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Chronic Colds in a Man of 50

man coughing

Dr. Neha S. Vasishth presents a case of chronic cough in a man of 50.

Patient – Male

Physical Constitution – medium build, firm body stature, sharp features.

Age- 50 years      Weight- 72 kg      BP  – 160/94

C/C- A patient came with complaint of frequent hoarseness, choking of throat and frequent tendency to have cough and colds, breathlessness.

Modalities:  Aggravation in change of seasons and on taking cold and from sour foods, while moving in gardens and parks. These symptoms had persisted for 10 years.

Associated Symptoms – Acidity at times. Constipation at times.

Tearing sensation in throat at times.

Sleep disturbed … After he sleeps he doesn’t feel fresh.

T/H use of anti-allergic meds, inhalars and steroids .

Thermals—Can’t tolerate heat. Needs air

Observation – Patient is very loquacious and initially used to tell symptoms hurriedly and in tune as if singing. In the beginning two sittings he had a lot of information to share , very expressive. He said a lot about his professional achievements. Talked a lot about his job and his way of doing the things. Hurried, positive, spirited and happy . He always addressed my staff distinctly on arrival whenever he visited clinic.

Advice- Patient was advised to get movements of vocal cords checked under laryngoscope and this showed hyperadduction, more on left side.

P/HSciatica, tooth complaints since childhood.

F/H– Father- Diabetes and Heart Problem.

He got married under parents’ pressure to somebody other than who he wished. Guilt was there.  Working as civil engineer on a very good position where he manages a lot of projects and is proud of his accomplishments. He used to sing also part time.  He feels hopeless because he is a good singer but has not been able to sing for a long time because of choking and throat. Was very blunt earlier. Short tempered earlier. Likes to travel.

Top button of his shirt used to be always open. He doesn’t like to wear a tie even on formal occasions.

Lost some valuable people in his life.

Had good knowledge, good memory, always trying to learn something, even homeopathy.

Likes to read autobiographies and spiritual books. Even while resting with closed eyes he is thinking and alert. Likes to exercise and feels better after it. Quick in activity.

Activity was a general theme throughout

Imaginations of fairies

Considering the whole case on general theme, constitution, thermals, and Keynotes:


Quick to act

Speech hasty and incoherent


Ideas abundant, clearness of mind

Delusion – Fancy, illusion of images

Memory Active


Area of affection was throat. Can’t bear anything tight around throat.

RCA-  Though patient said he has a tendency to cough and cold when out in parks and gardens. It was related to vocal cords. Patient had developed some weakness in the muscles and cartilages surrounding vocal cords, movements not coordinated, kind of withered stage may be due to neuralgic weakness or as part of aging or overuse.

Lachesis 1M was prescribed weekly once.

Reason- Reason for selecting remedy was general theme of mental picture, throat symptoms, affections of vocal cords, above mentioned rubrics. Lachesis’s action is centred around vocal cords. Hyperadduction of muscles and ligaments – syphilitic. Very responsive patient. At some point Nux was also coming to my mind but considering his artistic inclination and physical symptoms and the  seat of affected area helped to select Lachesis.

First follow up Patient was generally better, had sound sleep.  But when he tried singing, choking was there. 160/94

 2nd follow up had pain in left ear and on examination right tonsil was enlarged but still overall better.

Same repeated … Hepar sulphur 30/ qid given for 3 days.

3rd Visit

Patient was very happy as he was able to sing two songs. Sleep is fine. Acidity better.  Judging from his vocalizations, it was clear that the patient was better. Well-coordinated communication.  Calmness in speech.

Lachesis 1 M  weekly once prescribed. 134/90.

I noticed that his blood pressure was also getting better. Another sign that he was improving. Case is on right track.

4th Visit.

Everything better but had to take antibiotics in between as was travelling and caught infection and had fever.

Lachesis 10 M was prescribed.

5 th Visit– Patient better overall.  He partook of lemonades as advised which earlier used to aggravate but now he was okay with that.

Developed small eruptions on arms.  It goes away and comes back and goes away.

He is singing and enjoying it.

Placebo 200 was given

6th Visit– 6 months from first remedy

Patient was better. Eruptions settled. Patient said that earlier he had a habit of procrastination, which is better now. Earlier he had few close friends, but now he interacts more with people. He used to have a fever after taking a bath with cold water, but now this doesn’t happen. This time with laryngoscope vocal cords showed coordinated movements at the one end.  Placebo repeated.

This patient is still under my care.

About the author

Neha Sharma Vasishth

Dr. Dr. Neha S Vasishth, BHMS, has twelve years of experience in homeopathy and has special knowledge in treating chronic skin, respiratory and digestive allergies, child and female problems. She explains to her patients that she treats the root causes of disease.

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