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Consciousness Heals – A Five Year Old Boy with Multiple Problems

Drs. Pintu and Anupama Kanani present a child’s case prescribed on the basis of the mother’s themes.

It took me eight years to realise the meaning of this term. We come across many pleasant and unpleasant experiences in life and with each experience, we get to learn some principles and lessons of life. Every experience takes us a step ahead in the journey. When we are able to overcome some obstacle, the experience becomes one with our consciousness, the issue fades off and we advance to the next level. This is the outcome when “consciousness heals”. This case teaches us how the state of the mother influences that of the child and its significance in bringing about a cure.


Date : 3/6/11


Note: The boy was 51/2 year old. He was not conversing much besides some
confirmation about cough and cold. I tried to engage him in the conversation without result, so I interviewed the mother.

He has lots of cough, mainly early morning while brushing teeth. He also has boils on the face with itching since a few months. He also has gastric problems and his abdomen is swollen (enlarged) at times due to gas. He has put on weight and become fat and is often teased at school for that.


He likes to watch TV as there is no one else at home with him, so he clings to the television. He is a chatterbox but sometimes he has issue of mingling with the people due to shyness and lack of confidence. He is as such active but often becomes conscious of other people and is even beaten by children younger than him. He is obstinate and irritable. He loves food especially panipuri, non-veg and eggs. He is good in studies but is hyperactive and can’t focus on one thing for long or sit at one place for long. He is inquisitive by nature and has good memory. He likes to take his own decisions and choose things himself. He is emotionally mature for his age and often asks me to share my emotions and feelings with him. He is sensitive to criticism and wants to be appreciated often. He is so scared of using the toilet in school that he spoils his underwear because in childhood the school maid used to beat him on passing stools in school. At times he becomes emotionally detached and would react as if he doesn’t care about anyone. He is an attention seeker, won’t boss upon someone but would surely want the attention of the crowd or the concerned person. He sometime complains of not being loved as much as the younger sibling but is also very protective and generous with kids. He wants our appreciation on his act of sharing his things with others and be called a good boy always. While shopping for self, he would choose the best and costliest stuff and won’t go for something too common.


I was too tense at that time as I was the only person earning in the family. I often felt tired and wanted to rest but I was in financial trouble and had no one to support me.


I had a troubled marriage as my husband didn’t work at all and everything used to be on me. He took me for granted. He felt it was ok for him not to work as I was taking care of all the financial and other matters at home. I felt that one has to be responsible and take charge of things in life. We as human beings need to try to do something better and go ahead of where we are right now. It may take time but we need to progress in life, we need to think ahead, of doing better , reaching a step ahead of where we are today and bringing happiness to the family. He thought that things would happen with time but I believed that we need to put efforts to make things happen. Initially we would have arguments but later he started hitting me. Whenever this would happen my son would get frightened and hide under the table, and that led to the end of our relationship. I am often concerned about my child’s future as I read somewhere that children whose parents get separated have emotional issues and problem in committing to relationships in future.


I tried to make him understand that as we have a child now and the expenses are going to increase further so we should think about the future and take appropriate steps, but he wouldn’t take things seriously and felt that it’s ok if he doesn’t earn as I was bringing the money home and I was also not allowed to keep any servant as help. He took it for granted that I should earn and even manage all the household chores. There was no help from his side, either on the monetary front nor at home. I was the only one fighting the situation. Gradually the things started affecting my health and I realised that as much as I was putting efforts to go ahead, I was actually going in reverse direction.


The meaning of taking a step ahead in life means to strive to achieve more than what we have right now. One should be moving and not be stagnant in life and should plan to move ahead in future for the good of oneself and the family. It may take time but one should try to put efforts to go ahead of where one is today.


The meaning of moving is to be progressive in life. Everyone has certain goals and expectations in life towards self and others. I have the responsibility to be happy and make other people in my surroundings happy. I want to have and give good things, good house and good life to myself and my family. I want to progress in my life and have a good standard of living. I have observed in life that certain things are needed to survive in the society. It may seem hypocritical but one needs certain things like money, status and lifestyle to be in the society or else people will not treat you nicely. If you don’t have a status in society and good lifestyle, even the people who don’t owe you anything in life can show you down in comparison to their level. Status symbol does matter for people who show you that they possess something which you don’t do. I have seen struggle in my life since childhood, my parents used to manage very hard to fulfill our wishes and give us a good life. I don’t believe that one should go mad about money and progress but at least one should keep putting efforts as per one’s own limits, one should strive and push the self for it. My husband won’t work and would expect me to work for the livelihood and also do all the household work. I wanted someone who can support and understand me.


If you want to achieve something you have to put efforts and do it on your own. If today I have a scooter and tomorrow I want a car, then I need to put efforts for that. No one else is going to come and give it to me. One cannot always expect that some miracle would happen, one has to strive to achieve it.


I like sour and sweet food and I don’t like non veg and milk at all. Even my son doesn’t like milk, the taste and even the smell of it.


Rx: LAC HUMANUM 1m and sl (placebo) 3 weeks

Lac Humanum Issues :

Being conscious of other people, issues with mingling in a group, being shy and also talkative, sensitive to criticism, inquisitive, attached emotionally and at times detached as well, sharing and protective to others, caring for the group, generous, group identity versus individual identity and hierarchy refers to mammals

One needs to try to be better than what one is now, progress in life, take a step ahead, stagnant means no life, need some things to have a respect and status in society (among other members of the species), human limitations but put efforts to go ahead.

Follow up:

After 4 weeks: the problem of cough and cold is reduced by 40% but this time it was due to change in weather. His digestion has improved and he has become more confident and tries to mix with people well.

Placebo for 4 weeks and two doses of lac humanum 1M at 15 days interval.

After 4 months: The problem of cough and cold and indigestion is not there. He could bear the weather well. He has become confident, assertive and expressive and can concentrate in studies as well.

After 13 months: child had been to all the seasons and he has hardly severe cough and cold episodes. He had small acute in between, which he recovered from with a couple of doses. His mother feels that her child is now more himself, and even when he is amongst strangers. He is emotionally balanced with his friends. He does have some issues in friendship, but now he is much better than earlier.

Placebo for 2 weeks and 3 doses of lac humanum 1M given as and when required.


Analysis: Lac Humanum -Themes

Group identity vs individual identity. This is a theme in general for mammals (milk remedies). Their basic issue is “I” vs group. Selfish vs selfless. It is a mammal theme in general, but more marked in Lac humanum. Hierarchy is a general milk remedy theme, so there there is alpha, beta because mammals work in a pack and they have hierarchy. The specific Lac humanum theme in the case is: As humans one needs to try to be better than what one is now, to progress in life, take a step ahead. Stagnant means no life, need some things to have respect and status in society, make efforts to go ahead.

The Human Dilemma

Humans are the only creatures blessed with such distinct consciousness. Their dilemma reminds me of the poetry of Indian sage Kabir where he says : “If I go by truth I won’t get the world (worldly matter/materialism) and if I go by lies, I won’t get Ram (truth/god).” So they remain in this dilemma, get frustrated or have doubt in carrying out something, while animals are totally themselves, no dilemma. A lion is 100% lion and dog is 100% dog. They are not divided. If they are hungry they kill the prey and eat it, but human beings have the issue of right and wrong, the dilemma to be conscientious or follow desires.

Stepping ahead: This is another basic quality of the human race. They always want to be a step ahead of what they are doing. They always want to progress and be ahead in life, in whatever they do. All their innovations and technology are the result of this quest, whereas animals are still the same. They have surely adapted well to the changes in the surroundings but by and large there hasn’t been much change in their consciousness. This quest of humans has led to lot of happiness and frustrations too. We blame the circumstances when things don’t move ahead but it also motivates us to try to solve the problems and reach a better level.

Group: Being a mammal, humans do have other issues in common with other mammal remedies like having problems with the group, being with the group vs away from the group, group identity vs individual identity, going away from the group and sharing with the group, being protective, sharing and being generous with the group along with the issues of hierarchy within the group.

Art/Artistry: It is a key aspect for human beings and is a distinguishing feature from other creatures. In other creatures, creation is utility centric, whereas pure art and creativity is an aspect of being human beyond utility.


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Pintu and Anupama Kanani

Introduction of the authors: Dr. Pintu Kanani and Dr. Anupama Kanani have been practicing and teaching homeopathy in Baroda (India) for 10 years and have contributed articles to Links and other journals. They regularly conduct courses, seminars and healing workshops for practitioners and students of homeopathy. They also use other healing modes like regression, inner child work and other meditative techniques. Their seminars and sessions are highly appreciated by participants. Visit Drs. Pintu and Anupama Kanani at their websites: and



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