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Chronic Tonsillitis and Adenoiditis in a Boy of 8

Enlarged Tonsils and Adenoids
Written by Daniel Rusev

Daniel Rusev presents a case of chronic tonsillitis and adenoiditis in a boy of 8.

Case taking:

Consultation on the 06.01.15

An 8-year-old boy with frequent inflammation of both tonsils was treated by antibiotics without effect. At the age of 5, doctors decided to remove the adenoidal tonsil, because of the swelling and the fact that the hypertrophy of the tonsil caused imperfect hearing. Since then, the boy has had discharges from his nose on a daily basis – discharges during the day and obstruction at night. The main problem at present, according to the mother, is the boy’s constant snuffling. The microbiological analysis  of a throat swab revealed isolated Streptococcus pneumoniae. The boy sleeps with an open mouth and snores.


Prone to bribery

Desire to have more money

Has good memory especially at mathematics


Desire to be flattered

Desire to play with lego

Desire to cook

Lazy person

Selfish boy

Offended easily


Left- handed

The boy is not sympathetic

At home the boy can be aggressive, irritable and stubborn, but at school – the opposite.

Cool blooded person

Desire: sweets+++, pizza+++, farinaceous foods

Aversion: bitter and sour foods

Position during sleep: on abdomen

Irritable before sleep

Physical examination: 

Very dry skin, the tonsils are enlarged D > L, clean discharge upon the pharyngeal mucosa, the palms are hot.  Obesity in abdomen.

Laboratory test: 

AST /ASO/ antistreptolysis – 841 IU/ml.

Past medical history:  Tonsillectomy, frequent otitis

Family medical history:

Paternal grandfather- treated for acute Rheumatism; Tonsillectomy Maternal grandfather- diabetes type II


Lyc 200C one dose

Follow up:    Consultation on the 13.02.15

Some eruptions have appeared on the left cheek. The boy’s snuffling has reduced significantly. His mother said her son has become more sympathetic. There were times when he has been crying while his appetite has increased. There have been some nights when the boy has been grinding his teeth. He has desire to cuddle.

Consultation on the 20.03.15

Nasopharyngoscory from ENT specialist:  no swelling of the tonsils; some discharge from nose; the mucus membranes are of normal colour.

The boy has become calmer and has lost 4 kg of weight.

AST /ASO/ antistreptolysis – 376 IU/ml

Consultation on the 08.06.16

During this period of more than one year (after the last consultation) the boy has not had any problems. However, as of last month the snuffling from his nose has appeared again. He has constant desire to blow his nose. The mother had decided to give him Xyzal for 5 days, which was  without effect.

AST /ASO/ antistreptolysis – 209 IU/ml.


Lyc 1M one dose

The microbiological analysis – normal.

AST /ASO/ antistreptolysis – 205 IU/ml.

Till this moment the boy has not had any pathological symptoms.


The eruptions that appeared on the left cheek, have shown the direction of cure according to Hering`s law (3,4).  The case belongs to higher group of health level /Group II/. In these cases, we expect that the immune system is strong enough to put forth clear and striking prescriptive symptoms (1). Here, we have clear symptoms to that remedy and only one remedy is needed to cure the patient. Therefore, clinically it is a case for a prescription strategy based on the totality of the symptoms (2). Also, in this case, we expect good recovery and final cure (2).


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About the author

Daniel Rusev

Daniel Rusev, (MD, Paediatrician) is Director of Holistic Homeopathic Centre “Hahnemann” in Sofia, Bulgaria and Coordinator of the E-learning Program of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Bulgaria. Dr. Rusev graduated from the Medical University of Sofia in 2003. He completed a 4-year Paediatrician specialization in 2009. He studied Homeopathy in different Centres in Bulgaria before continuing his education in Classical Homeopathy at the IACH in Alonissos. He was surprised and pleased with the results of his patients after that. Each year, together with his students, Dr. Rusev attends further training at the Academy of Classical Homeopathy in Alonissos, Greece and presents his more difficult cases to Prof. Vithoulkas. Daniel is currently the E Learning Coordinator of IACH in Bulgaria.

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