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Chronic Cough in a Young Child

Baby coughing
Written by Sohani Gonzalez

Homeopath Sohani Gonzalez presents a case of chronic cough in a two year old girl.

Female child d.o.b. 12.05.12 ( just over 2 ) One of a twin and resulted from IVF.


Mum says that ever since birth the child had chest problems, and that she was unwell when she was vaccinated.  I believe this may have caused her cough to become chronic. From 6 months she developed an infection and had her first antibiotics.

COUGH:  (This time refused all orthodox treatment)

Loose sounding ++

Hacking <<<night

<<<lying down <<night

>>fresh air


Concomitants ;

Breath bad +++

Appears to have a stomach problem as well.


N.B.W.S. birth

Wakes angry always++

Her mother is a Reiki Practitioner and says it all points to the gut. Of course in my understanding these symptoms have to do with all the vaccines, but I will prescribe this time on the presenting symptoms.



Avoid dairy too


Flatulence offensive ( Mum is lactose intolerant)

Vaccines : DPT and Men C only (against the parents will apparently)


Umbilical hernia from birth


Age 2 ~ Tantrums were severe

Now Clingy++++

Restless ++++


Loves cuddles++

Loves running+++

Reactive to noise +++

Sensitive to the environment ++++especially hearing ( vaccine damage ?)

Empathic to others if they are upset +++

Learns quickly

Irritable easily if unwell


<<night only <chest

Generally chilly, angry and flatulent!

RX:  Based on the gut symptoms and her nature and her physical appearance I prescribed Lycopodium 30 c for a few days

10.2.15 Follow up.

Mum said after three days the cough cleared but the child was very angry and throwing tantrums ( like a storm passed through). Now she is a very sweet girl. Cough returned but more mildly. Flatulence still smelly and she is on a probiotic.

All much better generally. Much less clingy and breath cleared.  Less restless, calmer. Sweats cleared. Appetite healthy Prefers savoury

I prescribed a few more doses of Lycopodium 30c

The mother Emailed to say the smelly flatulence, anger and chilliness had all improved, all gone!

Update visit after 5 months   2.6.15

Mum says all the early symptoms especially the anger had all gone. Generally she was a sweet little girl .They have just moved to a different house and in the interim had stayed with grandparents for weeks and the cough slightly returned. Main reason for returning was personality.

Irritable +++, shouting”I want it now “

Angry if not dealt with immediately.


5 weeks ago ~ shallow and rapid

GP said asthma and prescribed Ventolin  ( Mum only gave 1 x dose)

COUGH: <<Indoors

Loose +++


<<Lying down

Breath offensive +++

<<Eating &drinking

<< on going to bed.

Desires : Warm milk or hot drinks before bed.

Very clumsy these days

Mood changeable +++


Constipated ++

Now I knew many of these symptoms were sounding like Pulsatilla but I decided to prescribe Lycopodium again and subsequently DPT 30.

RX:  Lycopodium 30c for a few days and a week later DPT 30c b.d for two days.

12.08.15   Mum says she has been fantastic, apart from a slightly runny nose, and the demanding nature and slight cough cleared. Mum stated that the child’s hair is very fine and gets tangled easily. (Very different from her twin sister.)  Now she wants me to treat her abdominal hernia which she has had from birth, which occasionally is painful.

Comments that she is very clumsy ++ and leaves a trail of ‘knocked over things’

Rectum : Constipated and has to strain often  << sugar

Stools : like pellets but very pale.

Sleep: Sleeping through night, but mood << on waking

Mood : Crying, clingy and occasionally cross.

Cough – none

Breath – sweeter

Generally she has a very sweet nature; she is very empathic to other children and animals. Dislikes attention being drawn to her and can be contrary at times. Not a girly girl. Prefers playing in the garden etc.

RX:  I prescribed Calc Carb 30c  x 3

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Sohani Gonzalez

Sohani Gonzalez trained at The College of Homeopathy, London and qualified in 1984 . For some time she lived and practised mainly in Brighton, East Sussex in a variety of clinics, including the renowned Dolphin Clinic, which treats children. Sohani was part of a small team of homeopaths who, for three years, taught other professionals in Beirut Lebanon to become practising homeopaths. Nine years ago she moved to Dorset in the South West of the Uk and continues to practise homeopathy, nutrition and allergy testing. Her specialty interests are female problems, children and ailments of the digestive system.
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