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Chorea Following an MMR Vaccination (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

Written by Joachim-F Grätz

Dr. Joachim F. Gratz shares a case of chorea in a girl of 13, that followed an MMR vaccination. Inability to walk, altered speech and involuntary hand movements were some of her impairments. Anti-miasmatic remedies in high LM potencies cured.

This case is about a very serious vaccine injury caused by an unwanted measles, mumps and rubella vaccination. Thirteen-year-old Samira, just 2 weeks after the vaccination, could “barely walk anymore and tripped over her own feet and fell”. In addition, her speech had changed afterwards and one of her hands was observed to have a “very pronounced involuntary rotating movement”, the mother reported via telephone.

The university clinic’s diagnosis was Sydenham chorea[1], which was later changed to parainfectious chorea. In the meantime, Samira had already completed many examinations and tests, including a spinal tap and a computed tomography of the brain, since there could be a possibility of an “autoimmune brain disease”, according to the clinicians at the medical university. So far, the mother has rejected the proposed anti-epileptic drug Ergenyl.

About three months after the vaccination, I saw Samira at my practice. She was in a very poor condition. Her mother had to give her considerable support so that she could take even a few steps. She could not sit still in the chair. All of her limbs were constantly in motion, especially on the right side.

Her right arm made constant, rapid and uncontrolled movements that the girl could not willfully influence. Samira held her right arm with her left hand, hoping to keep it still. However, both limbs were constantly moving all about instead. There wasn’t much difference with the legs.

These also twitched and moved around continuously, so that, over time, the girl and her chair literally wandered backwards around the room, since she often made pushing movements with her feet. So, we had to keep pulling on Samira’s chair. In addition, we had to make sure that her chair was far enough away from the desk, otherwise there was an acute risk of injury or fracture to the arm by slamming it on the edge of the desk because Samira’s upper extremities flew about the room so violently and uncontrollably. Almost “jettisoning away” as her mother put it.

As stated, this all started after the said MMR vaccination. At that time, mother and daughter had actually consulted a doctor to find out about the need for a tetanus vaccination. The girl and her classmates were asked by their school to have the “protection of a tetanus vaccination” checked because of an upcoming class trip to the school camp. So, they both went to a medical practice for advice.

At the beginning of the conversation, however, the attending physician was called away for a short time to another treatment room, so that the consultation had to be interrupted. A few minutes later, on his way back to Samira, the physician “mumbled” to himself in a low voice: “You haven’t had a rubella vaccination yet.”

Then, he gave the completely surprised girl an injection that had already been prepared, without even asking if this was wanted and, furthermore, without having done a blood test or inquiring if she had already had this childhood disease. Mother and daughter were beside themselves. They had come with the intention of getting advice on the need for a tetanus vaccination, and instead received this nasty “surprise” with a deliberate violation of personal integrity.

The doctor did not know Samira at all and had gotten neither a medical history nor carried out a thorough examination! And rubella was never mentioned! So, there was a brief heated discussion and both “girls” left the practice angry without having achieved anything concrete.

Just two days after the injection, Samira felt a noticeable change. She pointed out to her mother that her right arm “could no longer do what she wanted it to”. “Mom, I have the feeling that I can no longer control it properly.” It reacted only after a delay. At that time, however, this was not yet noticeable for outsiders. But just two weeks later, after returning from the school camp, the girl was unable to control her right arm and her right leg at will.

The arm literally flew through the air and the leg also made involuntary movements without stopping and became weak, so that from then on Samira could no longer walk independently without support. She kept trying to use her left hand to keep her right arm still, but without success; they “both flew around”, so violent were the movements. Clinically, this was a complete medical picture of pronounced chorea! And this was a girl who, until now, had always been “quite healthy” (mother’s statement)!

This was followed by three months of examinations at the nearby university hospital, harassment, diversionary maneuvers, scaremongering, etc. Whenever the mother steered the conversation towards the rubella vaccination, she “was blocked”, and some even became harsh and aggressive.

This was regardless of whether these were university professors, resident doctors or psychologists. It was a perfect closing of the ranks. “Something like this couldn’t result from that”, was the short stereotypical answer. On the other hand, they wanted to “attach” thyroid problems, lupus erythematosus (a serious autoimmune disease) and much more to Samira, just so that they would have an explanation for her chorea and distract from the actual context. The recommended therapy was initially – how could it be otherwise – a high dose of cortisone, which the mother has so far refused, hoping for homeopathy.

For this reason, they threatened to deny assistance and wanted to intimidate them both. Even the psychiatrist who was consulted followed the same line. A few months later, a neurologist informed Samira’s mother that “choreatic disorders are incurable”. “If you can manage without cortisone, then do it!” He was fully behind it and seemed very interested in our therapy. Dr. Eichelberger, one of the most respected homeopaths of our day, whom her mother once consulted about this matter, confirmed: “Just not cortisone! Then you have no chance! This is a vaccine injury!”

The homeopathic chronic history also brought up the following connections. It turned out that Samira had developed rubella naturally as a toddler; thus the above vaccination – with regard to the so-called rubella titer – was more than superfluous. Furthermore, she had previously had roseola.

Otherwise, flu-like infections with a high fever and significant coughing occurred every now and then, but even then they were “managed” with homeopathic remedies such as belladonna, aconite, etc. and with wet compresses.

At the age of about two, Samira suffered from a very painful urinary tract infection, which was treated with antibiotics. Shortly before starting school, the child had to stay in bed because of severe pneumonia. However, the antibiotics administered could not control this infection, so that a so-called superinfection occurred.

All in all, the convalescence of this disease took a long time. About two years later, there was another apex catarrh, which then came to a successful end through homeopathic treatment with Tartarus. In the years after that, Samira had coughs and colds time and again.

Her frontal sinus cavities and sinuses were also often ulcerated. In addition, there were almost regular headaches; there was considerable stabbing pain along the forehead and over one eye, accompanied by nausea. Remarkably migraine-like at this early age! But now, since the movement disorders, the headache has gone away!

As you can see, these connections – from a chronic homeopathic viewpoint – no longer sound so healthy. The miasms, especially the sycotic together with the tubercular, are quite dominant! Therefore, it is only logical that a vaccination can accordingly complicate this situation dramatically and destructively.

And that is not all. It turned out that the recurrent colds suddenly stopped around ten years of age after treatment with Broncho-Vaxom. And she had scarlet fever at least three times, always resolved with antibiotics. The ears also reacted at times, but there was never an acute otitis media picture. The earring holes became infected after just one day of wearing costume jewelry. In her right eye, Samira only had 70% vision, while her left eye had 120% vision.

Samira was a very calm child, very withdrawn. Even at school, she has always been very quiet. She has grown up without a father and has not seen him in years. Her thyroid function was borderline, slightly underactive. Because of this, she has been taking L-thyroxine for two years.

Occasionally, there have also been individual cold sores, also at times blisters on the thumb and ring finger. Even as a child, her mother noticed increased hand and foot sweat. Occasionally, there have been white spots on her fingernails.With the current choreatic movements, there are repeated hot flashes and the girl could barely walk during the last full moon.

As an infant, Samira suffered from “severe colic and flatulence”. She just screamed for 4 months. “It was horrific”, said the mother. In addition, her buttocks were often reddened and sore, which was treated with a zinc oxide ointment. And “as an infant, she was sick quite often”. She had also “had oral thrush” before. At birth, a polyp was found in the vagina, which is still present.

Samira is very sensitive to the sun. She has very white and sensitive skin. The sea has always been very good for her so far; she also felt at home in the mountains. In the past, her craving for sweets could barely be kept in check. Otherwise, she is quite idiosyncratic when it comes to eating. However, she likes meat very much.

About three months ago, Samira’s menarche occurred (time of the first menstrual period). Since then, the menses have occurred three times at regular intervals of about four weeks, without any further abnormalities. Only the discharge, which had existed for a long time (even before the menarche), is worth mentioning. It has a whitish color, is initially more fluid, then later more viscous and smells unpleasant.

She has already been given vaccinations for measles, mumps, DPT, polio, TBE and flu. And then that MMR vaccination three months ago.

During her pregnancy with Samira, the mother suffered from three months of nausea. She was sensitive to any type of smell. In addition, she could not sleep well and had certain fears, since it was a relatively late first child. For this reason she allowed herself to be persuaded to have an amniocentesis. Finally, there was an “unbearable itching in the pubic area” during almost the entire pregnancy.

The father-to-be at the time didn’t want the child and insisted on an abortion. The mother saw this as a “constant threat”; it caused her a lot of unpleasantness. Only much later, during our treatment, was she able to remember that she had received a yellow fever vaccination and malaria prophylaxis because of a trip to Kenya during her pregnancy or shortly before conception.

In the family, there is Ménière’s disease on the part of the mother (attacks of vertigo with nausea and vomiting, fluctuating inner ear hearing loss and subjective noises in the ears), sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses), ovarian cysts, tendency to bronchitis, anemia, hot flashes, depressive moods, fluor vaginalis (vaginal discharge), frequent trichomoniasis and genital fungal infections as well as earring intolerance to certain jewelry.

Only a history of meningitis and a herniated disc are known of the father. In addition, breech births, migraines, struma (goiter) operations, pulmonary emphysema, rheumatism, myocardial infarction, prostate operations, homosexuality and sensitivity to weather occur in the family.

So, this is the full story of the girl, Samira. The healing process is very complex with a few ups and downs at the beginning, since in the meantime one had resorted again to other therapy methods (atlas therapy, color therapy and examination using Kirlian photography, bioresonance, vaccination nosodes tested using kinesiology, spiritual healers, etc.) in order “to get oriented a little”, which however all had a very negative influence on the motor skills of the girl and our homoeopathic anti-miasmatic efforts.

Samira’s mother just was very insecure – and that is more than understandable in such a case – and did not want to miss any opportunity to get Samira help. For this reason, I do not want to describe the complete course of the chronic cure here and only name the essential homeopathic anti-miasmatics that have made the girl an inconspicuous child again.

These are mainly Sulfur LM18, Ignatia LM6 as an acute intermediate, Medorrhinum LM18, also Agaricus LM18 for a short time, which however did not cause any improvement, Natrum muriaticum LM18 and LM24, Lachesis LM18 and LM24, again Sulfur, but this time in LM24, and again Medorrhinum LM18 and finally Silicea LM18. The overall treatment lasted about 2.75 years and can be regarded as very successful.

Today Samira can walk, bicycle, swim, write, draw, play the piano and much more without any conspicuous effects. Even standing on one leg with her eyes closed is not difficult. Fine motor skills are no longer disrupted either. All of her limbs are now completely under control again. Samira is very popular with her classmates and takes an active part in life.

She seems much more open-minded than before and has a lot more self-confidence. She has made many contacts in the last few months; “I didn’t see that in her before”, said her mother. Samira has also gained weight again and “looks really healthy”. And finally, the familiar headaches have slowly returned. This is a sure sign that, through the rewinding process, we have reached about the level shortly before the said MMR vaccination and before the onset of the chorea. Since the movement disorders, there had been no more headaches! Of course, we have continued the therapy accordingly, so that over time the tendency for migraines could also be put aside.

For similar cases please see my book “Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health”, 2021, Balboa Press, Bloomington, USA.


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Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz

Oberhausen i. Obb.


[1]    Chorea: Huntington’s disease with rapid, non-physiological arrhythmic, involuntary contractions of individual or changing muscles or muscle groups in almost all areas of the body, which causes symptoms of general motor restlessness with involuntary and uncontrollable constant movements of the extremities, combined with grimacing, clicking, impaired speech, decreased muscle tone, decreased reflexes, etc.

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