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Constitutional Treatment of Vitiligo

Constitutional Treatment of Vitiligo 1

Drs. S. Bidwalkar, Yashasvi Shakdvipiya and Noopur Kumari share a case of vitiligo in a 14 year old male. The patient being irritable, obstinate, desiring sweets, having profuse perspiration on the forehead and being a hot patient, led to the simillimum.

Abstract: Vitiligo is an acquired, progressive, common pigmentary disorder which results in depigmented patches appearing on the skin. A case report of a 14 year old male is presented here which was treated with individualized homoeopathic medicine after proper case taking and repertorization.

Keywords:Vitiligo, Autoimmune disease, individualized, homoeopathy, depigmented, patches, reportorial totatility, constitutional medicine


Vitiligo is a common chronic skin depigmentation disorder. It is due to stoppage of melanin formation by the melanocytes and presents as asymptomatic depigmented macules anywhere on the body including mucous membranes of lips and genitalia.1 In vitiligo, there is a marked reduction or even absence of melanocytes and melanin in the epidermis.

The exact cause of the vitiligo is not known, but some studies suggested that it is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks its own healthy cells. It sometimes runs in families, suggesting that genetics may play a role.

In some cases, people with vitiligo report some sort of triggering factor like injury, sunburn, illness, emotional stress, pregnancy etc.2


A 14 year old male was reported at Sindhi camp campus OPD (211/17) on 17/7/17 with a complaint of hypopigmented spots over his face since 9 months.


The patient was apparently well 9 months ago when he gradually started complaining of hypopigmented spots first seen above his right eye.

Then the spots gradually started extending to the right temporal region, then towards the right cheek and lastly over the nose. The hairs of eyebrows are also getting white.


Disease/ operation/ injuries etc.Age/year in which occurred Treatment takenOutcome
PneumoniaAfter birthAllopathic treatmentRecurrent cough and Coryza
Meningoencephalitis2015Allopathic treatmentCured


Paternal grandfather – diagnosed with brain tumor, died in 2011

Paternal grandmother- Diabetes Mellitus since 1 year, alive

Mother – allergic to dust since 2 years


Sites of lesionCharacterDescription

Right eye, face, forehead

ColorWhite, pinkish
Number of patchesMultiple
Hair in patch (Black/white)White
Margins of patchDefined


General build – slightly obese

Pulse – 84 beats/ minute

Respiratory rate – 22 breaths/ min

Blood pressure – 110/ 80 mm/Hg



Gets irritable about almost anything.




Desire                    : Sweets­+++, rice ++

Perspiration                   : more on forehead++

Thermal reaction : Hot patient


Hypopigmented spots over face

Perspiration profuse on forehead


  1. Gets irritable easily
  2. Obstinate
  3. Reserved
  4. Desire for sweets
  5. Desire for rice
  6. Hypopigmented spots on face
  7. Profuse perspiration on forehead


S.NoSymptoms PsoraSycosisSyphilis Tubercular
1Gets irritable on every matterü  ü    
2Obstinate ü  ü   
3Reserved ü  ü   
4Desire for sweetsü     


Desire for riceü     
6Profuse perspiration over forehead   ü  
7Hypopigmented spots on faceü   ü   

Miasmatic predominance- Psora- syco-syphilitic


S.NoSymptoms Reportorial totality
1Gets irritable easily


MIND – IRRITABILITY – trifles, from
4Desire for sweets


GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – sweets – desire
5Desire for riceGENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – rice – desire
6Profuse perspiration over foreheadHEAD – PERSPIRATION of scalp – Forehead
7Hypopigmented spots on face


SKIN – DISCOLORATION – white – spots

Constitutional Treatment of Vitiligo 2

 Figure 1: Showing repertorization of case from Synthesis Repertory 9.0 (English) using RADAR 10.0


Sulphur 30/ 1 Dose

Rubrum 30/ TDS/ 14 days


According to miasmatic analysis the totality of symptoms of the patient covers all the 3 miasms, i.e, Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis. But Psora is the predominant miasm; also the thermal reaction of the patient is Hot, therefore Sulphur was prescribed.


Date Symptoms Prescription
17/7/17The spots are getting darkerRubrum 30/TDS/ 7days
24/7/172 spots over the right cheek have disappeared

The spot over the right side of nose has reduced

Rubrum 30/TDS/ 21days
14/8/17No further improvement is seen


Sulphur 30/1 dose

Rubrum 30/ TDS/ 14 days

28/8/17The pigmentation is seen between the spot over neck and cheek.Rubrum 30/ TDS/ 14 days
11/9/17No further improvement is seen


Sulphur 30/1 dose

Rubrum 30/ TDS/ 14 days

25/9/17Pigmentation is seen over the foreheadRubrum 30/ TDS/ 14 days
9/10/17Better than beforeRubrum 30/ TDS/ 14 days
30/10/17The spots are getting betterRubrum 30/ TDS/ 14 days
27/11/17The spots are getting betterRubrum 30/TDS/ 30 days
1/1/18Pigmentation is seen in the spotsRubrum 30/TDS/ 30 days
5/2/18No further improvement is seenSulphur 30/ 1 dose

Rubrum 30/ TDS/14 days

19/2/18The spots over the nose are getting smallerRubrum 30/TDS/30 days
19/3/18The spots are getting betterRubrum 30/TDS/60 days
21/5/18The spots are betterRubrum 30/TDS/60 days
23/7/18No further improvement is seenSulphur 200/ 1 dose

Rubrum 30/ TDS/ 30 days

10/9/18The spots over forehead are getting pigmentedRubrum 30/ TDS/ 60 days
12/11/18The spots are getting betterRubrum 30/ TDS/ 60 days
21/1/119The spots are getting pigmentedRubrum 30/ TDS/ 60 days
18/3/19No further improvement is seenSulphur 200/ 1 dose

Rubrum 30/ TDS/ 60 days

20/5/19The spots are the eyes are getting smaller in sizeRubrum 30/ TDS/ 60 days
8/7/19The spots are getting pigmentedRubrum 30/ TDS/ 60 days
5/9/19The spots are getting pigmentedRubrum 30/ TDS/ 30 days


Constitutional Treatment of Vitiligo 3


Constitutional Treatment of Vitiligo 4

Discussion and conclusion

Homoeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of totality of the symptoms of the patient. Homoeopathy treats the patient as a whole, not just the disease. The constitutional approach was followed in the above mentioned case. The medicine was repeated and potency was also increased as per the need of the case. With the help of constitutional medicine the patient experienced a significant improvement in his general health also


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Sameer Bidwalkar

Sameer Bidwalkar

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Yashasvi Shakdvipiya

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Noopur Kumari

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