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Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria


Dr. Zilika Jain presents a case of Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria in a man of 38.


Name: Mr. S S

Age/sex: 38 years/M

Occupation: Electronic weighing machine distributor, field work

Religion: Hindu

Date: 23-10-2016


  1. A) Skin- itching since 2 years < since 6 months.

Location: Whole body

Itching lasts for 20-30 min


No known triggers, no specific food or cloth allergy.

Itching changes place after scratching+++

Voluptuous itching – burning- warm air from the body, scratching amel temporarily+

< heat/warmth+ <uncovering++ < rainy season <summer > fanning >cold application

>with avil <evening

Treatment taken: Tab. Avil or Tab. Allegra as sos, no other medications taken.

  1. B) Tendency to catch cold easily since 1 year <since 2-3 months, every 15 days. Lasts for 7-8 days

<cold drink <cold food <curd >clearing throat >home remedies <morning

<Drinking cold when overheated

Starts with itching in throat, hawk disposition to, then running nose, sneezing.

Usually accompanied by frontal sinusitis, occasional cough, watery discharge from nose.

No expectoration, lachrymation with sneezing

Redness of eyes with swelling of eyelids


APPETITE: Good. Can tolerate hunger

CRAVINGS: Tea++, Tobacco++


THIRST: 4 ½ litres, for cold water


URINE: Retention of urine since 4 months

PERSPIRATION: Profuse. Whole body, Offensive, Yellow stains, non-delible

SLEEP: Good. Refreshing. Position: back, Salivation during sleep

DREAMS: Not remembered

HABIT: Tea 15/day, tobacco – 20/day


BATH: Tap water all season

COVERING: Yes, all seasons

FAN: Not in winter


NOISE: < Anger/irritability



Normal development

All vaccinations given, no complications


Jaundice 2 years back

Filaria ’89


Grandfather- Asthma; Mother- Cervical spondylosis, GERD, Mild deafness, Migraine, Renal stones

Father- Appendicectomy


Born and brought up in UP. Education- 12th.

He is the eldest brother, has 2 younger brothers. After 12th, came to Mumbai with assistance of dad and uncle, and started working as an electrician. Since 2004, started his own business of distribution of weighing machines, financially not very stable.

Stays with wife and 2 children. Initially he used to stay with his father and uncle, but they asked them to move out after his wife asked to stay in a separate room for some privacy, which they didn’t like, so they told him to buy a new home if y’all want to sleep alone. This episode occurred 3 years back. He didn’t say anything, nor his father helped, yet they moved out and have to now live in a rented place. His emotion in that situation: “I felt bad, but I said nothing, they’re elder to me, they know what they’re doing.” His father keeps asking him for financial help, even though he knows they have to look after rent and his 2 children, and he never tells his father no, even if there is no money left for him. If he doesn’t have money, he takes loans and gives it to his dad, but never denies it. When asked for a reason, he says: “I can’t say no, if he is asking he would be needing it, he knows what he is doing. I feel bad sometimes, as he asks me and not younger brothers who live with him, but I’m the eldest so he will ask me first.” What if you don’t do it? “Its bad, what will people say? I can’t even handle and help my father; they will think I’m useless as a child that can’t even do what my father wants.” Wife: “He will obey each command and even go against me, lie and do it as I don’t like it when he takes loan for this.”

Doesn’t talk much at home, doesn’t express his feelings to anyone.

Anger on contradiction+

Sensitive to opinion of others3

Ailments from anger suppressed+

Anger at trifles



Pulse: 72 beats/min

BP: 128/70 mmHg

RR: 16/min

Temperature: Afebrile

Pallor: Nil

Icterus: Nil

Cyanosis: Nil

Clubbing: Nil

Lymphadenopathy: Nil

Tongue: Clean

Thickened nerves: Nil

Skin: Dry with scratch marks     


RS: Clear, AEBE

CVS: S1, S2 Normal, no murmurs heard

GIT: P/A: Soft, non-tender, No organomegaly

CNS: Normal sensorium and well oriented



  • Cold fomentation if itching is severe, advised to avoid scratching.
  • Application of coconut oil on skin to overcome the dryness
  • Counselled to discontinue tobacco use


  • Ailments from, anger suppressed
  • Sensitive to opinion of others
  • Anger from contradiction
  • Anger at trifles
  • Sensitive to noise
  • Reserved
  • Perspiration- offensive
  • Perspiration- stains the linen yellow
  • Salivation during sleep
  • Sleep position: on back
  • Cold food and drinks <<
  • Tendency to take cold easily
  • Desire for tobacco
  • Desire for tea
  • Aversion: sweets
  • Skin, Itching, scratching, changes place after scratching
  • Skin, Itching, < undressing
  • Skin, Itching, < by warmth/heat
  • Skin, Itching, < by scratching transiently
  • Skin, Itching, burning



The main essence of the patient was his suppressed anger and disregard to things happening with him, yet he didn’t have any hatred against them, and would keep performing his duty; the strong drive to perform his duty was present on account of his sensitiveness of what others will think about him and they may build up a bad image, which is peculiar of staphysagria. The strong generals, desire for tea and tobacco, sensitive to noise, salivation in sleep were supportive. Particular characteristics like itching while undressing and itching that changes place after scratching was characteristically covered by the remedy.

PRESCRIPTION: 27-10-2016

Rx: Staphysagria 200 BD x 7 days.

FOLLOW UP (03-11-2016)

Symptoms Prescription
Skin: Itching: improvement lasts for a few hours after taking meds


Frequency: SQ


UAS7 – 28


Cold sine 2 days, fluent coryza, no cough, sneezing only in morning


O/E: Nose: congested+


Throat: congested

RS: Clear, AEBE

Generals – Normal




Staphysagria 200 BD

x 7 days


FOLLOW UP (17-11-2016)

Symptoms Prescription
Skin: Better when takes medicines, returns soon after stopped.


UAS7 – 28


Cold: >>


Generals- Normal



Staphysagria 200 TDS

x 7 days

FOLLOW UP (25-11-2016)

Symptoms Prescription
Skin: No further improvement.


Cold: Nil


Generals Normal


UAS7 – 28




Staph 1M OD

x 7 days


Reason: Potency increased as the effectiveness of the remedy didn’t last   for long but there was sure improvement but stagnant even after increasing the repetition. Here, changing the remedy is not the right choice as the original picture of the patient was still the same, no aggravations or alterations of symptoms seen. Thus, a stronger dose was needed to stimulate the vitality.


FOLLOW UP (04-12-2016)

Symptoms Prescription
Skin: Itching 40% >>


UAS7 – 14


Frequency: reduced 20%


Tobacco use reduced


Generals Normal




Staph 1M OD

x 7 days


FOLLOW UP (18-12-2016)

Symptoms Prescription
Skin: Itching 60%>>


UAS7 – 7


Frequency: only while undressing now.


Generals- Normal




Staph 1M OD

x 7 days


FOLLOW UP (26-12-2016)

Symptoms Prescription
Skin: Itching 95%>>, dermatographism mildly present


UAS7- 1


Generals – Normal


Tobacco use: 2/day, hates the smell and taste now, avoids with friends too.




No medicine



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Zilika Jain

Dr Zilika Jain, (BHMS) is a homeopathic physician and has been practicing in South and Central Mumbai the last three years. She is a graduate of CMP Homeopathic Medical College. A learner at heart, she is also a diploma holder in nutritional sciences, with a certificate in mental health counseling for young children and adults. She works as an associate homeopathic doctor at the KEM and Bombay hospital, Mumbai. She has had the opportunity to publish and present her case studies in international journals and at various events.


  • Your treatment for a chronic urticaria is excellent. I have a case of chronic urticaria patient .she is suffering from the urticaria for the last six years . All allopathic,Ayurvedic, siddha, acupuncture have failed . Even the best homeopathic physician have tried but in vain. I want your guidance for treating this patient. Hope you will guide me

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