr. Arshiya Qureshi presents a case of behavioural problems in a boy of four.

This is a case of behavioural disorder in a 4 year old boy with slurring of speech. He also suffers from tendency to cough and cold.

Date : 25/09/2015

Presenting complaints:

  1. Behavioural :
  2. Violent anger- bites, hits, shouts, breaks and throws things in anger.
  3. Unable to concentrate in school.
  4. Hits and bites other children.
  1. Tendency to catch cold easily with fever.

Aggravating factors being change of weather, cold food and drinks, getting wet.

  1. Speech is slurred and unclear. Unable to pronounce words clearly.


Appetite: wanting

Thirst:  thirstless

Craves: nothing significant

Aversion: Nothing significant

Sleep position:  on sides

  • Startles in sleep
  • Talks in sleep
  • The child stiffens his hands and legs on waking and also when he was afraid.

Perspiration – More on scalp

Stool- Nothing significant

Urine- Nothing significant


Apart from being aggressive as mentioned above, the boy was extremely obstinate.  He always wanted things his own way. If he did not get that, he would get angry and violent.

He disliked going to school. Found studying difficult. Could not understand and comprehend well.

The child had marked fear of darkness.

He had a habit of touching everything.


On observation:

  1. The child was restless. He was unable to sit in one place. Constantly doing something or another.
  2. His lower eye lids were puffy (post surgery for retinopathy with prematurity). This swelling would increase anytime but was more or less persistent.
  3. Elongated uvula

Mother’s history during pregnancy:

The mother was 34 years old. She was a multipara with a history of ruptured ectopic pregnancy in the past. She was a known case of hypertension since 4 years.

She would bleed intermittently since the first month of pregnancy.

During the 29th week of gestation, the mother was slapped by an insane lady while walking on the road. This incident frightened the mother immensely. She went into labour the same night and delivered.

Birth History:

Preterm Normal Delivery

Birth weight: 1.10 kg

He had Respiratory distress syndrome with early onset of sepsis after birth.  He underwent blood transfusion.

At 4 weeks of birth he suffered from Pneumonia.

The child was in the NICU until 2 months after birth.

He was operated on thrice for retinopathy of prematurity with laser.

Family History:

Mother: hypertension

Older sister: past history of pulmonary tuberculosis

Repertorial totality:

Probable remedies:

Belladonna, Opium, Hyoscyamus Niger

Final remedy:

Hyoscyamus Niger 30 twice a day

Follow up:


Cough- since 2 days

Cough< lying down + ; unable to sleep

< while eating

< crying

Paroxysmal cough +


Drosera 1M

Every 3 hours/ 4 days

  1. 07/10/15

Cough – >>

Behavioural problems: SQ


Hyoscyamus Niger 30

Twice a day

  1. 28/ 12/15

Anger ++

Throws things and hits children and family members

Biting nails

Puffiness of lower eyelid – off and on

Stiffens limbs on waking- SQ-

Starting in sleep- SQ-

Breaking objects- SQ-

Obstinate- SQ-

Speech – slurred

Spasm of hands and legs –SQ-

Appetite- improved

Yellow discharge , thick from nose since a week


Sneezing occasional

Throat – elongated uvula

RX: 1. Kali bichromicum 200

Thrice a day/ 4 days

Followed by Hyoscyamus Niger 200 twice a day

  1. 19/03/2016



Swelling over lower eye lid – SQ-

Speech- slurred

Spasm of hands and legs on waking or during fear – SQ-

Restlessness- >

Since 10 days

Barking cough +

Cough < night

< waking on

Paroxysmal cough

Coryza – thick yellow

Appetite- diminished


Spongia 200

Thrice a day/ 5 days

Followed by

Hyoscyamus Niger 200 twice a day

  1. 12/04/2016

Cough- 0-





Speech improved slightly

Spasm of hands and legs on waking or during fear >

Swelling over lower eye lid- persists


Hyoscyamus Niger 200 thrice a day

  1. 12/07/2016

Hits other children in school (not at home)

Studying well

Swelling over lower eyelid >


Speech – improved

Spasm of hands and legs >

Appetite – improved

Anger- >


Hyoscyamus Niger 200 thrice a day

  1. 28/08/2016

Anger >

Biting and hitting -0-

Restlessness >>

Studies well, performs well

Speech – improved further

Spasm of hands and legs on waking or during fear >>

Eye- swelling over lower eye lid >>

Appetite- good

RX  Hyoscyamus Niger 200 thrice a day

About the author

Arshiya Qureshi

Dr. Arshiya Qureshi M.D. (Hom) received her B.H.M.S. from Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel College, Vile Parle West, Mumbai and completed an M.D. in Homoeopathic Paediatrics from Yerala Medical College and P.G. Institute, Khaghar, Navi Mumbai. She has been a homoeopathic consultant in Mumbai since 2012. She also consults at Saifee Polyclinic and Nursing Home (Santacruz-West, Mumbai), Noor Imaging Centre (Jogeshwari- West, Mumbai), The Integral Space (Lower Parel, Mumbai) and Chachad Samruti Seva Prakalp (Santacruz-West, Mumbai), and has been assisting Dr. Farokh J Master at the Homoeopathic Health Centre since 2010.

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