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Complex Symptoms, Difficult Diagnosis

Written by Banaras Khan Awan

Dr. Banaras Khan Awan presents a case of a homeopath with multiple problems who had self treated for some time.

I hereby present an interesting and difficult case in which I prescribed upon essence only. It was on October 2015, the patient came to me, and it took me two and half hours to take his case. It’s time to think of those practitioners who deal with hundreds of patients daily and prescribe the medicine for such a chronic case within a few minutes or so.

The patient, Mr. F., is by profession a homoeopathic doctor, married for 5-years and has three children. The patient’s interview was taken in everyday language, however I have arranged symptoms accordingly. Please come and join the case taking.

Patient: I am also a homoeopathic physician, did my B.H.M.S and now doing practice in my own city. I think there is not a single good homoeopath in my city. I have been reading your article in homoeopathic magazines for two years and was planning to meet you. My problem is very complicated and complex. I really don’t know from where to start. I did self-medication for many years and my father who is also a homeopath used to give me different medicines. I have used a lot of medicines but have not benefited significantly.

I need to tell you that my mind is always suspicious about my wife. I always keep an eye about her activities. I could not overcome my habit to criticize others. I like to help others but also care for my own security. I always feel insecure that something bad will happen with me. Let me tell you that we all brothers and sisters, are very rude with each other and can’t tolerate others moods. We start fighting upon trifles and keep grudges.

It makes me angry whenever someone insults me, though I can’t fight for basic rights. The thought of revenge always occupies my mind. No one ever insulted me to such an extent as my father did and I can’t tolerate this thing. My father never trusted me. I remember once we had to buy goats to scarify on  Eid-ul-Azha and my father preferred to assign this task to my friend, who was a vegetable seller. On my protest he replied that your friend has more experience than you. On so many occasions we had been arguing with each other in day to day matters but he did never depend on me. He has no confidence in me. He did not trust me in his whole life. After a period of time my father tried to make friendship with me, but it was too late. I don’t know why but I don’t feel any love affection to my father.

My speculation and Judgment usually goes wrong; that is why I remain in confusion. I don’t share my secrets with anyone and have a limited number of friends. Once in childhood, I stole one thousand rupees from my father’s wallet. Everyone in my family knows that no one can do this except me. They asked me repeatedly about that matter, but I didn’t admit. I started cigarette smoking at the age of 11years. Masturbation and cigarette smoking are the habits of early childhood. In school, my father admitted me to the next class a year earlier. That’s why I was weak in studies and wasted three years in my intermediate education.

Children often remember their past events but I have very few memories of my past.  Even though I am thirty years old now, but I still feel myself immature.  Once at the age of 16 years my father saw me when I was masturbating, early morning in my bed, but he did not punish me.

My hands start trembling during anger and my heart beats rapidly. However, it happens occasionally now. I remember once I was travelling with my friend and father in a car, and while crossing a canal the car stuck on a bridge. My father asked my friend to take the driving seat and we both pushed the car.  Although I can also drive, but I think my father didn’t trust me. Whenever I remember that incident it hurts me. When I asked my father, why he did not ask me to sit on the driving seat, he replied, that your friend is smarter than you, his weight is less than you. I was surprised. How could a difference of a few kilograms make any difference?  I want to prove myself that I am capable of doing and fulfilling the jobs but my father does not trust me. He does not give me any chance. He thinks I am a foolish person.

My memory is getting weaker and weaker, especially the recent memory. Anything done, I suspect whether I completed or not. I check the door again and again whether the door is locked or not. My temperament is hasty. The frequent use of so many medicines and continuous change of medicine had made an adverse effect on my health. There is intense fear of height and insecurity. I have great feeling of an inferiority complex. I was very proud in my childhood.

Any unpleasant incident caused me to remain in stress for a long period of time. It makes me angry when others don’t agree to my point of view. And I can’t tolerate injustice. My family members think that I am selfish and don’t accept my mistakes easily. I graduated from university and people expect more from me so I work hard to meet the expectations of the people. I work hard on every case. I started my homeopathic practice with my father. He uses compound medicine in his practice, but I am single remedy prescriber. This is also one reason of difference between us. One day we had a long fight and arguing upon this issue and finally my father asked me to open my independent clinic. He paid me Rs.25,000  and asked me to set up my own clinic. Since then I practice independently. Although I am passing in a tough time but don’t want to surrender. Usually I am not frank to anyone, but when I do, I talk too much on different issues.

Two years back in Ramzan I suffered with great nausea and rapid heartbeat. I felt as the soul will pass out through my legs, death seemed to me very near. Walking aggravated. It might have been due to over eating or might be caused by tea. Praatha, tea and yogurt cause aggravation. Increased salivation and nausea causes palpitation, but it happens less frequently nowadays.

There is great flatulence which is very offensive. If flatus is obstructed it increases intensity. There is great fear of vomiting because the reflux is so powerful that it hurts my throat and causes tonsillitis to aggravate. It is surprising that my anger, fear or sadness, increases the severity of symptoms.  Four years ago I took a dose of Staph.CM. I was in great stress after marriage because my wife was abused by my family. Whenever I listen to my wife and she keeps on complaining and criticizing, it causes serious impact of anxiety and palpitation which leads toward gastric disturbance.

I cannot tolerate hunger, especially in the breakfast. Harsh debate cause’s palpitation and it feels that food will regurgitate to mouth. Belching and passing stool causes amelioration. My father gives me a compound of China, Lycopodium and Pulsatilla to relieve digestion of simple food. It causes temporary relief but the issue is still there. On my father’s advice I had also used a compound of Nux.vomica and Lycopodium and Carbo veg 30.

There is desire to eat dessert after dinner and nearly all the time there is desire to eat something. Flatulence is more since childhood which is offensive. A doctor in my city told me that Arg.nit is my simillimum.  I took three doses of this remedy last year.

In the evening, I do not feel good between 4 pm to 8 pm. I do swear at this time that I will not take dinner tonight but when it comes eight o’clock, symptoms keep on rising gradually and I feel hungry; then I take meal. Semi erect position causes salivation but not at night.

I also suffer from chronic sinusitis.  Chest is always filled with mucous. Mucous of yellow color or sometime green color, discharge from left side of nose.

I used Arg.nit IM and got relief for two years. I also used Teucr 30, 200, Kali.bich 200 and Cadm. 30 for sinus. On every attack of common cold I used Tub. 1M.

I catch cold very easily since childhood. Air conditioning is unbearable to me.

Last year I took a dose of Phos 1M and then Lyc 1M. Also took Aur,mur 1M for stuffy nose, but it proved to be harmful  instead of beneficial.

Travelling and tea causes an increase in my trouble. Puls 200 remains helpful for several days.  On defecation, stool is hard at start then it becomes soft.

After a year of marriage I suffered with gonorrhea. There was intense burning on glans penis and Med 1M, Sul 1M and Sabal Q gave some relief. After that whenever there comes pus with urine I used to take Thuja 1M. I have taken Thuja many times. There begins runny nose during a meal. There was pain in dorsal region; doctor told me that my bones and vertebrae are weak. Body scan diagnosed Osteopenia.

Whenever I feel hungry it starts pain in dorsal region . At the age of sixteen I was bitten by about 50-60 wasps and went unconscious. They took me to hospital for treatment.

I like icy cold drinks too much.  Hot food, hot drinks and gargling with hot water relieve’s my throat pain. I had also taken a dose of Sil CM.

In 2005, I suffered with right sided sciatica. A dose of Colocynth IM cured me.There is less thirst in summer and sweating is usually less than normal which has no smell but leaves stains in left axilla. There is burning micturition which is scanty and dark in color. Complaints are relieved by drinking a large amount of water.  When I take Pulsatilla, thirst and urination problems becomes better.

Since last year I am having problem of low blood pressure.  Hemorrhoids caused by constipation in the past. I feel sore pain inside the anus. And I pass fat and mucous with the stool. I used Merc.sol, but it was of no use.  Nitric acid relieved my burning pain. Altgough nit.acid cured hemorrhoids but it developed a cracked wound on mucous membrane of nose. I think it started proving.

I strongly like soft boiled egg, yolk, meat, sweets, butter and cream.  Salty foods also agree. I cannot tolerate hunger since childhood because it causes pain in stomach. Dislike milk and milky products. I suffer from chronic constipation  which becomes severe during travelling. My bowels routine is irregular.

I have got high sex drive but quick ejaculation. Also taken advantage from Acid phos, China, Staph. My skin is very dry and I need all times to put on lotion. There is itching in right leg and the area is blackish. Itching continuously changes it place.

I am not punctual and often go late to my clinic. Even if I don’t care much about ethical values but present myself a good person in society to run the business. I am easily irritated and insult others on their mistakes. I find one reason for the failure in my practice is immorality and selfishness. My girl friends say, you don’t know how to love, you have just lust in you. Although I don’t make relationship for the sake of advantage but sex is my weakness. I got love marriage but we took too much time to understand each other. When the wife goes to meet her family members or a man visits my house, I become suspicious and my mind becomes full of doubts about her. I keep an eye about her activities and used to check her mobile calls, sms etc.

I see meaningless dreams. I also indulge in case of Spoonerism, e.g.

“A blushing crow” ( “crushing blow”)

“A well-boiled icicle” ( “well-oiled bicycle”)

“You were fighting a liar in the quadrangle” ( “lightning a fire”)

“Is the bean dizzy?” ( “Dean busy”)

Apple laao knife katna hae…

Short nap in day time makes me dull but if I go to sleep for three hour it makes me better. There is frequent urination in winter. It makes me better when I divert my mind.

Cold air in winter causes severe aggravation, I must cover my head and neck.

> drinks.

Standing for long time <.

Milk <.

History of T.b, diabetes and heart problem in grandfather.


Dear readers:

It took me about two and a Half hours to listen to his long story and during the period we took tea twice. And after studying the whole case I decided to prescribe upon essence, because the patient himself is a practicing Homeopath and had already used a number of medicines. The case had become as one-sided. I asked him, would he like to take the remedy without knowing the name or otherwise? He replied that I shall tell him the name of the simillimum. Okay I said, please go back and take one dose of Anacardium 1M. and wait for two weeks. And after two weeks he called and reported,

Patient: “I am feeling better and satisfied. Appetite is better and meal makes me happy. There is decrease in anger and I don’t use foul language. Although I feel weakness and get fatigued easily.  There is increase in drowsiness. And flatulence increased.”

Nasal mucosa is healed. There is no repetition and change in medicine. I asked him to wait for another two weeks. And for the next two months he improved further especially on the mental level. Less irritated now, gained more confidence. Memory improved significantly. Less suspicious. Sleep pattern satisfactory. Bowels are almost regular. After two months on relapse of some old symptoms Anacardium 1M was repeated.

It is now almost two years and the patient is living a comfortable life. About two months earlier he developed some skin symptoms for which he is under observation.

About the author

Banaras Khan Awan

Doctor Banaras Khan Awan is a classical homeopath from Pakistan. He graduated from Capital Homoeopathic College Islamabad, 1994, and has travelled the world to attend seminars and to study. He’s been in practice for twenty years. Dr. Banaras is Ex Principal, Ghandara Homeopathic Medical college, Taxila (the old historic city) and visiting lecturer at a number of homeopathic colleges. He presents lectures throughout the world especially in Materia Medica, and some of his video lectures are available on YouTube. Dr. Banaras is well known in Pakistan where his articles are published regularly in homeopathy journals. He authored two books “Lectures on Homoeopathy” and Mere Mehman (my guests) (Urdu language), published by The Society of Homeopaths, Pakistan. Dr. Banaras is an active member of many Homeopathic organizations including the Asian Homoeopathic Medical League. He is the General Secretary of the Society of Homeopaths Pakistan. He practices in Wah Cantt, Pakistan.


  • Excellent ilustration of Anacardium. There is a huge problem when we treat our fellows, they are very sensitive on our prescriptions. They give us too much symptoms and they are often easily offended when we say the name of remedy. But Dr Banaras Khan Awan shows that he is professional prescriber and knows to discriminate what is important and what isn’t important in the case. Congratulate.

  • Nice case thank you. I do wish though for the sake of students that homeopaths would always explain clearly their reasons and method and differentiations in choosing a remedy.

    These things might be obvious to homeopaths but it ca be a mystery to students who would benefit from observing the full process, not just part of it – this is a problemg I see in so many case presentations.

  • Interesting case sir. Can you please says your rubrics. And methodology for selecting the anacardium?
    Also explain the symptoms priorities.

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