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Chronic Gastric Issues and Hypertension

Chronic Gastric Issues and Hypertension

Dr. Nidhi Pandya presents a case of chronic gastric troubles and hypertension.

A woman of 40 years came to me with the complaint of recurrent styes in both eyes.  Pain ++  Yellow discharge ++

Nothing else significant in appetite/ thirst / stool / urine and sleep

Just one symptom was very prominent

” I feel a lot of gas trouble especially in the morning time.”

Flatulence before stool.

Habit : Tea 4 times a day

She was a known case of a hypothyroidism and hypertension.

Taking anti hypertensive medicines  ( Tab. Telma-H  1   OD 40 mg )

She also wanted to go for homoeopathic treatment for weight loss, hypothyroidism , hypertension as well.

I considered her acute history.  Just on the basis of recurrent history of stye and also considering yellow discharge I prescribed SULPH 200 1 dose

Follow up after 5 days.  No complaints in eye after 5 days.

Then I started with chronic case taking.  Let me start her case with some of her back ground.  She is a coordinator in a school and has completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics. She was married to man who was a strong follower of some ”Baba” (Saint ). As narrated by her, her husband was at a very high position in a MNC. He used to give a large chunk of his salary to that BABA. He had no personal interest for living in a family environment. After a long struggle in her marriage she decided to separate from him. She accepted a job in a school (changed her profession) and was now raising his twins with the help of his father. She had developed a headache and hypertension during that period of stress in the marriage.

Chief complaints

  1. Hypertension – 5 years back when the struggle in her marriage was at a peak, she developed HTN 170 /110 and since then she is on Tab Telma H 40mg 1/day

Headache – Bursting along with heaviness in head.

  1. Weight loss – Obesity on abdomen area more marked.

current weight  86kg

  1. Delayed periods since menarche

40 days cycle. Regularly delayed.

In the past she had the history of much clots but cured with Yoga

  1. Gastric complaints after eating pulses. Pulses causes headache ( right side), eructation, regurgitation which is better by passing flatus Also, bloating of abdomen – aggravated before menses.
  2. Stools are always loose with lots of gas

P/H/O chicken gunia, chicken pox, Back injury and warts

F/H/O Diabetes , Hypertension, Boils.

O/H: LSCS 15 years back

Indication : Breech twins

Some other points in the case:

  1. Craving for chicken and chocolate < menses before
  2. Yawning in a closed moving vehicle
  3. She answered in my questionnaire form:
  4. Q. What makes you sad? The most sad moment in your life which makes you weep even today.
  5. A. Sisters indifference.

I asked her to describe this feeling and she said her sister is well settled and happy with her husband, married into an upper class family (so no financial issues.)  “Still she has issues with me living with my father. She tells my father that I should share the expenses of the home.  She tries to find out the amount of money my father spending on me. When I needed her support she never supported me.  She should have some good feelings towards me. If not sympathy, at least she should understand my situation.”’

She could not explain the indifference of her sister, or I could not get her point. I asked her to describe the stress of marriage which led her to develop HTN. She said it was not a mental match, she felt irritable, hatred towards that “BABA”, BABA was weird , kind of disgust feeling for him .Her husband was not emotionally attached with her.

I further asked her what she feels for her husband.  She said “I don’t have any feeling for him. It was not a match so it was better to separate.”

I gave SL and asked her to follow up after 1 month.

As I have already given her Sulphur I didn’t want to disturb it till I get a better idea of the medicine.

After 1 month

C/O Eructation more since some days. Specially in the morning waking on

Craving for sweets increased since a month.

Stools: loose as before

Pulses aggravate the gastric trouble.

I asked her how are you feeling? What was your experience throughout this month.

She said “Immediately after we met I felt much anger towards my sister. As we talked about that topic so thoughts came to mind about past incidences with her”.  “I felt nothing after that, just indifferent. This word she had already mentioned.  Indifference of sister affects her greatly.

I thought to search about this feeling in Radar, as these words came spontaneously in her first sitting as well as follow ups.  I ended up with one rubric –Anger alternating with Indifference and there were only 4 medicines

Carb Sulph, China, Chamomilla, Nidus Edulis

I thought about Chamomilla, but I could not see any symptoms of Chamomilla at the mental level or physical level.

Then China was my second search.  Her gastric complaints were much more like China. Pulses aggravate the gastric complaints.  Flatulence and eructation both are there and whole abdomen gas accumulation. Habitual tea drinker.  A feeling of plant or mineral was there. No competitiveness, revengefulness or jealousy of animal kingdom could I see in her. I could not find delayed menses in China.

 I gave China 200 on the first day and second day China 1m  followed by SL for 15 days.

Gastric trouble reduced remarkably

Energy increased

Thirst and appetite also increased

Desire for sour refreshing drinks

Sweets craving reduced

Felt happier much lighter

I can keep on working. Not getting tired.

Dream : I am pregnant I felt happy. I am growing . As if I am going to create something new that kind of a feeling in a dream

Now she can tolerate pulses much better.

I asked about periods

They were as delayed as before. 10 days delayed.

I gave SL for a month.

After a month.

Early morning loose motions reduced

Ate Rajma (beans ) without any complaints

Yawning increased in closed places. It could be due to vacation time and boredom?

Dreams don’t remember much

I met my sister during this month, a kind of anticipation was there before meeting her but after that everything was good.

Menses : came on 30th day.

That was the confirmation of my prescription.

So I asked her to reduce the anti-hypertensive tablet to half per day i.e. 20 mg / day and gave her the diet and regimen plan to reduce weight.

After 15 days

Fine  No complaints.  White discharge since 15 days.

B.P. 110/78 mm of HG

Advised her on diet and gave sl for a month

After 2 months

Physometra since a week.  Menses regular since then.

SL for a month

After 3 months

Physometra – No episode

No other complaints

Advised Physicain opinion for Blood pressure check.

China 10 m – 1 dose

SL for a month

Follow up 1 month

After 4 months

Reduced 4 kg with diet and regimen

What I have learned through this case:

  1. Give higher importance to words and complaints which are spontaneously offered by the patient.
  2. Small rubrics always help in a busy practice. Choosing the rubrics wisely is a must, otherwise it leads to total failure.

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